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10 Best Macedonia Hot Spots For Budget Travelers

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Macedonia Hot Spots For Budget Travelers

Sometimes, the best countries are the most surprising ones. The number of Macedonia Hot Spots happens to make it one of those countries. It is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Macedonia’s location between Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Albania gives you many options.


Our Favorite Macedonia Hot Spots to Visit

I like traveling a lot, exploring new places and discovering new things. I didn’t know much about Macedonia but I decided to travel and explore. In Macedonia, I found one of the most appealing and fascinating places to visit. It is certain that it deserves more attention. Macedonia is one of the cheapest travel destinations I have visited. I will sum up the best Macedonia Hot Spots for budget travelers. I hope I can inspire you to add these destinations to your bucket list.

Lake Ohrid

This lake is one of the best Macedonia Hot Spots for budget travelers. The lake has a surrounding of majestic mountains and fishing villages. The town surrounding the construction of the lake is in an ottoman style. The town virtually climbs up the hill, providing many breathtaking views over the lake. I decided to take a cruise along the lake and to my surprise, it only cost me $5. For those not interested in experiencing the lake cruise, then visiting the lake is free. Sounds great right? I stuck around the town for a while and found, hostel accommodations quite cheap. The cost ranging from $10 to $16 per night. For families or a couple that wants a little more room, there are inexpensive apartments. The city of Ohrid has other attractions worth visiting such as St. Jovan of Kaneo Monastery.

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This is the 5th largest city in Macedonia, located at the foothills of Sar Mountains. Any trip to northwest Macedonia should include a visit to Tetovo. The city offers great cuisine and unique monuments. In Tetovo, the places to visit are Sarena D’mija and the Arabati Baba Teke. Both are landmarks built during the Ottoman period. The city also plays host to the Leshko monastery and a museum.

Situated on the Baltepe hill is the Tetovo fortress. The fort sits in ruins with tunnels, walls, and arches. What I loved about the city, apart from all the beautiful, was the cost of actually visiting these places. It’s 100% free! There was no entrance fee to any of these destinations so you don’t have to worry about spending a dime there.

Transportation within the city was either by public buses or taxis, which were cheap. This was the cheapest Macedonia travel spot for budget travelers I got to visit. For ski lovers like me, there is a ski resort surrounding the Peak of Sar Mountain. There are various ski trails for both beginners and experts.


I had never heard about Prilep before, let alone planned to visit the place. I love hiking and what actually inspired me to visit Prilep was an Instagram photo. The shot was from a hiking enthusiast I follow on Instagram. Its rocky hills make it serene for a hiking enthusiast. The most noticeable landmark in the city is Marko’s tower. There are also a few recognizable monasteries worth seeing such as Zrze and Trskavec. For an introvert, Prilep is paradise. The city is not crowded. Another attraction in Prilep city is the Marble Lake. This is a lake located in an abandoned marble mine. The lake is made out of rainwater and had massive marble block to dive from. It is a unique sight to see and, it’s free. It’s among the best Macedonia Hot Spots for budget travelers.

Accommodation in the city costs roughly $8-10 per night in a hostel. There are inexpensive apartments for families and couples that want more room. I’ll definitely have to come back to Prilep someday.



Bitola is the 2nd largest city in Macedonia. The city circled by the Baba, Nid, and Kajmakcalan mountain ranges. The best way to travel around the city and to explore the sights and sounds is by foot. Visiting Bitola was on my bucket list when traveling to Macedonia so I had planned to spend two days in the city. One of the places to visit in Bitola is Sirok Sokak Street. The street, lined with bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops has something for everyone. They say if you don’t have coffee at one of the cafes along the street, you haven’t been to Bitola.

The city has a museum. Visiting it is a great way to learn and understand the Balkan struggle for independence. The museum holds archaeological exhibits and ethnographic materials. One of the major reasons I decided to visit Bitola was due to its gentle slopes ideal for hiking.

In Bitola lies the Pelister park which is home to lakes, natural springs, and waterfalls. The national park has marked nature trails and hiking paths. This makes it a perfect destination for hiking lovers. It is also perfect for rock climbing and skiing. Bitola is definitely a must-visit as its one of the best Macedonia Hot Spots for budget travelers.

Macedonia Hot Spots

Popova Kula Winery

Macedonia is famous for its wine and a majority of its population are wine lovers. In the heart of Macedonia is the Popova Kula Winery. The winery produces high-quality Balkan wines Stanushina, Vranec, Prokupec, Zilavka, and Tamjanika. I was lucky enough to visit the winery during the harvest period. I got the chance to see the grapes as they were harvested, sorted and processed. The people there are so welcoming the even stage a folk dance for the guests. It is definitely one of the best Macedonia Hot Spots for budget travelers.


A fascinating Macedonia travel spot for budget travelers is Skopje. It is home to many fortresses, monuments, and statues. Among them the famous “warrior on a horse”, located in one of the main squares. The greatness of the city is during the night when all these beautiful monuments light up. For nature lovers, the Matka Canyon, located a few kilometers from the city center. The canyon has wooded mountains and has secret caves. My tour guide actually whispered to me that nobody actually knows how deep the canyon is. This makes it even more intriguing and fascinating.

The hostels in the area are also cheap, making the place also one of the cheapest Macedonia Hot Spots. The cost of accommodation is around $7 per person. Places in the city include Mountain of Vodno, Macedonia square, and fortress Hale. All these destinations are free of charge.

The prices for apartments over a long stay is quite low, $11 per night is what I will be paying. If you are planning on going on a vacation, Macedonia is definitely the place to visit. Beautiful cities, delicious food, cheap lifestyle, friendly people and places to see.

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