20 Delicious Guyana Recipes To Try At Home

In this article, you’ll explore the top 20 Guyana recipes and the ingredients that make them special. From curried dishes such as Pepperpot to other favorites like Metemgee, you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring Guyana’s culture right to your kitchen. So, get ready to enliven your taste buds and experience the true flavors of Guyana!

Guyana is a country located in the northern coast of South America, and is home to a vibrant and unique cuisine, with Guyanese recipes steeped in the country’s indigenous, African, Indian, and European history. In this article, you’ll discover the best Guyanese recipes, from the national Guyana food of pepperpot to sweet treats like cassava pone.

We’ll provide you with enticing ingredient lists, detailed instructions, and additional context surrounding each of these Guyana recipe so that you can recreate a delicious meal and share with family and friends. So, put on your aprons and get ready to experience the flavors of Guyana!

Uncover the secrets of making the country’s iconic pepperpot stew and other traditional Guyanese foods like metemgee and cook-up. Learn easy steps that will have you cooking up a storm like a renowned chef in no time. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey and gain some new skills as you explore the flavors of Guyana!

The flavors of Guyana have been hiding in plain sight for far too long. Though the South American nation has its own signature cuisine full of bold and robust tastes, it’s surprisingly less popular than its neighboring countries. That’s why we’re excited to bring you to this undiscovered world of flavors!

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21 Guyana Recipes - Guyanese Chow Mein

20 Delicious Guyana Recipes To Try At Home

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1. Guyanese Fried Bakes by The Spruce Eats

1. Guyanese Fried Bakes - Guyana recipes

Despite the name, these flavorful disks of dough are fried. Fried to perfection. Although they are from the Caribbean, it’s hard to pinpoint a precise origin as the Guyanese recipe hopped around and changed from one island to the next, arriving at Guyana at some point.

The heavy influence in the area of Indian and West African cuisine means that many fried doughs coming from these places are similar to the current bakes. Our Guyanese bakes are easy to make and are great as a breakfast Guyana food served with eggs or sausage. Nonetheless, they’re most commonly served in the Caribbean stuffed with shark or salt fish.

2. Guyanese Boil & Fry Channa by Alcias Pepperpot

2. Guyanese Boil & Fry Channa - Guyana recipes

When I think of “anytime food”, Guyanese boil & fry channa comes to mind. This quick meal is made by soaking dried chickpeas, boiling it until tender, then sautéing or “frying” with onion, garlic, pepper and seasonings. The hallmark flavor of a good fry channa for me is roasted geera (cumin). Geera gives it that familiar or recognizable taste.

This Guyanese food is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an in-between snack. It’s something my mom would prepare on the weekends, and only the weekends because of how long it took to prepare the chickpeas. She would have hers with a dollop of mango sour; I prefer mine without. I like to mash the wiri wiri pepper and toss it with the channa instead.

My older son who is a vegetarian absolutely loves it for dinner and what music to my ears! It comes together quickly once the beans are ready to cook.

3. Tennis Rolls or Guyanese Sweet Rolls by Juliet Kitchen

3. Tennis Rolls or Guyanese Sweet Rolls

The Guyana recipe for the rolls were always a big secret – well guarded like the KFC’s chicken recipe. Over the years, I came across a variation of the Guyanese recipes on the web – some were close but others weren’t. Since graduating from Culinary Arts, Art of International Bread Baking, I set out to work on developing a Tennis Roll – Guyana recipe that mirrors the traditional Guyanese roll.

This version is super close, if not better; the perfect flavors of vanilla extract and fresh orange zest collaborate beautifully with the sweetness making this roll perfect! Tennis roll is a very dense bread, and my version is no exception.

4. Guyanese Chow Mein by That Girls Cooks Healthy

4. Guyanese Chow Mein - Guyana recipes

This is a Chow Mein Guyanese recipe with it’s own magical twist. it’s low fat, low carb with vegetable noodles yet taste equally as delicious as it would had it been made with Chow Mein noodles.

If you want a taste of the Caribbean with a element of Chinese influence then this Guyana recipe is the one for you. When I first contemplated making this particular Guyanese food, I was initially concerned about replicating a wheat/gluten free version of the noodles.

Are you looking for a Guyanese main meal that is low carb, low fat, tasty and filling in one serving? Then look no further with my foolproof Guyanese Chow Mein. Totally wheat free, using spiralized zucchini (vegetable noodles) in place of regular noodles.

5. Guyanese Fish Cakes With Mango Sour by Alcias Pepperpot

5. Guyanese Fish Cakes With Mango Sour

The great thing about fish cakes is that they are completely versatile and can be seasoned any way you like. There’s even more versatility in the types of fish you can use. Any kind of white flaky fish or even something with a little firmness will work well. Saltfish (salted cod) is a popular choice and is what’s traditionally used, just be sure to remove the bones.

