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About Us

When you think of traveling the world, backpacking to 93 different countries, and living your dream, you may not think of two senior citizens being able to do this – let alone wanting to do this. Oh, yes. We only have a max budget of $1,725. a month. "We Have Done It, We Are Doing It and We Love It."

Who Are We?

To put it plain and simple, we are John and Laurel Rodgers. We are two 70-year-olds with a passion to travel full-time. Just so happens, we live on Social Security while we travel. We’ve been inspired to tell our story because we want to share the secrets to staying happy, no matter your age or circumstance.

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  • 93 Countries Visited
  • 175 K Miles Traveled
  • 1770 Days Traveling
  • 121 Stories Written

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Step-By-Step Guide

This is the most current guide to help you earn money for your travels. We’ve cleaned up the out-of-date information that has been reconstituted by younger bloggers. The same old, tired, and now out-dated material that was slightly reworked and put out again.

We have been in this business and constantly traveling now since 2014. We’ll give you our first-hand knowledge and current information on how to start blogging. We want to help you along the way.

First things first. How to start blogging is not at all hard. Second, it only takes you a short time to be up and running and ready to post your adventures and travel information. Third and the most difficult part is growing that blog and sending traffic to it. That is where we come in, we will share our knowledge.


Our Big Escape