7 Classic Bosnian Food & Easy Recipes To Follow

Bosnian food blends East and West, with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Turkish influences, offering delicious simplicity.

Grilled meat sausages, beef, lamb, herbs. Served in somun with onions, sour cream. Street food or main course with sides.

1. Bosnian Ćevapi


Traditional round, soft flatbread staple in Bosnian cuisine. Ideal for sandwiches, filled with meats or veggies. 

2. Bosnian Lepinje


Savory pastry with phyllo dough, meat, cheese, or veggies. Flaky, flavorful, popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3. Bosnian Burek


Traditional stew with meats, veggies, slow-cooked for rich flavor. Symbolizes Bosnian hospitality. 

4. Bosnian Lonac


A flavorful soup with veggies, meat, and aromatic spices, cherished in Bosnia for its comfort and nourishment, perfect for colder months. 

5. Bosnian Begova Čorba


Circled Dot

Traditional dumplings with meat filling, served with savory sauce. Popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

6. Bosnian Klepe


Grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and herbs, a traditional delicacy from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

7. Bosnian Dolmas






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