20 Traditional Panamanian Recipes to Try

These easy traditional Panamanian recipes are some of my favorites, after my 3 months of voulenterring there I reall developed a taste for their food. There are many dishes that are shared across much of Central America but each is a little different. They can even be different from the area you are in when visiting any given country.

I always strive to gather recipes both from places I visit and eat as well as collecting old recipe books at flea markets. While I travel each of those books is scanned and transferred to the cloud so I always have them with me. Today sharing these with you will let you share some of my work with your family.

Panama is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about travel places that are renowned for their exquisite cuisine. But don’t be duped by this obscure culinary destination. Travelers are now finally realizing that Panama offers a variety of delicious, must-try snacks and beverages, something that locals have long valued. These are the top 20 traditional Panamanian recipes you shouldn’t miss, whether you’re heading to a beautiful beach getaway or touring vibrant Panama City.

A note about Laurel and I. We are 74 and 75 years old now and have been nomads since December of 2010. We have visited 150 of the 195 countries in the world during that 13 years. We collect recipes frome every country we visit and post them on our website. We hope to knock out those last 45 countries and become 2 of the only 400 or so people who have visited every country in the world. What that means to you is more great recipes.

20 Panama Recipes - Panamanian Hot Sauce

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