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Boondocking By State


Hi! We are Laurel & John Rodgers. In 2014 we sold everything, packed up and started traveling the world, seeing over 100 countries. We did that until Covid hit and I needed a hip replacement. We both still had ‘itchy feet’ and needed to travel, this time we chose the U.S. We set ourselves up in a 4wd vehicle, installed a roof-top-tent with a kitchen unit in the back and a 270° tent/awning setup. (see pics below)

We are full-time boondockers who live and work on the road. We set up camp anywhere we can find open, public areas. We enjoy seeing new areas, going on hikes, being out in nature, and relocating every week or two.

We use solar panels and propane for energy and cooking. We don’t use hook ups while we camp. We search areas managed by Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Forest Service (NFS), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Grasslands, federal and state-owned wilderness, where we live in agreement with nature.


Dispersed camping, dry camping, off-grid camping, and free camping are all covered in Boondocking Lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide you with as many boondocking locations throughout America as possible. We also try to answer any questions you might have concerning this type of lifestyle.