My 11 Favorite Seychelles Recipes

- Favorite Seychelles Recipes

I want to take you on a tour of my favorite Seychelles recipes. The Seychelles are located Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles are a group of 115 islands that are basically the definition of paradise. White sand beaches, warm turquoise water, giant tortoises, and all the palm trees await you there. We spent glorious days in the blue water and ejoyed some of the most amazing food we have ever eaten.

We spent and entire year living in the Seychelles and it was a true food related explosion.  When you are restriced to the sea, a small garden and the few animals you reaise on a small island it would seem the diet choices would be small.  That however is not true and it can be quite a learning experience for anyone embracing island life.

The Seychelles are most often associated with honeymoons the truth is that there’s SO much more to the Seychelles than just romantic beach resorts. In fact, to truly experience these islands, you really need at least a week in the Seychelles and concentrate on the food and culture of the islands. Create your own lost of favorite Seychelles recipes. You will find the people there are happy to share their recipes in most cases.

I’ve put together the perfect Seychelles restaurant itinerary for one week in the Seychelles! Here’s everything I think you should do with a week in this island paradise. I have even included the recipes for every favorite dish I had in the Seychelles. In some cases I even brought home the same favorite seychelles recipes for the same dish. Everyone prepares things a bit different and it is likeing have a whole new dish.

All About Seychelles Dining

Seychelles food hasn’t yet made its way to the global stage. You won’t likely find a Seychellois restaurant in your hometown, or a Seychelles popup making waves in your local street food scene. But that doesn’t mean the food from this tiny archipelagic nation isn’t wonderful.

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago comprised of 115 islands, the largest is Mahe island. They are located in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean next to Africa. It’s no surprise to see Indian and African flavours, as well as seafood dishes and spicy curries, feature prominently on the menu here.

My Favorite Seychelles Recipes and Foods

The Seychelles’ unique origin and history have created a robust Creole culture, while its island environment and access to the sea have given its cuisine a distinct island identity. Fish and shellfish are a major part of its cuisine, and many ingredients in household recipes are endemic to the islands.

Many Seychellois grow much of their ingredients in backyard gardens and either fish themselves or buy directly from local markets.

Most of the favorite seychelles recipes revolve around some kind of fish or shellfish accompanied by rice. They might be steamed, grilled, or boiled in coconut milk. Seychellois culture and cuisine have been influenced by Indian, French, African, Chinese, British and Spanish traditions. This leaves Seychellois cuisine as a melting pot of all these cultures.

Aside from the prevalence of fish in the Seychellois’ diet, they also use many of the island’s fruits and vegetables in their cuisine. Home to 23 different banana species, Seychellois use banana leaves for cooking and storage while the fruit is used to create delectable desserts.

