Red Rock Canyon Hiking Trails

There's no shortage of truly great Red Rock Canyon Hiking Trails

If you have a National Parks Pass, entry to Red Rock is free

Explore some of the 100+ TRAILS to help plan the perfect excursion.


Pine Creek Canyon Trail

This trail features a waterfall, is good for all skill levels & is accessible year-round

It is a safe spot to check out critters that hang around the water. Dogs use this trail on leash.

We've hiked this many times. An easy walk  of four miles without  any steep sections.


Lost Creek Trail

Lovely short walk that  makes for a very nice  trail lined with rocks.  There are benches and viewing areas  along this trail.

Early Spring this area  is filled with blooming Western Red Bud trees. They are a  brilliant fuchsia/pink.

A band of burros live in Willow Springs area. They walk down the wash every morning


Petroglyph Wall Trail

Short and easy hike to  see the wall that has  both petroglyphs and  pictographs.

Extremely short flat  trail to petroglyphs.  Perfect trail for kids.  Close to picnic tables.

Very short and easy  trail to the petroglyph  wall in the back.  Leashed Dogs are fine.


S.M.Y.C.  Trail

Some uphill/downhill  sections, many rock  stairs. A great trail for  young kids, and  leashed dogs. 

Trail that hugs close  enough to the  mountains to remain  interesting.

Very scenic, nice, easy,  short hike. Very mild  quick out and back.

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