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Great Cinematic Drone Videos: 10 To Make Money

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am


Cinematic Drone Videos How We Earn 3K A MonthCreating cinematic drone videos is both personally satisfying and can lead to really big things! If you are capturing a scene for a project, making sure that your aerial footage is of the highest quality will immediately make you stand out in any field and earn you big dollars.

Keep the following principles and tips in mind as you create your footage and you will be guaranteed better results and make the work of editors much easier as well!

We are far more successful than the average videographers and we owe that to two reasons. The first is we are a couple and we have an equal division of labor which allows us to accomplish more than a single person. We each have our strengths and weaknesses and we are able to play to these strengths all the time.

The second reason is these 8 steps to the best drone footage. Many people have drones and try to sell footage. Flying high does give you a little bit more leeway than an up-close shot. If you want your footage to sell, it has to be better or includes something different than all of the other creators. Every time you got out with your drone, think of these 8 keys to better results.

1. Avoid Jerky or Erratic Footage.

Too often editors have seen footage where the drone operator is swinging the drone from one side to the other in order to capture a particular view or image. Even though this may be tempting for the drone operator, as far as an editor is concerned – it’s useless.
You should strive to create natural images by choosing your angle and sweeping gradually through it.
A massive tip is that you should use your drone’s actual flight path to create the panning effects rather than the view through the camera.

2. Let It Go!

Once you have found a beautiful scene to create your cinematic drone videos, use wide coasting movements lasting at least 20 to 30 seconds to create cinematic footage. In most drone footage there is just so much information and detail to take in that you will be wasting a great shot if you rush through it.

3. Fly Close to Natural Objects.

When creating drone footage you want to add depth and character to the scenes. You can achieve this by flying close to large features of the landscape. So, for example, if there is a forest in your shot then flying down right over the trees will bring out the detail of the leaves and instantly create a cinematic feel. Also, apply this principle to rocks and cliff faces by flying as near to them as it is safe to do so. You can really pick out the details and texture of the rock.

4. Don’t Overuse It!

Only use drone footage if it can truly capture something that nothing else can. If you overuse the technique then it really loses its value and will cheapen the overall effect.

Cinematic Drone Videos

5. Go Backward.

To create cinematic reveal shots you should fly backward. Moving forward is the correct way to establish a scene. However, coast backward to reveal the broader details. This allows you to capture the people, buildings and the feeling of the location much better than only flying forward through it.

6. Add Sound Design In Cinematic Drone Videos.

To really pull your audience into the action you can add some sound effects to your footage. This creates a better sense of place and will allow the footage to have a more lasting impact.

7. Speed It Up For Better Cinematic Drone Videos.

One major limitation of most consumer-level drones is that the footage tends to look a little bit slow, especially if you are coasting across a huge landscape such as a lake, the ocean or a forest. A good way to bring these massive scenes to life is to speed up the footage afterward to add more movement to the frame. You can play around with this yourself but try raising the speed duration tool to over 300.

8. Try Adding Digital Effects.

This is actually much easier than you think to pull off successfully and it will make a world of difference to your final product. Check out tutorials on Adobe After Effects and you will be amazed at what you can add to simple videos.

Cinematic Drone Videos

Closing Thoughts On Earning With Cinematic Drone Videos

Drone photography and cinematic drone videos are becoming harder and more complicated to create. A few years ago it was like the wild wild west. There were no laws or rules and you could take your drone and film anywhere. Today it is getting harder to fly in cities and towns. Those people with good footage of this type will see profits for years to come.

Drone photography can be much better today due to the advances in drones and drone cameras. There is still a good window to create better footage and still build up a diverse portfolio that is much better than the competition.

The footage market is small compared to the still photo market. When you get good clips and continue to build on the volume, you will be setting yourself up to receive passive income forever. Get a drone, get a camera and shoot every time you get the opportunity. Always have your phone with you. You never know what will present itself and when. One can get good results with an advanced smartphone.

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