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Favorite Seycelles Recipes

My 11 Favorite Seychelles Recipes

Seychelles Shark Chutney Recipe
1. Shark Chutney Recipe
I recently tried the Seychelles Shark Chutney Recipe and while there I got this local recipe. This traditional dish is a staple in the country, and it is made with shark meat, coconut, and various spices.
The moment I cracked open the jar of chutney, the pungent smell of spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric hit my nostrils. My stomach did a little flip when I caught a whiff of all these spices in one place.
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Seychelles Green Papaya Chutney Salad Recipe
2. Green Papaya Chutney
While in the Seychelles I got one of my favorite Seychelles recipes. The famous Seychelles Green Papaya Chutney Recipe or Atchara they're known for there. A dish with a unique and delicious flavor is achieved by combining unripe papaya, vinegar, and a wide range of spices.
Anyone visiting Seychelles for the cuisine will not be disappointed with the Seychelles Green Papaya Chutney Recipe. It's a one-of-a-kind dish that captures the essence of this beautiful country with its inimitable blend of spices and bright, distinctive flavor.
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Seychelles Creole Sauce Recipe
3. Creole Sauce
The Seychelles Creole Sauce Recipe had a depth and complexity floored me the first time I tried it. Absolutely perfect in terms of flavor, with the right amount of heat and sweetness to balance out the savory and spicy components. The versatility of the sauce allowed it to pair well with a wide range of foods, from seafood to meat to vegetables.
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Seychelles Fruit Bat Curry Recipe
4. Kari Sousouri (Fruit Bat Curry)
The Fruit Bat Curry Recipe spicy aroma hit me right away, thanks to the inclusion of aromatic ingredients like cumin, coriander, and ginger. A pleasant surprise awaited me when I tried the curry: the fruit bat meat was surprisingly tender and flavorful. The curry was wonderfully complex thanks to the combination of sweet and savory notes and a light spiciness.
The Seychelles Fruit Bat Curry, in general, is an interesting and tasty dish. Its unusual and complex flavor profile makes it a true standout among Seychellois dishes.
NOTE: It is illegal to use wild fruit bats or to harm them. You must get your stock from a legal farm raising these for consumption to complete your recipe
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Seychelles Creole Rice Recipe
5. Creole Rice
My favorite Seychelles recipes is a staple in Seychellois cuisine and a fan favorite for good reason. A healthy and tasty dish is created by cooking rice with a variety of spices and vegetables. The Seychelles Creole Rice Recipe usually has a savory, spicy flavor because of the onion, garlic, and chili pepper base used to cook it. Some common flavor enhancers include thyme, bay leaves, and celery.
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Seychelles Smoked fish Salad Recipe
6. Smoked Fish Salad
Smoked fish salad from the Islands is my new favorite Seychelles recipe. I could eat this every day. Of course in the Seychelles so many types of fish are available. Smoking is a way of preserving fish without refrigeration and is quite common. I made this dish with some smoked marlin I had, but truly any smoked fish will work beautifully.
This smoked fish salad could easily be made into a meal for lunch or dinner, but we had it as just one course of our Seychelles International Cuisine meal. This one of favorite Seychelles recipes. will serve four as a course or 2 as a meal.
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Seychelles Fish Recipe- Favorite Seycelles Recipes
7. Seychelles Fish Curry
I just recently had the pleasure of creating one of my favorite Seychelles recipes. The Seychelles Smoked Fish Salad Recipe, a refreshing and flavorful dish best enjoyed in the warm weather. This dish is made with smoked fish and fresh vegetables and herbs. I attribute the dish's energizing and revitalizing aroma to the use of fresh herbs like mint and cilantro in the Seychelles Smoked Fish Salad Recipe.
The dish wowed me with its superb balance of flavors. The smokiness of the fish, crunchiness of the vegetables, and tang of the dressing all worked together to create a delicious meal.
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Seychelles Chili Cakes Recipe
8. Baked Gateaux Piment (Chili Cakes)
The Seychelles Chili Cakes Recipe are a popular dish in Seychellois cuisine, and I, a confirmed foodie, only recently learned about their existence. To prepare the dish, ground fish or seafood is combined with a variety of spices and chili peppers before being shaped into small cakes and fried until golden brown.
The depth and intensity of flavor in the chili cakes completely blew me away. The fish and spices complemented each other beautifully, and the heat from the chili peppers was spot on without overpowering the dish. The cakes' crisp exterior and juicy interior made for a delicious meal.
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Seychelles Fish Recipe- Favorite Seycelles Recipes
9. Seychelles Chicken Curry
I was excited to sample the much-touted Seychelles Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe. Chicken is cooked in a fragrant and flavorful sauce of spices and coconut milk to create this curry.
A warm and inviting scent emanated from this favorite Seychelles recipes for curry, thanks to the combination of ginger, garlic, and curry powder. The curry blew me away with its superb flavor balance. The chicken was tender and infused with the rich flavors of the sauce, which combined the sweetness of coconut milk with the spiciness of chili peppers.
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Seychelles Murukku Recipe
10. Moulouk or Murukku
A Seychelles Murukku Recipe is used for a popular dessert on the Seychellois islands. Grated coconut, sugar, and flour are fried together until golden brown to make this dish. The intoxicating scent of caramelized sugar and coconut overwhelmed me as I took my first whiff of Moulouk. It had a comforting and enticing aroma that made me want to try the dessert right away.
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Seychelles Daube de Banana Recipe
11. Daube de Banana
I had the chance to try the Seychelles Daube de Banana Recipe, a regional specialty while visiting the Seychelles at a cooking class. To make a filling and flavorful main dish, bananas and a wide range of spices and vegetables are cooked together in a slow cooker or oven.
Because of its high capacity for absorbing flavor, rice was frequently used as a vehicle for the sauce. The Seychelles Daube de Banana Recipe is a Seychellois delicacy that no visitor to the islands should leave without tasting. It is considered a culinary landmark of Seychellois culture for its singular, hearty flavor and satisfyingly meaty texture.
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