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15 Great British Virgin Islands Recipes

15 Of Our Favorite Recipes From the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Recipes and traditional food tends to be spicy and hearty. Many of the foods are imported due to an acquired taste for foreign foods. Local farmers grow fruits and vegetables along with the rearing of animals.

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Their goods are sold in local open-air markets, while supermarkets tend to carry only imported foods. Upscale restaurants often cater to tourists, serving a combination of North American dishes with tropical twists as well as local cuisine. An example of this is the addition of mango and Caribbean spices to salmon, a non-tropical fish.


Fungi (pronounced foon-gee) is a main staple of the traditional Virgin Islands diet. It consists of cornmeal that has been boiled and cooked to a thick consistency along with okra. Fungi is usually eaten with boiled fish or saltfish.

Callaloo (sometimes spelled kallaloo) is a soup made from callaloo bush/leaf, often substituted with spinach. It consists of various meats and okra and is boiled to a thick stew consistency.

Because of inter-Caribbean migration, many foods from other Caribbean countries have been adopted into the British Virgin Islands Recipes culinary culture. For example, a popular dish is roti, of Indo-Trinidadian origin, which consists of curried vegetables and meat wrapped in a paper-thin dough.

1. Turn Cornmeal

1 Turn Cornmeal - British Virgin Islands Recipes

Turn Cornmeal
Turn Cornmeal is basically a savory dish of boiled cornmeal or polenta, this boiled cornmeal can be made as simple with water and salt or seasoned with herbs, spices, vegetables, and even meat. Turn Cornmeal has several versions throughout Italy, the Caribbean, and Africa. In Italy, a similar version is called polenta. Recipe and Photos From Healthier Steps
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2. British Virgin Islands Recipes – Savory Baked Island Chicken

2 Savory Baked Island Chicken - British Virgin Islands Recipes

Savory Baked Island Chicken
This recipe for savory baked island chicken is tangy and flavorsome and is so easy to make. Just prepare the marinade the day before (or up to three hours before cooking) and bake in the oven right before dinner. It has a nice combination of lovely Caribbean flavors. Recipe and Photos From The Gardening Cook
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3. British Virgin Islands Recipes – Island Spice Beef Ribs

3 Island Spice Beef Ribs - British Virgin Islands Recipes

Island Spice Beef Ribs
British Virgin Islands Recipes the food culture is firmly anchored in Latin America and the West Indies. This recipe with a fresh herb and chili spice paste is an homage to the West Indian communities in Miami. This is a Virgin Islands style recipe. Recipe and Photos from Barbecue Bible
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4. Island Style Fish (Red Snapper)

Island Style Fish (Red Snapper)
Our Island Snapper grabs flavor from a vibrant mix of vegetables. A shake of GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning does the rest. 10 minutes in the kitchen, and your family is transported to a beach-side restaurant. Serve with yuca and mojo for a complete meal. Recipe and Photos from Goya
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5. Saltfish Buljol

5 Saltfish Buljol

Saltfish Buljol
Buljol is a favorite British Virgin Islands Recipes for morning breakfast in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Saltfish can be found in many grocery stores, ask your grocer to help you locate it. Serve this dish with sliced hard-boiled eggs or simply serve with toast. Recipe and Photos from All Recipes
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6. British Virgin Islands Recipes – Island Chicken (Rican style)

6 Island Chicken (Rican style) - British Virgin Islands Recipes

Island Chicken (Rican style)
A very good friend of mine, from the Virgin Islands, shared her recipe with me. So I copied and pasted these directions exactly the way she sent them to me. Gotta love her! Recipe and Photos from Cookpad
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7. Caribbean Curried Chicken

7 Caribbean Curried Chicken - British Virgin Islands Recipes

Caribbean Curried Chicken
I've eaten my fair share of authentic curried chicken. This recipe hits the mark with big, bold flavors. It's delicious served over rice. Recipe and Photos from Taste of Home
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8. Virgin Island Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder


Virgin Island Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder
In all of the British Virgin Islands Recipes the Caribbean flavors somehow taste really great during the winter months…tropical flavors are inspiring, warming us during cold, dreary days. Slow-roasting a pork shoulder with Island flavors creates a delicious cut of meat that is tender, moist, and rich with Caribbean spices. Recipe and Photos from Entertaining is Easy
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9. British Virgin Islands Recipes – Lobster Salad from the BVI


Lobster Salad from the BVI
British Virgin Islands Recipes - Lobster Salad from the BVI. A lobster salad is an excellent choice for a luncheon or hot weather dinner and can be found anywhere in the BVI. The salad can be served over lettuce leaves or used to fill sandwich buns. Recipe and Photos from Food.com
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10. Island Beach Chicken

10 Island Beach Chicken

Island Beach Chicken
Find dishes like this in any of the island beachy destinations like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands or Barbados. They all use a spicy, highly seasoned mojo and grill over live fire. Recipe and Photos from Big Oven
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11. Red Grout Dessert from the Virgin Islands


Red Grout Dessert from the Virgin Islands
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12. British Virgin Islands Recipes – BVI Style Peas Soup

12 BVI-Style Peas Soup

BVI Style Peas Soup
This traditional recipe for British Virgin Islands-style peas soup is adapted from the one used by Tonya Malone-Smith, a culinary instructor at the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies and the team manager-coordinator of the BVI National Culinary Team. Salted pigs’ tails lend a silky collagen richness to the broth. Look for them at Caribbean markets and butcher shops, and be sure to soak them for at least 8 hours to draw out some of their salinity. Recipe and Photos from Saveur
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13. Caribbean Rice and Beans

13 Caribbean Rice and Beans

Caribbean Rice and Beans
This dish of rice and red kidney beans is known as peas and rice throughout most of the English-speaking Caribbean, where it shows up alongside Sunday roast chicken in Barbados, richly-flavored pepperpots in St Lucia, and steamed fish in the Virgin Islands. Recipe and Photos from Camellia Brand
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14. Saltfish “Run Down” Recipe

14 Saltfish Run Down Recipe

Saltfish "Run Down" Recipe
The typical saltfish and dumpling dish. A tasty stew salt fish dish in some creamy coconut milk sauce. A perfect Caribbean dinner. Recipe and Photos from Homemade Zagat
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15. Island-Style Conch Fritters

15 Island-Style Conch Fritters

Island-Style Conch Fritters
There are as many recipe variations for conch fritters as there are opinions on what they should and should not include. Recipe and Photos from Garlic and Zest
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