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9 Great Restaurants the Irish Eats Guide to Ireland

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

9 Great Restaurants the Irish Eats Guide to Ireland

I was finally able to go to Ireland to experience some of the famous Irish Eats, as it was a life goal for me. I had a certain idea and itinerary of what I wanted to do and what to go see. My entire itinerary got completely upended when I finally reached Ireland.


The reason – there were so many other options available, that it was very hard to stick to my itinerary. I was happy to see the crashing waves on the shores as well as the unending green landscapes. They were exactly what I had envisioned, picturesque and dreamlike. The following brief below will tell you a little bit about my trip and what I got to go see. It will give you some of the most amazing places to eat that anyone who travels to Ireland should get a chance to enjoy.

Irish Eats #1: What Should You Try First From the Famous Irish Eats

One of the first things I got to experience was some of the most amazing Irish eats. There were so many family-owned restaurants that I went and enjoyed. I spent most of the time in Dublin. Still, I was able to make time to travel to a few of the other local areas. I chose them because of the recommendations of the locals. Here are a few of the places that I got to enjoy the dining atmosphere as well as some food that I will never forget.

9 Great Restaurants the Irish Eats Guide to Ireland


Dublin: Irish Eats

Irish Eats #1. Bibi’s

This restaurant opened in 2010, and they have some of the best breakfast that I enjoyed for my trip. On my first stop, I ate some French toast with some Turkish eggs served on clay pottery. I was able to eat while staring out of the windows. I watched the bricks from across the streets glow with a warm red color. The area around this restaurant was somewhat quiet. The atmosphere in this restaurant was calm and peaceful to begin my trip. Their location is at 14b Emorville Avenue, Dublin.

Irish Eats #2. Assassination Custard

Can I say WOW! If you’re looking to try ricotta mixed with some blood orange, then this is a place to stop. This restaurant was one of my favorites. I loved to stop because of the ingredients that were so different. Combinations that you will never forget. Their prices are affordable but, the area was a little bit small and cramped. Their food was something that I will never quite be able to describe.

The plates were small, the Mediterranean style food that they presented was to die for. They were only open from 12 to 3 so I had to make sure I got there within a timeframe. The locals said this was one of the best places to get the ricotta or N’duja rolls, which were also exceptional. Their location is at, 19 Kevin Street, Dublin

Irish Eats #3. Chameleon Restaurant

This is an inspired Indonesian dinner. Perfect for an Irish Eats place, with their spice ribs, and slow cooking process. They give each customer that walks in their doors one of the best places to take a break and enjoy a simple meal. They also provide a fantastic chicken that is free from the range. You can get either a choice of the thighs or the legs. They are masters of cooking meat. Their location is 1 Lower Fownes St, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Irish Eats #4. Gaillot et Gray

The Gaillot is infamous for its pizza. Not only are they fantastic cooks at pizza, but they also offer other baked goods such as sourdough boules. When I went to this pizzeria I was able to get a pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven and requested a pizza with a lot of cheese.  The location is at 58 Clanbrassil St, Dublin.

Irish Eats #5. Mayfield Eatery

I loved going to this Irish eatery. What once was an old butcher shop, is now a fantastic small neighborhood restaurant. Their squash and sweet potatoes were my favorite dish and cooked so well. Their location is at 7-11 Terenure Road North, Dublin.


Irish Eats #6. San Lorenzo

This place reminded me of an old booth Irish Eats style restaurant. They used small chamber chairs made of timber. Their plates of food were great and created so well. They had a crab dish that had red peppers on it that was one of my favorite I have eaten all my trip. I was so full after leaving this place that I have to go and lay down. It is a place that I would recommend anybody who goes to Dublin to visit. Their location is at 73-83 South Great George’s Street.

Irish Eats ##7. Delahunt Restaurant

This spot is perfect if you are looking to get a full version of Irish food. This is one restaurant that you need to put on your list. The chefs here have the ability to make every single dish with an Irish finesse. I was surprised at how beautiful this place was as well as the types of food that they serve in the evening. Their location is at 39 Camden St Lower, Dublin.

