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10 Tip Georgetown Malaysia Budget City Guide

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

Georgetown Malaysia Budget City Guide

Georgetown Malaysia shows a real blending of cultures from all over the world. Yet at the same time, there’s no competition or dislike for other beliefs or customs.


Georgetown Malaysia – Penang

You will find communities of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, all living in harmony, working together side by side, always with respect for the other and his/her customs in Georgetown Malaysia. You’ll be particularly moved by the name of the street in Georgetown Malaysia known as Harmony Street!

You can rent a car to get around fast but at your own pace. With our guide to Georgetown, Malaysia in hand you can go out. A whole new world opens up when you get into the midst of Asian drivers. Their attitude toward crosswalks, stop lights and traffic rules is dangerous for foreigners. Painted lanes, they seem to mean that they’re on a road and not on an empty field.

Georgetown Malaysia – What You Might Want to Visit

After a little rest at your hotel, you can get out and explore your surroundings. Our guide to Georgetown, Malaysia takes you to the Cheong Fat Tze mansion. This museum shows something of the wealth of the Hakka people. These hardy and very wealthy people migrated to Malaysia from China many years ago.

A chocolate museum down the road is sure to get your attention. You can sample the amazing chocolate culture of Malaysia, and – if you’re into coffee – the coffee culture too. These are delicacies most people never know exist.

The mansion is well worth the visit as our guide suggests. It was as interesting to walk about in the streets of Georgetown. Sidewalks appear and disappear at random. Most of the locals think they’re great places to park their motor scooters and motorbikes. You’ll have to bypass a lot of those by walking in the street. Careful though, watch for the whizzing cars. For an adult traveler out on his or her own, that may not be too much of a problem. With children along it’s important to be very careful.

The capital, George Town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. This was because of the Chinese style shop houses found all over this island.

Strolls Around Georgetown Malaysia

George Town got its name in honor of King George III. That’s about the only thing from Olde England you’ll find here. You will find a culture of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian. All blended together and living side-by-side. The visitors can have a good look at the daily life of the Penangite.

One of the town’s rich heritage is the colorful use of names for the streets. This harks back to the Europeans of yesteryear. There’s Love Lane, Pitt Street, King Street, Carnarvon Street amount many of the others.

Nighttime is a wonderful time to get out into the city to see what happens. Be sure on those outings to visit Chulia and Campbell Streets. Also Beach Street and Light Street. For sure do not miss Love Lane for some great food. Along these streets, the visitor can see some of Penang’s most colonial architecture. Believe us, This isn’t for nothing that UNESCO has named this a World Heritage site!

Georgetown Malaysia – Going for A Stroll Along the Seashore in Batu Ferringhi

Visit the white sandy beaches here with an immense variety of choices for dining. You will find good food as well as 5-star hotel accommodations. This is the ideal place for activities like windsurfing, parasailing, and jet skiing. But if you need a little quiet time, this is the place. You can walk along the seashore and listen to the waves as they crash at your feet.

For a vibrant night scene, there is a cheery range of pubs and bars within easy walking distance. A funicular train is always interesting and this one takes you from the foot of the hill to the top. You can roam the area to enjoy all the sights especially beautiful at night.

A must-see is Ari Aruloli Thirumrugan Temple. One of the oldest temples in Penang. This is heaven for nature lovers. This is a great place to enjoy the flora and fauna. Then enjoy a stop at any of the many food stalls around the Owl Museum.

There is no entrance fee to Penan Hill, but there is the cost of the funicular train. This round trip fare of RM30 for adults. RM5 for children for 4 to 6 and RM15 for students. Open from 6:30 every day until 11 at night. The ticket counters close at 10:30 pm.

Georgetown Malaysia Interactive Street Art

Get with the natives for free artwork. And look at the Ernest Zacharevic murals and all other street painting found all over the city. This beautiful artwork forms a part of the Mirrors George Town project in 2012. It has since been a staple on every guide to Georgetown, Malaysia.

Georgetown Malaysia – Funny Wrought Iron Caricatures

Penang has another lineup of installation art that you should check out. This is Marking George Town. The street art exhibited here is from the work of the Penang State Government. Work began a year after the capital received its UNESCO World Heritage status.

You’ll find 52 iron sculptures that tell the story of Penang’s heritage in a humorous way. If you want to see every caricature you can pick up a free map along with your guide to Georgetown at the airport. It will tell you how to get to the artwork along with a bit of its history.

The diversity here is such that one visit can’t reveal everything. Every time you return you will notice something else you missed earlier. You’ll want to come back and you’ll never regret that. Be sure to include it on your own private bucket list.

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Food and Where to Find it In Georgetown, Malaysia

There can be no other place in the world that has such a culinary mix in one tiny area. Food courts and stalls all mix together with Chinese, Indian, influences.

Food courts

Hawker stalls located all across the city, it’s nice at times to have all your options under one roof. George Town’s food courts contain an infinite variety of food with plenty of seating for all.

New World Park

This former amusement park is now Geroge Town’s best food court. Penang specialties such as Mex rebus and Hokkien mee and many others are all found beneath one roof. Each food counter has clear menus for visitors.

Red Garden

This is a little more on the grungy side and more hectic. For those you enjoy a bit of plain local life, this is a great place. There’s as wide a variety of food choices at reasonable prices. The Red Garden opens for dinner at 4:30

Sri Weld foodcourt

This cheap and simple food court offers excellent food. Sri Weld lies on the eastern end of George Town between Lebuh Pantal and Penkalan Weld.

Cebil Market Food Court

This is a classic food court on Lebuh Cebil and its location is southeast of the city center. A great place to try laksa, char kway teow and roast duck. Open from 8 to 5

Street food

Street food here abounds throughout the city. For a great and inexpensive meal, here are some places to visit:

Gurney Drive. Along the coastal esplanade, north of George Town, you’ll find a great choice of street food. The coastal walk tempts you with one food cart after another. This locale is a bit far from the city center so don[‘t try to walk there.

Georgetown Malaysia

Georgetown Malaysia – The Streets of Chinatown

Authentic Malay cuisine is waiting as you stroll some of Penang’s popular beaches. Food carts sell noodles, dumplings, and other delightful treats. This is on Lebuy, and adjoining streets. You know the food is the real Chinese thing because you don’t have have any English on the menus. You can find touristy places with English speaking hawkers for tourists too.


George Town has a restaurant to please every palate and pocketbook.

Along upper Penang Road, you’ll find a lineup of restaurants and bars that offer a wide variety of dining. Nagore Place in the northeast end of George Town. It is a great strip of colonial-era buildings that are the new home to great restaurants. They are serving Indian. Malay, Thai, and even Western food. This is an area that remains open until late at night.

There are Malaysian, Indian Food and Mamak Stalls. Food is available at some of these while you listen to Bollywood music.

The best place outside Little India is Khaleel Resturant on Jalan Penang. Open twenty=frour hours. Try out the chapati, murtabak and other Tamil specialties.

I hope this gives you some ideas on what, when and where in Penang and Georgetown, Malaysia. Both are great places to visit and I am sure we will return soon.

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