12 Great Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals

Look no further than these distinctive Acadia National Park cabin rentals and Acadia National Park camping cabins that Bar Harbor has to offer if you want an amazing holiday where lush vegetation surrounds you at every turn. Are you local and searching for “cabin rentals near me”? These distinctive Acadia National Park Cabin rentals close to Bar Harbor are the ideal places to begin your activities.

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There is always something for you, no matter how many times you have visited there is always something new, alone, with a friend, or the entire extended family. There are many activities to do in and around these Acadia National Park camping cabins close to Bar Harbor, Maine, both during the day and at night. Discover the area outside from Bar Harbor and be astounded by the unadulterated beauty that you will see; it is absolutely stunning.

Take to the river and enjoy kayaking, or explore the national park on foot or on bike and find hidden treasures everywhere you turn. Cheap Acadia National Park Cabin rentals are a great place to vacation and make lifelong memories.

Take advantage of these Acadia National Park Cabin rentals and Acadia National Park camping cabins close to park to have the greatest national park camping experience possible. This OBE guide can help you find the greatest cottage rentals and distinctive cabins in Acadia. The best Acadia National Park camping cabins may be found right here, even lavish cabins close to Acadia National Park.

So why are you still waiting? Rent the top Acadia National Park camping cabins greatest cabins near the right now! Don’t wait; use this list from OBE to take advantage of some truly wonderful cabin rentals close to Acadia National Park. Check out our collection of these wonderful Acadia cabin rentals to get the finest of the best!

Acadia National Park camping cabins offer all the conveniences of home away from home while saving you money, whether you choose a cottage in Bar Harbor or a lodge off the island. How do you tell if you’re getting a decent price, though? How can you find that hidden gem now that more people than ever choose rental homes to hotels? Here are a few pointers to remember.

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8 Ways To Have the Perfect Vacation

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1. Plan Your Adventure First

Be sure to plan ahead with your group to get the greatest price for everyone and still get everything you want. These cheap Acadia National Park Cabin rentals can put you near the places you most want to visit.

2. Shoulder Season Save You Money

It’s often advised to reserve Acadia National Park camping cabins early. There is no benefit to waiting to book that popular cabin for Acadia National Park, unlike hotels and airlines. If you can, make plans a year in advance. The is especially true if you’re traveling to a well-known location Acadia National Par and Bar Harbor, where rental availability may be limited.

In that instance, waiting until the very last minute to rent a Acadia National Park camping cabins listing
frequently results in huge price prices. Renting during off peak times though can save you a lot of money.

3. Flexile Means You Save Money

Prepare yourself for exorbitant costs and tough competition on rental properties if you intend to travel to Acadia National Park during the summer. You’ll find better rates and availability on the cheap Acadia National Park Cabin rentals if you move that vacation up to spring or back to fall, which many seasoned travelers contend are the greatest times to visit. If you book in the final week of the off-peak season, you could save hundreds.

4. Know the Fine Print

Bay Road Acadia National Park15 Cheap Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals

Know the differences between terminology on Acadia National Park camping cabins like “rental association” and “co-op” in particular if you’re making a reservation through one. “Beachfront” and “Oceanfront” (only the former guarantees you’re on the water). “Direct Ski Access” usually means you’re a shuttle ride away from the slopes, while “Ski In/Ski Out” says that you can access the property by skis immediately.. And “Garden View” can refer to almost anything. If there are no images of the rental property online, always request them.

5. Search Multiple Listings

There’s a good probability that you just use one website to look for Acadia National Park camping cabins. You should cast a wide net, especially if you know the area where you intend to stay. Websites that compile listings are a wonderful place to start, but don’t overlook location-specific sites, since they may contain excellent listings that go unnoticed.

6. Stay Off the Island

It can appear wonderful to stay on the island in Bar Harbor, but the cost for a Acadia National Park camping cabins selection will be high. In popular tourist destinations, markups can be outrageous and poor rentals frequently fetch top premium. Look for places that are close to public transportation or that are only a short drive from well-known attractions.

