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3 Easy Ways Writers Get Paid For Their First Article

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am


3 Easy Ways Writers Get Paid For Their First Article

You might be having a great idea about an article but finding a company where new writers get paid is the most difficult. Finding companies that will pay you to do it is very challenging. Have you decided to do paid writing jobs? You need to ensure that you can deliver unique and high-quality work that will make you stand out from the crowd. Anyone who has been a freelance writer knows that it is not an easy feat to be able to collaborate with companies.


Partnering with your favorite brand is an advantage to you and the company, but also to the readers. By working together, brands and writers get paid to tap into each other’s networks. The company will expand its audience and you will be able to enhance your network. When you are doing paid writing jobs for a company you can have a guaranteed source of income. You establish credibility, improve your skills and increase the chances of finding readers. You have a stronger way to find the audience that you have always craved.

What do you need to do in order for you to land a paid writing job from a company? Here is some help to get your first travel writing assignment. Below are some of the ideas of how you can find and approach a company that you wish to write for.

Writers Get Paid Tip#1: Define Your Area of Expertise

Companies that hire professional writers to get paid have very high expectations from those writers. If you want to do paid writing jobs for brands you must meet these criteria. Be ready to create new, unique, well researched and timely articles. Research and create content that will be useful to their readers.

You need to create content that is trending in the current times and that will be helpful to the readers. But before you approach any company, know your niche. As a travel writer, define your area of expertise. It can be travel and culture, travel and fashion, travel and hotel reviewing or travel and cooking. These are only a few examples but you should write about what you love and what you know. Being a knowledgeable writer in a certain travel niche will help you find the right brand. It will help you know the type of company that you are looking for. And like any other job, paid writing jobs demand high skills and high-quality work.

Writers get paid

Have an Online Presence

Once you know your area of expertise, it’s important for you to build an online presence. Building your online presence will help you to create an online brand. Most travel companies demand their writers get paid but they expect them to have an online presence. That’s one of the channels that they use to market themselves and they know its benefits. Invest time growing your online presence in social media platforms. You should at the least have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Also, keep your online content appropriate to the type of company that you are trying to attract.

An online presence is also beneficial because it is easy for you to interact with the brand you wish to work for. Remember that you are not the only one with that awesome idea who has approached the company. Build a relationship with the company by taking part

In their social media posts.

Like their social media pages

Follow and retweet/ repost their posts

Leave complimentary comments under their posts

Interact with them as much as possible

This Can Be An Important Contact Step

This is a great starting point of approaching the company. After connecting with them on social media then send them an introductory message. Telling them who you are, your idea and why you want to work with them. Note that this process is the same as pitching your idea. Make sure that you grab their attention and refer to your social media contact.

All companies which have a social media presence have a social media manager. He is the person who interacts with their audience. The usual process when someone expresses interest in working with a brand is to write an email. These companies receive tons of emails from writers. When sending an email, reference the communication you had with them on social media. Be sure and include your online handle so they may remember your interaction. Let them know what your idea is about and why you think it will fit their readers. This will make it easy for the company to review your collaboration idea. With your online handle, they can research your online reach if they want to know more about you.

Writers Get Paid Tip#1: Show How You Can Add Value

When you are applying for paid writing jobs, remember that there is a lot of competition. Your email or application letter should show the company how you will bring value to them. So what should you include your pitch application? Ensure that your application is different from the other writers. Here are some of the important components that your proposal should have:

A. The reason(s) why you want to partner with that company. Detail how you love to write articles, your experience, why you love that company. how partnering with them will be beneficial to both of you. Remember to attach an article sample.

B. Outline how you want the collaboration process to take place. Outline the features and social media promotion. Let the company know what exactly you would like to do for them. You are the one approaching the company. It is important that you suggest the idea instead of waiting for the company to come up with one. The expected results of your partnership. Outline how you wish to write for them and the length of the article.

Writers get paid

Writers Get Paid Tip#1: Provide Details In Your Approach Letter

Detailing your own expectations can be tricky. It is the best information that you can provide to make or break a proposal. When applying for paid writing jobs, the key is not only to detail the job. You must also address the compensation and a detailed list of what you will provide. Approach the company with confidence and professionalism. This will help to show them that this is a business relationship. and not a program to gain-free merchandise. This is what will help you to land your first travel writing assignment and help you set your price.

When this does not work out for you and the company wants you to work for less than you consider fair “Walk Away”. Find another company and pitch them. It takes far less time to pitch the job than complete the job. You want to deliver quality, important work to them and get a fair price for doing the job.

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