I recall one bad experience I had with fish cakes a few years ago. I purchased a couple of pieces from a local Queens bakery which shall remain nameless (since I don’t entertain bad-talking), and I remember taking a bite of the fish cake and a bone went straight into my gum- yea, it was a complete turn off. This particular bakery used salted cod fish, but was not careful to remove all of the bones.

If you’re going to use this type of fish, your best bet is to go boneless, it will save you (and anyone eating them) a lot of headache; or toothache.

6. Guyanese Gojas by Simply Recipes

6. Guyanese Gojas - Guyana recipes

Gojas are a festive hand pie with a filling consisting of grated coconut sweetened with brown sugar flavored with warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.

Making gojas during the Hindu holiday of Holi is a tradition in my home. It is one of several sweets my family would prepare to share with our loved ones in observance of this exciting time of year.

Gojas are a festive hand pie with a filling consisting of grated coconut sweetened with brown sugar flavored with warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. The filling is sealed and folded like an empanada, then shallow fried.

7. Guyanese Ground Provisions by Crazy For Yuca

7. Guyanese Ground Provisions

Ground Provisions, also simply called Provisions, is a staple Guyana food and includes root vegetables such as yuca (cassava,) sweet potatoes, yams, green plantains, and eddoes. Some, or all of these root vegetables may be included in the Guyanese food. It’s also referred to as a “boil and fry” in Guyana.

The root vegetables are boiled, while onions, peppers, scallions, and garlic are stir fried in a pan. The two are then combined for a delicious, traditional Guyanese food! Provisions can be eaten in this way, or with the addition of fish or meat. Anita enjoys her Provisions with curried fish on top. I made mine with organic, grass-fed ground beef.

8. Guyana Lime Wash by International Cuisine

8. Guyana Lime Wash

Guyana Lime Wash is basically a lime-ade with a touch of vanilla. It is a refreshing drink that is loved in Guyana. A perfect way to quench your thirst on a hot tropical summer day. This Guyanese recipe makes about 8 cups or a pitcher full you can easily adjust amounts to your taste. We enjoyed it as part of our Guyanese meal.

9. Spiced Coconut Turnovers by Alicias Pepperpot

9. Spiced Coconut Turnovers - Guyana recipes

Every year for Diwali or Holi my mom and grandmother would pack little bags of sweets to share with friends and family. Those bags always contained mithai, peera, parsad, and goja. I distinctly remember them making this pastry during holidays and not during Hindu religious functions.

These little fried turnovers were filled with a spiced coconut that also contained a lot of ginger. Brown sugar and aromatics were added for more flavor. The pastry part was also very memorable. My grandmother’s version was very thin and crisp right out the fryer. After it cooled, it became so soft and yummy.

10. Guyanese Cassava Egg Ball by Keeshas Kitchen

10. Guyanese Cassava Egg Ball

The cassava egg ball Guyana recipe is incredibly easy to make and super hearty! These treats are made with boiled eggs coated with cassava mash. And, for an uber-crispy finish, they are deep-fried until golden brown.

Not many people are familiar with these delicious snacks. Cassava egg balls, or simply egg balls, are popular street Guyana food treats found in Guyana. Now, you may even be wondering where the heck that is. The snack is very versatile and goes great with mango chutney or a refreshing beverage. These treats are very similar to Scottish eggs. But personally, I love them even more!

11. Guyanese Metemgee by Jehan Can Cook

11. Guyanese Metemgee

Metemgee or metem is essential a Guyanese food made of ground provisions (root vegetables) such as cassava, eddoes and white sweet potatoes as well as plantains and cooked in seasoned coconut milk. It is all cooked in a savory broth of coconut milk and spices until tender.

This Guyana food is similar to oildown from other Caribbean islands such as Grenada and Trinidad. This is a stick to your ribs kind of meal. The broth which is best made with homemade coconut milk, is flavored with some sort of salted meat like salt beef, pigtail or saltfish like I’ve done this time.

12. Guyanese Mithai by Jehan Can Cook

12. Guyanese Mithai - Guyana recipes

My mom just left after visiting for a week and I managed to get her to film her making Mithai! If you follow me over on Instagram then you probably saw that she was cooking up a storm! She also made fried bake and roti while she was here and I filmed mithai and roti for my YouTube Channel!

She makes the best mithai and every time she comes to visit I request a batch. The kids love it so it never lasts long! I added her Guyanese recipe as well as a video on YouTube and you can tell by the way that she makes it, that she’s a master at it! She shared a few tips and trips to ensure you have great results.

She shares how to make the mithai crispy without making it rock hard or soft in the middle .Head on over to my YouTube channel and be sure to leave her a nice comment, she was so nervous filming!