7. Get What You Can Afford

Spending excessively on luxuries and space on cheap Acadia National Park Cabin rentals that you won’t utilize or enjoy is not a good idea. However, you also don’t want to sacrifice a week of comfort to save a few dollars. Think about your needs as well as your interests. No, you don’t need to have that garden patio. You don’t need the 42-inch television, that much is true. You are not going to Acadia and Bar Harbor to watch TV.

8. Stay Safe

The vast majority of Acadia National Park camping cabins rental advertisements are genuine. Nevertheless, the possibility of fraud is still extremely high, as many prospective tenants have been duped in recent years. Getting in touch with the property manager in advance is, in the opinion of experts, the most important security tip. If anything seems off, ask inquiries, gather information, and leave the area.

Many websites have built-in security protections, and evaluations may frequently spot any warning signs. Use a credit card whenever possible because they frequently come with built-in fraud protections.

7 Tips For the Perfect Acadia National Park Trip

Beehive Acadia National Park camping cabins (1)15 Cheap Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals

Read these 7 tips before you begin planning your trip as well as after you arrive.  They will help you save time and enjoy your tip more.  Acadia has many updates for travel as well as closures so check the National Park Service at Acadia National Park site on arrival.

1. Buy Your Acadia Pass Online

Get your pass to Acadia National Park online, or in the main Hulls Cove Visitor Center. The Hulls Cove Visitor Center is where you should go to get your pass this peak season instead of the park headquarters on ME 233.

Avoid standing in line to purchase a park pass if you want to begin your trip to Acadia without any hassle. The best Option is the America the Beautiful Pass which covers everything except the vehicle fee.

Online, you can buy the usual 7-day Acadia pass or even the annual park pass. If you’re age 62 or older, you can buy the lifetime Senior Pass for $10 in advance at a participating federal recreation site near home, or via mail, before the price is slated to go up to $80 on Oct. 1.

Hulls Cove is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in May and June, and after Labor Day through October, and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. July through Labor Day. As noted on the park’s website, there are a ton of additional local locations where you can get a pass.

2. Take the Bus

If you’re visiting Acadia National Park between late June and Columbus Day, use the free Island Explorer bus to avoid the hassle of attempting to find parking at some of the more well-known trailheads and destinations.

The Jordan Pond House or the trails close to the pond are directly accessible by bus from the Hulls Cove Visitor Center. Acadia Mountain, Bubble Rock, Parkman Mountain, and the Cadillac North Ridge Trail now have bus stations.

You can ask the bus driver to let you off even if it isn’t an official stop (as long as it’s safe) even though some stops might not be indicated on the bus map that is freely available at nearby establishments or online. The Island Explorer has a small amount of room for bicycle transportation to the carriage routes.

Additionally, leashed pets are allowed on board. At the Bar Harbor Village Green Information Center, which is located across from the Island Explorer hub, be sure to purchase a park pass. Undoubtedly, The Island Explorer is a key to a stress-free trip to Acadia.

3. Read About Trail Traffic and Reviews

Whether on the “quiet side” of Mount Desert Island west of Somes Sound, the quieter side of Schoodic Peninsula on the mainland, or the most tranquil area of Isle au Haut, which is only accessible by mail boat, consider taking less-frequented park trails. Try St. Sauveur Mountain, Beech Cliff Loop, or Bernard Mountain Loop to the west of Somes Sound.