Irish Eats #8. Piglet

I love to try different types of wine with my dinner. So when I inquired one of the best wine stops to visit with the locals they mention this restaurant was one of the go to’s. When I walked into the restaurant I noticed a huge knife hanging over the door that caught me off guard. But once I sat down and dived into their menu for their Irish Eats I noticed that they had many options to choose from. I chose to get their sourdough toast and a shard of goat bacon to get me started and it was delicious. I had to take my time eating because each bite I bit into held such flavor that was exceptional. Their staff was friendly and this place gave me the best wine with the food that I tried. Their location is at Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Dingle Irish Eats

Irish Eats#8 Bean In Dingle

The Bean in Dingle began in 2015 offering a special type of coffee to their customers. Not only do they serve the special coffee but food as well. They had pastries, such as cinnamon rolls went well with their filtered coffee. They do offer an Irish porridge for those who come in for breakfast during the morning hours. That also includes a topping bar to enhance the taste of the porridge. Their location is near Green Street, Dingle, Co Kerry

Irish Pub Food

Irish Eats #2: What Should I DoWhen Not Sampling Irish Eats

Now as I mentioned above most of my time was in Dublin. I was able to still go to Dingle as well as Cashel where there were other tourist attractions that I had to see. Here are a few of the things and places I got to go see while I was in Ireland that I recommend. All are great family spots to put on your itinerary.



1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

After studying Ireland for a short time I had to put the St. Patrick’s Cathedral on my list. This place was as stunning as the research I have done in the past. It had my attention from the beginning. It was huge and beautiful in the way it was constructed. Before you actually get to go see the Cathedral itself you will have to buy a ticket. You have to see the place around the outside, but it was more than worth it.

2. Dublin Castle

Dublin is famous for its huge castles and old structures. Dublin Castle was one of my must-see plans. This place was more majestic than any of the other building in the area, and its garden was eye-catching. Some of the pictures I was able to gets were some of the most memorable photos I have ever taken at places I have visited. Dublin Castle is as large and magnificent as any of the photos you see through research.

3. The Kilmainham Gaol Prison

This place is unique, to say the least. I have studied Ireland for many different research projects that I’ve done in the past. This prison was famous for its political prisoners from Ireland’s Revolution in the 1700s. I had to see the prison itself to get a full feeling of what took place in the past. It was more than I could have imagined as it took me right back to the era. It almost made me feel as if I was part of the prison itself.

4. Dublin’s Botanic Garden

I love anything that grows as I am a gardener myself. I had to visit Dublin’s Botanic Garden which has over 19 acres of plants and shrubbery. It was full of colors of flowers and attractive plants. This place was perfect and well worth the day spent in the garden. There was a large pond and also a rock garden where I got some pretty cool looking pictures. Those made my family jealous when I showed them the pictures.


1. Cashel Folk Village

In the village, you will get a full feeling of what Ireland is like. Visiting St. Dominic’s, or Cashel village will make you feel like a part of the Irish culture.

2. Bru Boru Heritage Center

This was also a great spot to visit the village in Cashel. but I was also able to take a look at their heritage center. I experienced the craft centers and folk theaters they incorporated into the area. They had a small restaurant that I was able to go to. It was good but not one of my favorites. The heritage center was definitely a place that anyone going to Ireland should go to see.


The area of Dingle was so big and there was so much to do that made it difficult to choose what to do while I was in the area. So, what I want to do is furnish a list of some of the places that I visited. I would recommend if you are traveling to Dublin to take a look at and consider stopping at each one. You can fill weeks on end within the area and never get bored. I saw the Diseart, Eask Tower, Oceanworld, Pantri Caf, Dick Macks’s, and O’Flaherty’s. These were just a few of my top picks of the trip.

Irish Pub Food (1)

Irish Eats #1: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Ireland or have already started making your trip. Then half of the places I mentioned above should be on your list because they were more than worth it for me. The places in Ireland for their Irish Eats was perfect for me.

I was able to indulge myself which made the trip so much more fun and entertaining, not to mention tasteful. I got to experience the rich culture Ireland gives as well as the delectable food. Some of the time I experience a taste on my pallet while enjoying looking back to the photos of the places I was visiting for the day. I cannot wait to go back. This is a place that I will never forget and I recommend that everyone should visit Ireland. Do so if you are planning to take a trip somewhere in the world.

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