13. Malasadas or Guyanese Pancakes by Hispanic Food Network

13. Malasadas or Guyanese Pancakes

The Guyana recipe for Guyanese pancakes is different from the traditional flat pancakes most people are used to. This is because of the Portuguese influence on the country’s cuisine. In Portugal, these pancakes are known as Malasadas (a Portuguese-style fried doughnut). In the US, they are known as doughnut holes, thanks to Duncan Doughnuts.

14. Chicken Cook-Up Rice by The Spruce Eats

20. Guyanese Chicken Cook-Up Rice

Cook-up rice is a traditional one-pot Guyanese rice dish that is generally made on the weekends. The wonderful thing about one pot Guyanese foods is that you can throw in anything you want and it will all come together to a beautiful and unique taste.

Cook-up rice can be made with a single type of meat or a combination of meats along with peas or beans of your choice. They must be picked over and soaked overnight so plan accordingly.

15. Guyanese Coconut Buns by All Recipes

15. Guyanese Coconut Buns - Guyana recipes

My best friend gave me this Guyana recipe she was given while in British Guiana. These are really delicious! Sink your teeth into these pillowy Guyanese bakery-inspired coconut buns. These milky soft buns are laced with fragrant ribbons of coconut and vanilla flavor. They’re delicious with a cup of tea or coffee!

However, trying to develop a Guyanese recipe for that bread has proven to be more difficult that I imagined. Although I baked one loaf successfully, I haven’t been able to replicate that success. The loaves constantly cave inwards during the cooling process, probably from the weight of the filling.

16. Guyanese Roti (Paratha Oil Roti Guyana recipe) by Picky Eater Blog

IM16. Guyanese Roti (Paratha Oil Roti Recipe)AGE

Guyanese roti is a popular flatbread in India and parts of the Caribbean, served alongside bold and flavorful Guyana foods. Enjoy this hot and flaky flatbread with curries, meat stews, or slathered in butter! All you need is a hot skillet and a handful of simple ingredients.

Guyanese oil roti is one of my favorite sides for chutney, stir-fries, and curry. Flour, baking powder, salt, water, and oil are kneaded together to create a soft dough. The dough is then rolled out and cooked in a hot skillet to create flaky layers.

17. Guyana Sponge Cake by Jehan Can Cook

17. Guyanese Sponge Cake

I’ve been receiving request for Guyanese sponge cake and decided to do a test run. Guyanese sponge cake is a Christmas staple along with black cake and ginger beer. I’ve made this in the past but it’s been so long it was like new to me again. I remembered my mom telling me a pound of sugar, a pound of butter and a pound of flour. Using that I did a little research and I came up with this Guyanese recipe.

Its basically a classic sponge cake Guyana recipe. I know I didn’t actually used a pound of flour or butter or sugar, I halved the Guyanese recipe because quite frankly that much cake is too much for my husband and myself to eat. I enjoyed this Guyana sponge cake and so did he. It was moist and flavorful and just as good as I remembered.

18. Guyanese Pepperpot by Serious Eats

18. Guyanese Pepperpot - Guyana recipes

Pepperpot, a national Guyanese food of Guyana, is a delightful meat-based stew, rich with braised beef and infused with cinnamon, clove, thyme, and wiri wiri peppers, a small red pepper that’s native to Guyana and is prized for its bright and spicy punch. Although not traditional to many pepperpot Guyana recipes, this version calls for nutmeg for an added layer of spice complexity.

Pepperpot is traditionally eaten on Christmas morning for breakfast alongside Guyanese plait bread, a braided white bread similar in appearance to challah but without the shiny egg-washed crust.

Pepperpot is defined in large part by the inclusion of cassareep, a thick, black liquid (the reason pepperpot stew is dark) that has the same consistency as molasses and is made from the bitter juices of the cassava. The process of making cassareep involves grating the poisonous and bitter cassava root, then stuffing it into a flexible, cylindrical basket called a matapee.

19. Guyanese Curried Chick Peas by Villa Senetieri

19. Guyanese Curried Chick Peas - Guyana recipes

When I was in Guyana, pre-mixed curry powder was the norm in cooking. This Guyanese recipe reflects that tendency. When I made Guyana food frequently, I would keep one or two types of homemade curry powders on hand as a quick solution to a weeknight meal. For this Guyana recipe, feel free to use a good quality commercial curry powder.

20. Guyanese Chicken Curry by Simply Recipes

21. Guyanese Chicken Curry - Guyana recipes

With roots in Indian cooking, Guyanese chicken curry is a beloved Guyanese recipe you’ll find at Guyanese tables for family get-togethers, holiday parties, weeknight dinners, or weekend afternoon meals.

One of the most popular curry Guyanese foods in Guyanese cuisine is chicken curry. You’ll find it at the dinner table at family get-togethers, holiday parties, for a weeknight dinner, or weekend afternoon meal. This Guyana food has roots in Indian cooking and is a contribution to Guyanese cuisine by the Indian population of Guyana.

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