4. Get To the Trail Early

Ocean Road15 Cheap Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals

Visit the most popular places and hike the most well-known paths early or late. You boost your chances of spotting animals while also having a stress-free trip to Acadia. For instance, we came face to face with a barred owl as we descended from the Beehive one early morning. Its best to avoid the busiest times of day, if you’re driving to the top of Cadillac for example, do so before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

5. Create A Plan of Attack

To avoid waiting in line to ask simple questions about what to see and do while visiting Acadia National Park, do some homework beforehand. Other than purchasing one of our hiking guides or another person’s, you can bookmark our site or look at the our list of recommended hikes. Another key to a stress-free trip to Acadia is to give yourself plenty of time for each activity you have planned. The more time you invest, the less time you’ll need to wait in line for basic information. The trip itself is half the joy, too!

6. Walk Don’t Drive

The Wild Gardens of Acadia and Nature Center are located in Sieur de Monts Spring, and from there you can access a network of trails up Dorr Mountain or Huguenot Head. You can also walk from downtown Bar Harbor into the park along ME Route 3 to Compass Harbor, where you can connect to Schooner Head Path to Schooner Head Overlook, and then continue on to Great Head Trail and Sand Beach. Another tip for a stress-free trip to Acadia is to take advantage of these community connecting routes.

7. Monitor Traffic Alerts When Driving

To avoid getting caught in traffic congestion and being turned away due to trail closures, check park and traffic notifications. You should be advised that the Precipice, Jordan Cliffs, and Valley Cove Trails are often restricted until mid-August to protect peregrine falcon nesting territory if you intend to hike them this summer. The paths can occasionally be opened earlier by the park, though. Check the park’s online press releases and alerts to learn more.

Whether it’s your first time, or your umpteenth, whether you’re coming Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day or Columbus Day weekends, or during the park’s busiest month of August, these 7 ways for a stress-free visit to Acadia National Park will make your vacation more relaxing.

12 Great Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals


Acadia National Park Cabin Rentals

Exceptional Rental Cabins

Ledgewood 7

Ledgewood 7

4-bedroom 2-bath Holiday Home
5 beds (2 twins, 3 queens)
Seal Harbor, ME

Avigayil Cottage

Avigayil Cottage

4-bedroom 3-bath Holiday Home
7 beds (1 twin, 1 full, 2 sofa beds, 3 queens)
Somesville, ME

Kenway Ranch

Kenway Ranch

3-bedroom 10bath House
4 beds (2 twins, 2 queens)
Southwest Harbor, ME

Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever

3-bedroom 3-bath Holiday Home
6 beds (3 twins, 1 full, 2 kings)
Southwest Harbor, ME

Excellent Rental Cabins

Jodys Acre Hideaway

Jodys Acre Hideaway

4-bedroom 2-bath Holiday Home
5 beds (2 twins, 2 kings, 1 queen)
Southwest Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor Cottages

Bar Harbor Cottages

1-bedroom 1-bath Vacation Cottage
1 bed (queen)
Bar Harbor, ME

Acadia Ocean Front Garden Cottages/a>

Acadia Ocean Front Garden Cottages

4-bedroom 3-bath House
10 beds (2 twins, 1 king, 1 sofa bed, 2 queens, 4 futons)
Trenton, ME

Compass Rose

Compass Rose

4-bedroom 4- bath Holiday Home
8 beds (4 twins, 2 sofa beds, 2 queens)
Sea Cove, ME

Wonderful Rental Cabins

The View

The View

6-Bedroom 5-bath Holiday Home
6 beds (1 twin, 1 full, 2 kings, 2 queens)
Southwest Harbor, ME

The Reminisce Vacation Home

The Reminisce Vacation Home

5-Bedroom 3-bath House
8 beds (4 twins, 2 kings, 2 queens)
Bar Harbor, ME

The Mighty Oaks Retreat

The Mighty Oaks Retreat

6- bedroom 3-bath Villa
8 beds (2 twins, 1 king, 2 sofa beds, 3 queens)
Bar Harbor, ME

Carpenters Cottage

Carpenters Cottage

4-Bedroom 1-bath Holiday Home
5 beds (2 twins, 2 fulls, 1 sofa bed)
Seal Harbor, ME

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