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5 Best Croatia Airport Choices on a Budget

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

5 Best Croatia Airport Choices on a Budget

Croatia airport choices are only limited by the area of the country you are visiting. Reaching any city in Croatia by air is a very simple task.


Croatia, a country rich in biodiversity and blessed with unlimited landscapes. This will make your soul sigh in wonder. The country also has a great number of simple as well as sophisticated cities. Some of them serve thousands of visitors and tourists every year.

You might enjoy the water droplets blowing the breeze at Plitvice Lakes Park. Or, visiting Pula to reminisce on the gladiator fights at the Roman ruins. Croatia can fulfill the wishes of every visitor and far surpass their expectations.

Whatever you are looking for the country offers it. Many flights make it an easy and affordable spot to reach.

The country has several airports that cater to the traveler on a strict budget. You can visit this country and each city will provide you a distinct experience. Each of the cities is different and will not be like any other.

5 Best Croatia Airport Choices on a Budget

The Top Croatia Airport Choices

There are at least 9 cities with air service. They include Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek, Brac, and Losinj. There are other smaller airports that can make traveling around Croatia easy.

Croatia airports are home to airlines from all around the world. They fill the different cities with tourists from a great many different nationalities. We will take a look here at the major airports and the regions each service.

Croatia Airport Serving Dubrovnik

Are you looking for the inexpensive flights to travel to and from, Dubrovnik? You will enjoy the low-cost flight choice available to you. The flights are low cost for the economy and business class to this airport. There are a large number of service providers for every budget. British Airways and Aer Lingus are suitable choices if you’re traveling from London.

After you arrive, the old city walls will let you make believe you’re playing a part in the game Age of Thrones. The buildings of this city are a reflection of 13th and 14th-century architecture. Our best experiences were in and around The Square of Loggia and cathedral. Another great option is to take a walking tour of the city. This will familiarize you to the local residences and other spectacular establishments. The up and down not very straight streets can be a bit of a chore if you take it all on yourself.

Getting to Dubrovnik For Less

For someone on a tight budget, Dubrovnik captures most of the beautiful parts of Croatia. It offers its golden sand beaches, cobblestone streets, and churches. The Old City is the part of town you will want to spend a great deal of time in. It is not the part of town you will want to book a room in. There are many other choices, a great number right on one of the many beaches for a lot less money. Both accommodations and food are at a premium in the Old City. Read our sister post for great options on other lodgings.



Croatia Airport Serving Split

Split Airport is the most popular airport in Croatia. It serves around 2 million passengers every year. More than 25 premium airlines take off from Split and the airfares are competitive. The airport in Split has an international business lounge. The airport boasts of elegant and modern equipment for relaxation and food requirements. The distance to Dubrovnik is not that great and VIP buses run between the two many times each day. You might find by flying in and out of Split you will save enough on airfare. It can be much cheaper over Dubrovnik. You can save money for a few extra days free in Split.

Split, also called the Mediterranean flower is home to Renaissance architecture and a great number of cafes and bars. All this makes it a suitable hopping place for the tourists. The Diocletian’s Palace, Old Split, and museums capture the real essence of Split. Another added Split attraction is the Putalji Winery. It gives you a taste of fresh wine that you can enjoy. Couple this with the natural miracles of landscapes on all sides of the winery grounds. Split, the main city is around 24 km from the airport, and you can take public transport to enter the amazing city.

 Croatia Airport Serving Zagreb

With beautiful evening views and frequent flights, Zagreb airport leads the charts. The airport serves over 2 and a half million passengers every year. Its design is very old-world elegant. The cutting-edge service leaves the first time visitor in complete shock. It has flights every half hour to and fro from different destinations across the world. The airfare is a little higher when compared to Split and Dubrovnik. Use Kiwi or Jetradar for some great discounts when flying here or other destinations.

Zagreb is a vibrant city that offers a memorable stroll down its streets. Take a walking tour that will guide you through the marvelous city. Visit the Swanky Monkey Garden and the Rock Beer Club to have a hint of what life is like in the city. Someone looking to spend a little more can make a short stop coming and going to Zagreb airport.


Croatia Airport Serving Zadar

Zadar is a city where everything is nearby and accessible. It is the poshest Croatia airport choice since it is the largest city. While you wait for your flight, you could enter the shopping center. Save your money buying duty-free purchases. It has added new destinations including Vienna, Milan, London and more. This makes it easy for the passenger from almost any European region to visit the wonderful city.

The Zadar  Croatia airport is a great initiating point for your trip to Croatia. You can visit people’s square, the Duke’s Palace and more. Another treat to experience is a mesmerizing sunset beyond your imagination. For anyone looking to explore museums and national parks, Zadar offers a lot. Travel to Zadar Airport to give a kick-start to the adrenaline in your Croatian trip. When making a trip to Zadar do not to miss the Sea Organ. Listen to the unique sounds from the steps into the ocean as each wave forces mournful musical sounds.

Also nearby a later afternoon visit to the Sun Salutation is in order. Created by the same designer as the Sea Organ, Nikola Ba’i?. The 30-meter wide glass walkway collects energy from the sun throughout the day. As the sun sets the waves to send the energy back out in a unique light show that is never the same twice.

airpot croatia

Croatia Airport Serving Pula

Pula celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2011. The Croaia Airport in Pula is one of the busiest airports in Croatia. Pula is most famous for its ancient Roman amphitheater. Pula is home to many Archaeological wonders. Outside the city, you will find wildlife that will leave any tourist breathless. It services around 30 plus airlines and each of them offers an economy class seat at a huge discount. Visit Pula at any time of the year. You will find yourself in love with the deep-rooted family lifestyle of the city.

Taste the wine and rakija, visit the Brijuni Park, get acquainted with the wildlife. Take a tour to Cape Kamenjek for revitalizing your wanderer spirit. Are you looking for an airport that provides amenities at a cheaper price? Services like a world international lounge, Pula is a good choice for the budget traveler. Pula is not as well known as some of the other stops. Pula is a great place to unwind and avoid the huge crowds some of the other destinations experience.

Why Pula Is Our Favorite City

Croatia is a country of immense possibilities. Every year millions of tourists take delight in its distinct lifestyle. Both that and the clear blue water than rushes the mind to different dimensions. Choose the best airport that will give you a memorable experience in the city. Buy your airfares in advance. The time is usually 4 to 6 weeks before your visit to Croatia to get the best price.

Consider airfares, restaurants, lounges, and amenities at the airports before booking your tickets. Just in case you need to spend some layover time on your itinerary. Croatia is an adventure travelers wonderland. Planning the trip with destinations in sequence can help you a lot if you’re a novice traveler. This will help you with the best experience possible.

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