11 Easy Mozambique Recipes To Make At Home

Did you know that Mozambique recipes have a rich culinary history and produces a wide variety of tasty Mozambique foods? From the succulent and flavorful seafood dishes to the exotic dishes inspired by African and Portuguese cuisine, Mozambique has something to offer any palate.

In this blog post, we will explore and examine some of the most popular, delicious Mozambique recipes , along with a few of the techniques and ingredients that go into them. Whether you’re looking for something exotic for your next dinner party or just want to try something new, this post will have something for you.

Food can be a powerful way to connect with different cultures and learn about history, and Mozambique recipes are no exception. Drawing from a variety of cooking and cultural influences, Mozambique recipes are a delightful blend of African, Portuguese, and Indian flavors that tantalize the palette. Discovering Mozambique recipes can be a fun and flavorful journey.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes Mozambican cooking so special, introduce you to some delicious Mozambique recipes, and give instructions on how to make them. From traditional papaya salad and coconut shrimp to more modern flavors like peri-peri chicken, you’ll find Mozambique recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. So why not take a culinary adventure and explore some of the best of Mozambican food?

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11 Mozambique Recipes - Piri Piri Chicken

11 Easy Mozambique Recipes To Make At Home

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1. Mozambique Banana Cake from Food Network

1. Mozambique Banana Cake

This mouth-watering Mozambique recipe is ready in just 65 minutes and the ingredients detailed below can serve up to 1 person. I obsessed over it at a family reunion the other weekend. My cousin made it and I stalked her down like a dessert creep and proceeded to talk her ear off about cream cheese frosting and spotty bananas for 35 minutes straight.

It was the moistest cake I’ve ever eaten. Stick-to-the-back of your fork moist. The perfect cream cheese frosting, both sweet and tangy, sinking into the top of the cake made it even moister. Sweet, but not overpowering. Mega banana flavor, certainly more banana flavor than any banana bread I’ve ever eaten. Very buttery and cakey from creaming the butter and sugars. Ridiculously rich, decadent.

2. Portuguese Prego Rolls from Simply Delicious Food

2. Portuguese Prego Rolls - Mozambique Recipes

Delicious and succulent, these Portuguese prego rolls are made with juicy steak grilled in a flavorsome marinade served on a fresh bread roll.

If you’ve never had a Prego roll before, get ready. Because this is the good shizz. It’s like the best steak sandwich you can imagine, but like x100. The steak is marinated in an aromatic blend of peri-peri sauce, tomato, olive oil, garlic and herbs and then grilled quickly on a scorching-hot pan/grill before being served on a squishy, fresh bread roll.

The fresh chili butter is a delicious add-on that adds just the right amount of heat to this delectable sandwich.

3. Azorean-Style Mozambique Sauce from Everyday Portuguese

3. Azorean-Style Mozambique Sauce

This Mozambique recipe is made with a variety of spices and seasonings, simmered in a delicious sauce. This sauce is a favorite served in many Portuguese restaurants. Shrimp Mozambique (also spelled Moçambique) is a shrimp Mozambique food that’s simmered in a bold and savory garlic sauce made from beer, seasonings and a dash of hot sauce.

4. Mozambican Bolo Polana from International Cuisine

4. Mozambican Bolo Polana

Mozambican bolo polana gets its name from a suburb of the capital city Maputo called “polana”.

When I first saw the Mozambique recipe for this popular cake I was skeptical. Making a cake out of mashed potato seemed very strange but after further thought, I figured it could add some nice moisture to the cake.

This cake has no flour in it at all. At one point in time Mozambique was the largest producer of cashews in the world. Still many trees remain. We love cashews and and we loved this unusual cake, it was not too sweet and had a lovely smooth, rich and moist texture. You should try it!

5. Trinchado from Darly’s Kitchen

5. Trinchado - Mozambique Food

Trinchado is a traditional South African Portuguese fusion dish with every family having their own Mozambique recipe. It is difficult to trace the origin of the Mozambique food but some people think that is was born out of Mozambique where bars used to serve a small tapa type Mozambique food with your drinks.

