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3 Best Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

3 Best Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather

If you are a fashionista the Hoi An Tailors in Vietnam are the stores for you to visit. It is one of the very few places in the world where people from across the globe make a trip for shopping there.

Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather Goods Store

Buying Clothing in Hoi An

If you are a fashion freak then you are also most likely spending your extra money to buy clothes. That is the story of every fashion lover and they never mind spending that much. They only wish they had more to spend. Most people look for the latest fashion trends at an affordable price. We know of course this is usually an impossible task. I am one such person and often struggle to find places to shop within my budget. Very few can give me the clothes I want to wear at a price I can afford.

Unfortunately, I usually either end up spending more than I should or being unhappy. I also end up buying something that is not the latest trend piece I dreamed of. There is an answer though, there are some places where you can get what you want on the budget you have. You may have to travel to get that but everyone loves to travel. Doing that and getting the clothes you dreamed of for very low prices are the best of two worlds.

You can find Hoi An Tailors who can create your custom designed clothes to fit your specific needs. They are usually aware of all the fashion trends around the world and you can expect to buy the best from them. There are plenty of shopping places in Hoi An where you can find hundreds of stores in a single stretch. Here you can shop for every type. You can find clothing, accessories, footwear, fashion jewelry, and handbags. All these are available here in an affordable price range. You can even find popular brands of clothing and accessories at throwaway prices.

Skills and Expertise of Hoi An Tailors

Finding tailors with amazing skills in sewing designer clothing is not difficult in Vietnam. You can take them a picture of any kind of design and they can create it for you. It will be exactly like the originals in a fabric and color that suit your taste. They even show you different types of catalogs from name brands and styles that you can choose from.

The best part is they have all types of materials and accessories to create the design of your choice. Most of the Hoi An tailors have their own factories and production units. They can always deliver products within a day’s time. There are tailors for men, women, and children’s clothing of every type. Each has years of experience in creating all styles of fashion. Whether you want an Italian suit, a French bouquet dress or a Barbie-style dress they can create it all.

General Information

Hoi An Tailors Create Fine Quality Clothing

Because shopping in Hoi An is pretty cheap, it does not mean they compromise on the quality of clothing. To the contrary, their hand-created clothing is some of the highest quality in the world. It is always much better than off the rack clothing. The tailors in Hoi An use the finest materials in the world in everything they create for you. You expect superior quality in all types of clothing and accessories you buy in Hoi An.

They have all types of fabrics and can even help you with the specific type that you are looking for. Even the quality of threads, buttons, hooks, etc that they use in their creations are of high quality too. This combined with experienced tailors can produce the best clothes for you. The best part of the whole process is you never pay for the completed products until you put them on. They will do any alterations until they meet your satisfaction.

Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather Goods

Bulk Production

Most Hoi An tailors are big enough to create bulk quantities of your products. If you are a designer looking for bulk manufacture at an affordable price, this is the place. Many international travelers who come here are frequent visitors. They are regular customers for many tailors in this amazing fashion town. You can find the best designs that you find in Paris, New York or any other fashion destinations in the world. The difference is they are at a very affordable price here.

Wedding Collections

If you are getting married Hoi An can save you thousands of dollars. When looking for the best outfits for you and your bridesmaids, Hoi An tailors can be the best choice. You can find all the modern wedding collections in this small town in Vietnam. they have a fashion line of wedding collections for different traditions as well. You will find a rich collection of silk dresses and bridal wear here. There are plenty of ready-made clothing options and you can get custom alterations done. They will alter or create a new dress to suit your precise measurements.

Whether you are a groom or a bride does not matter. There are tailors who specialize in sewing for everyone participating in the wedding. You can download your favorite design and give it to these tailors. You can expect a dress exactly like that done within a few days. They send you pictures of the dress once complete so you can have a quick look before approving the order.

Clothing for Men

Hoi An tailors are popular for business suits, tuxedos, blazers, trousers, and shirts. These tailors know what it takes to make you look good for business. You can find fabrics and they can recommend fabrics depending on the region you live in. There is plenty of ready-made clothing that you can find here. They can produce something specific to your taste too. Whether you want to dress like James Bond or Vito Corleone from Godfather, they can do it for you. Hoi An tailors even ship the finished products to your doorstep, no matter where in the world you live. The tailors take online orders if you can give them your measurements. They have websites where you can browse through various styles, designs, and fabrics.

Warranty and Return

Many Hoi An tailors offer warranty and free alterations. They do this if you are not satisfied with the work or in case of any damage to the product. You will almost never face such a scenario as the quality of dresses you buy here in itself is a guarantee. As part of extended services, they do provide a warranty on manufacture and materials in any case. Do not deal with a seller who does not offer this.

While you are visiting in Hoi An you will need a hotel to stay in. There will be plenty of options and each hotel has its pros and cons. Since the town is quite small and taxi rates are cheap, choose the one that best fits your needs. You will find that everything in Hoi An is not far from anything. We had booked a room in the shopping area and found that we were very happy there. Prices are much cheaper for both lodging and for food than the places nearer the Old Town.

Buying Leather Goods in Hoi An

Hoi An tailors are most well known for their silk and other fabric choices. You should definitely not overlook the chance to get high-quality leather goods. You can get them for a mere fraction of Western Costs.

Be sure that you are buying real leather and not leather-like vinyl. It is very difficult to distinguish the vinyl from the real thing. Ask the shop owner to do the “lighter test”. If the product is real leather they will hold a flame to it and it will not burn. The fake leather-like vinyl will melt as soon as the flame touches it.

Next, look for quality craftsmanship. You want to find a quality producer. Hoi An gets a huge number of tourists who are looking for products from everywhere. The shops respond by offering items from the cheaply-made to the downright sumptuous. Look at their products on display. Do they look like they’re made to last? Are the seams even, or do they show rushed production?

There are hundreds of shops in Hoi An and the quality can be from ‘poor’ to ‘much better than machine-made goods’. Be sure to examine several different items and look for any uneven seams or loose threads. If you see these imperfections, stay a few minutes and leave. There are better products to available so do not settle for second best. Be patient and keep looking.

Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather Goods

Do Comparison Shopping

There are two types of shops in Hoi An. Single proprietor family shops and larger retailers with more than one shop. You would tend to think that the smaller might be of higher quality and cheaper but that does not hold true. They don’t sell enough volume to be cheaper and usually the larger stores give better prices. They usually offer much better guarantees as well.

You will find the same items in almost every shop. Keep notes as you shop on the quality and price of the item you want and which shop you were in. Go back and get the one you think was the best, but, “Don’t Buy Yet”. Vietnam, like any other second and third-world country, expects you to bargain. They will always start with prices higher than they expect you to pay. Some more than others. You should expect to be able to pay at least 20-25% under the listed price tag.

Hoi An Tailors Purchasing Customizations

Now that you know what you want there are decisions to make. You can either buy off the shelf or have the product made as a custom-job done to your specs. You will have to decide and have the following information before you order.

There are four options to custom-make a product:
1. Chose the type and color of the leather or suede.
2. Have measurements done or give them to the maker for non-clothing items.
3. Get measured for the clothing by the tailor.
4. Agree on the costs. Look for a shop that will offer you a 10 to 20 percent discount, any more and you may not get the quality you expect.

Take each of these into consideration

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