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Money Ideas

We have collected our Tips and Tricks and combined them with Money Ideas. This is how we have paid for our non-stop traveling. Look through the articles and ideas we have included. Something in here could help you fund your own blog or world travels.

How To Start Blogging Step By Step

How to start blogging is the most current guide to help you earn money for your travels. We've cleaned up the out-of-date information that has been reconstituted by younger bloggers. The same old...

Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Pics

Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Pics

Travel Photography Tips to improve your travel photography. We have spent over five years taking pictures from all over the world. This experience has given us some great tips to share with beginner...

woman taking notes from phone messages

Virtual Assistant Job For Beginners

Virtual Assistant Job for Beginners. Learn to blog while getting paid. Providing help to other bloggers who need help to grow and profit. We don't offer virtual assistance, nor do we generally hire...

Travel Journal and Camera on Table

Why You Should Keep Travel Journals

This is a great way to remember the ups and downs of your travel adventures. You have photos but everything else is part of your memory. With travel journals, you can look back at a particular trip...

girl on rock taking a photography

Money with Microstock: How It Can Be Yours

How can you start to make money with Microstock? There are so many big microstock websites out there and almost everyone has a high definition camera on their smartphone. That is why many people...

drone flying over cotton field

Drone Flight Moves for Cinematic Effects

Footage encompassing drone flight moves is the wave of the future for photographers. The price of the footage is on the rise and the demand is ever soaring. Drones are the new go-to tool for...