It was a spicy stew that contained whatever the bar would normally serve on a daily basis so it could contain various meats and seafood and of course the obligatory spices. These days classic trinchado is made using beef but I have a little secret to tell you. Cubed pork shoulder works a treat and the meat is so tender after the long cooking time.

6. Peri-peri Sauce from Simply Delicious Food

6. Peri-peri Sauce - Mozambique Recipes

Peri-peri sauce (or piri-piri sauce) is an African chilli sauce made with spicy chillies (African bird’s eye chilies brought to Africa by the Portuguese) blended with aromatics like garlic, onion and herbs.

I hope you’re ready for a bit of fiery, kick ass condiment Heaven because I’m serving it up big time today. This home-made peri-peri sauce Mozambique recipe is the bomb and you should have a jar in your fridge at all times.

As a South African, my house is never without a few bottles of this glorious red hot sauce. We use it on everything from chicken, steak and pork to adding it to marinades and dressings. If you’re my brothers (or any member of my extended family, really), you eat it on absolutely everything.

7. Mozambique Matapa from Explorers Kitchen

7. Mozambique Matapa

Our first Mozambique food is Matapa (also written matata), a seafood and peanut stew from Mozambique. This Mozambique recipefirst appeared on the Farmers, Food, and Vegetable in Mozambique blog, but we made some refinements and clarifications.

Traditionally, this stew is made with local cassava leaves, shrimp, peanuts, and coconut milk. Since cassava leaves aren’t readily available in Pennsylvania, I went with collard greens. With that modification, it was easy to get my ingredients and actually makes the Mozambique food feel like it could be right at home in the American south.

8. Mozambican Avocado Salad from International Cuisine

8.Mozambican Avocado Salad

Mozambican Avocado salad is lovely and light. It is called Salada pera de abacate in Portuguese, the official language of Mozambique. It is a bit different as it pairs avocado, with tomato and peaches.

The dressing is really good and will be my summer go to dressing. It is citrusy with lemon but it is the peach syrup along with some herbs that make it truly unique and wonderful.

We enjoyed this salad along with the peri peri chicken and fries. it was the perfect accompaniment. A light and lovely salad that would be enjoyed with just about anything. I was lucky enough to use fresh mixed greens right out of our International Cuisine garden for this one which makes it always extra special.

9. Mozambique Lemon Chili Rice with Chicken from Gousto

9. Mozambique Lemon Chilli Rice with Chicken

This mouth-watering Mozambique recipe is ready in just 0 minutes and the ingredients detailed below can serve up to 1 person. Mozambique Lemon Chili Rice. Sticky, sweet and the perfect level of crispy, this is a retro classic that never fails. You’ll coat fried chicken in a honey-lemon sauce, and serve with rice and Tenderstem broccoli.

10. Piri Piri Chicken from Explorers Kitchen

10. Piri Piri Chicken - Mozambique Food

We introduced the cuisine of Mozambique to you with our take on Matapa. Our second Mozambique food is the ubiquitous piri piri chicken (also called peri-peri or pili-pili). While piri piri sauce is popular in Mozambique, it is actually Portuguese in origin and is common to see in other former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

It is a fiery red sauce made up of African birds-eye chilies, lemon juice, vinegar, paprika and other spices that really kicks up the flavor of a chicken. Don’t worry it’s not crazy hot, just pleasantly warming. I adapted a recipe from Getaway South Africa.

11. Portuguese Shrimp Mozambique Recipe from Sizzling Eats

11. Portuguese Shrimp - Mozambique Recipes

My dad used to make the BEST Shrimp Mozambique when we were little. It’s is made with fairly common ingredients like butter, shrimp, and the key ingredient – beer!

This is one of those succulent Mozambique recipes where you’ll want to actually suck all the juices out of the cooked shrimp before un-pealing them. The ingredients for Shrimp Mozambique are few, but pack a flavorful punch!

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