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the marrakesh souks are the main home to the morocco touts


the marrakesh souks are the main home to the morocco touts

Morocco Touts and How to Lose Them

Morocco touts are in all major cities in the country. It is likely that you are going to come across them at some point in your trip. Touts are people that try to talk you into using the service that they are promoting. This could be eating in a particular restaurant or paying them to show you the way to your riad. We found that there is no way to avoid these touts...

beautiful arches one after another

Marrakesh Souks and How to Navigate Them

On your next vacation, we would like to welcome you to Marrakesh's souks. The infamous markets of Marrakesh. You find the streets loaded with many interesting local characters and shops. Located within the souk are local tanneries, street artists, and vendors. Small animals are part of the culture of the Marrakesh souks. Pay attention, or you could find yourself with...

Sahara Desert Tours For Budget Travelers

What an amazing place the great Sahara Desert is! We've seen parts of it on TV or in the movies, but to roam about on this sea of sand, is to enter into an alternate universe. The sun rising over the eastern horizon in the morning has never looked so huge, overwhelming and hot. Riding Camels in the Sahara Desert We began a tour riding camels – The guide who...

Ait-Ben-Haddou - The Citadel of Disappointment

Ait Ben-Haddou Was My Citadel of Disappointment

Ait Ben-Haddou was one of my biggest disappointments in Morocco. I had looked so forward to going to the places where some of the worlds greatest movies had been made. I wanted to see the sets of the movies such as the area from the movie Gladiator. Imagine how frustrating after 9 hours in a van to get there and then find out the city had been declared a UNESCO world...

Chefchaouen, Morocco Impressions Of The Blue City

Chefchaouen, Morocco Impressions Of The Blue City

Every day we spent in Chefchaouen, Morocco felt like living in one of Monet's paintings. All around us were buildings painted in white and various hues of blue. They ranged from pastels to vivid indigoes. We will always remember the evening of our first day there. We walked up a hill, through a maze of streets, to the Spanish Mosque overlooking the quaint little city...

What to Pack for Morocco

What You Will Need to Pack For Morocco

The first question everyone asks me is what to pack for Morocco. There are many different answers and most depend on the time you are visiting as well as what you plan to do. You will not need the same items for Essaouira as you will need for the High Atlas Mountains or the Sahara. Temperature can range from 20 to 120 depending on where and when you travel. Hugging...