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3 Great Trekking Adventures in Hsipaw Myanmar

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

3 Great Trekking Adventures in Hsipaw Myanmar

A review of our trekking adventures in Myanmar. Hsipaw is a town in Myanmar which was restricted to visit without permission since 2014. The town has recently become available to visit and is a trekking dream. The and mountains and hills make it difficult for visitors to refuse to visit the region. Although it is safe to visit, you definitely need to be brave and courageous to step your feet on Hsipaw’s land.


Trekking In Myanmar

If you ever want to visit this particular town, you will need a guide who knows all the paths and routes. Trekking is one of the best activities and you will be able to see the stunning views from the Hsipaw mountains. Don’t worry about which is the best Hsipaw budget trekking as there are a lot of packages available.

There are flowers, butterflies, plants everywhere you look. You will keep rolling your eyes as you walk to your destination. You will keep wondering how nature can be this pristine. There are crops, waterfalls, unusual wooden and thatched huts. You will see spots unlike any in your day to day life.

First of all, when you arrive in Hsipaw, you need to find a place to stay. There is a range of guesthouses for you to choose from according to your budget. You need to hire an experienced guide to guide you throughout your trek. The price is about $8 per day and usually depends on your group size. They will provide you the best suggestions for the best experience and satisfaction.

3 Great Trekking Adventures in Hsipaw Myanmar

Getting to Hsipaw

To be able to travel to Hsipaw, you should either commute by motor-car or bus and it is a long trip. Generally, you can choose to perform a 1, 2 or 3-day which is also the best Hsipaw budget trekking for the cost. The longer the treks the better the price. You will be able to take part in and learn certain cultures and traditions in the rural area.

We all know that trekking is tough but you shouldn’t worry about climbing tall mountains. You will trek on the sturdy hills and valleys between the higher mountains, throughout the journey. Meanwhile, you can stay in the locals home during your trip but you need to sleep on a straw mattress. This is the only type of bed in these villages.

The locals will offer you delicious and tasty meals with unique ingredients. You shouldn’t worry about food at all. Edible meals and beverages are accessible from the shops. You should bring your shoes and clothes along with some waterproof vests.


Trekking Availability and Costs

1 Day Plan and Cost

The 1 day trip in Hsipaw is best for travelers on a budget and it definitely worth it. You should not worry about staying and spending the night in one of these villages. You don’t have to bring extra clothes or amenities. Bring only items such as boots, hiking trousers, and ready-made meals and insect spray.

A good booked guide will take you to places like schools, homes, and restaurants. If you are lucky you could visit the amazing waterfalls. You can also take a trip by boat to the closest village. When leaving Hispaw the same day, the guide will arrange transport for your departure.

A one-day trekking adventure will cost you $8 which is inexpensive. The cost depends on your group size and the prices may vary. Journeys may split if there are more than 20 people thus more than one guide will be needed. You will not be able to do a lot but the price is fair for the services offered. It could be the best Hsipaw budget trek for you if you do not mind spending 8 hours in such a marvelous area.

2 Day Plan and Cost

For the 2-day trekking trip, you will be spending one night in the village which is much more fun. The trip will be a little more expensive as you will need to buy food and accommodations. A jar filled with beer will cost you around $7.

You need to spend the night in one of the local’s homes who are friendly and respectful towards each other. The tribes with whom you will spend the night will be very pleased to welcome you to their houses. The 2-day trip is the best choice if possible. You will be able to engage in plenty of other activities as well as engage in an authentic trek. This trip will allow you to visit Pedung, Palaung, and other villages. It is completely worth it to book a guide for 2 days for only $16 allowing up to 8 hours of trekking.

You will learn how the locals make their livings by making their own tools and products. You will stumble across crops such as tea, rice, garlic and more. Afterward, you will need to return back to the guesthouse at around 5 p.m. or you might spend the night with the locals.

You can walk your way towards the sunset hill which will provide you a perspective view of Hsipaw. The 2-day trek is one of the best Hsipaw budget treks which will reward you for what you paid.

3 Great Trekking Adventures in Hsipaw Myanmar (1)

3 Day Plan and Cost

The 3-day trek which is the best for adventure enthusiasts out there. You can stay up to 2 days and you won’t mind star-gazing for 2 respective days in such a cozy village. The guides will help suggest places you may wish to visit first and they will offer you the best package. With the 3-day package, you will visit the highlights in Hsipaw including waterfalls. You will meet the locals and you will learn about their cultures. You will walk around 15 km per day to arrive at your desired targets.

It is the same as the 2-day trek but it consists of more activities and experiences. You will need to have more clothes since the stay is much longer.  The cost of accommodation will also increase. It will cost you around $24 to book a guide for the 3 respective days. Do not worry about food as the locals will offer you tasty dishes.

It might be the best Hsipaw budget trek for some people, but too much for others. This package will cost around $75 including the booked guesthouse, guide and meals.

It all depends on your taste or budgets. If your desire is for self-satisfaction you should select the 2-day trip and it is worth it. According to research, the best Hsipaw budget trek is the 2-day visit. This allows you to save both your money and enjoy the best experience. It is not pricey to spend 2 or 3 days in Hsipaw but it all depends upon your choice.

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