30 Easy Authentic Madagascar Recipes and Malagasy Recipes

The country of Madagascar is known for authentic Madagascar recipes and is the inspiration behind a popular animation movie, Madagascar. However, the island is a melting pot of culinary dishes from local and neighboring regions. Authentic Madagascar recipes are a reflection of their culture and their love for food.

With numerous dishes, it isn’t easy to pick out a favorite. Continue reading this post to learn more about Madagascar’s food history, list their most popular foods, and answer frequently asked questions about them.

History of Food from Madagascar

The 18 ethnic communities influence Madagascar’s culinary culture in the coastal and highland regions. The island also borrows from Arab and Indonesian communities that settled in the country. There are also French culinary influences with dishes such as Foie Gras, Confit de Canard, or au Poivre Vert.

Traditional Madagascar food recipes were based on yams and sweet potatoes until the 19th century, when they started growing rice. They also practice cattle farming, Zebu cattle, and fishing, which includes beef and fish in their meals. Their meals also incorporate vegetables and fruits, which are plenty in this island nation.

Authentic Madagascar recipes are not fond of spices except ginger or cloves. Their traditional Madagascar food recipes also don’t include salt. Instead, Madagascans focus on lasary or sakay, a chilli paste served alongside the main dish. Meals are served on mats placed on the floor. Many Madagascans use cutlery to serve and eat their food, but some use their hands, especially those of Indian origin.

5 Most Popular Food from Madagascar

Here is a list of the most popular traditional Madagascar food recipes that you should try out:

1. Lapsoy tongotr’omby

This popular Malagasy delicacy is prepared using zebu feet, carrots, celery, green beans, pumpkins, and potatoes. This creamy dish takes a while to prepare due to the main ingredient. The Zebu foot is well cooked before getting incorporated with the rest of the ingredients. This tasty dish can be eaten as a snack or lunch with rice or noodles as an accompaniment.

2. Henakiosa Sy Amalona

This traditional Madagascar food recipes is prepared using pork and eel and is famous for being part of a royal dish. However, it’s not unanimously accepted because some communities find the combination of pork and fish unusual. The dish is easy to prepare and is reserved for guests during traditional festivities.

3. Lasary

Lasary is a traditional Madagascar food recipes version of a vegetarian dish. It’s prepared using cabbage, green beans, carrots, and onions. This food is also prepared differently; others include mangoes or vinaigrette seasoning. However, the dish is described as a condiment in urban areas. Despite its sour taste, Lasary is tasty and healthy.

4. Romazava

Tagged as Madagascar’s national dish, Romazava is a meal rich in taste and history. The traditional Madagascar food recipe prepared using chicken or meat cooked with eggplants, garlic, ginger, mustard greens, tomatoes, and onions. However, every household uses different preparation methods. This delicious soup is served with rice and can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

5. Hen’omby Ritra

This traditional Madagascar food recipe tastes as great as it looks. It’s prepared using Zebu meat, spices, and vegetable oil. Some variations of the dish include potatoes, carrots, or pork instead of beef (Henakisoa Ritra) Hen’omby Ritra is served with rice. And some Sakay.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Food from Madagascar

What is Madagascar’s Most Popular Food?

Rice is hands down the most popular food in Madagascar. Madagascans can eat rice meals three times daily, making them one of the highest rice consumers worldwide. Malagasy people serve different foods with it and even make a dessert (Koba Ravina) and drink from rice water called Ranon’apango.

What Spices Are Found in Madagascar?

Besides authentic Madagascar recipes, the island is also known for having a variety of spices. Some of the spices you can find here include cinnamon, ylang-ylang, turmeric, vanilla, and different selections of peppers. However, most Malagasy food does not have many peppers but is served as a condiment (Sakay).

Does Madagascar have a National Dish?

Madagascar’s national dish is Raomazava. This is a soup once considered royalty’s food. It has different variations and is served with rice, another popular food. Other popular traditional Madagascar food recipes include Lapsoy, Foza sy hena kiosa, and Vary amid’anana.

What are the Most Popular Drinks in Madagascar?

Madagascar has a variety of authentic Madagascar recipes for drinks produced locally, such as Ranon’apango (rice water), tTrembo (palm wine), Madagascar rum, and beer. The island also imports popular soft drinks. It’s important to note that tap water is not safe to drink in Madagascar.

What do People in Madagascar Eat for Breakfast?

People in Madagascar primarily consume rice and Madagascar beans or greens. However, they are also fond of beverages such as tea or coffee accompanied by a baguette. They also love eating pastries such as Mokary or Mofo Baolina for breakfast.

 Madagascar Sakay Recipe

30 Easy Authentic Madagascar Recipes and Malagasy Recipes

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1. Madagascar Vanilla Curry Chicken Recipe

Malagasy recipes - Madagascar Vanilla Curry Chicken Recipe (1)

For a weekday meal, try the authentic Madagascar recipe for Vanilla Curry Chicken, a simple and delectable chicken recipe. One of the best chicken curries you will ever try with the aromatic flavor of fresh vanilla bean.

Madagascar The best producer of vanilla in the world and it is is used in many Malagasy recipes in addition to sweet ones. This use of vanilla has also caught my attention in dishes from locations like Samoa and Tahiti. It is most likely why you find it in various kinds of cuisines and not only desserts, as we are accustomed to in the West, since it grows so prolifically in these regions.

2. Madagascar Tofu Curry Rice Recipe

Malagasy recipes - Madagascar Tofu Curry Rice Recipeh3

When you want a curry with some well-known flavors, this is the authentic Madagascar recipe to make. Because of the ground almonds and coconut milk, the coconut sauce is rich and creamy, and the curry paste’s exquisite flavor comes from the ginger, cumin, and coriander.

3. Steak Sauce Madagascar Recipe

Malagasy recipes - steak Sauce Madagascar Recipeh3

The authentic Madagascar recipe for a sauce to end all sauces is this one! Madagascar sauce is both keto-friendly and creamy & buttery. This is the ideal low carb topping for any steak since the green peppercorns give it a salty kick. For whatever reason, some of the best restaurants used to serve this incredible dish.

Some Malagasy recipe have faded into oblivion, probably as a result of the clientele’s aversion to fatty, creamy butter sauces but, not this one. The dish is named for the Madagascar-grown green brine peppercorns. It has a sophisticated flavor that begs to be spread over a succulent piece of steak.

This sauce’s flavor profile is completed with cognac and Dijon, which counteract the peppercorns’ brininess. You will find reasons to make this sauce again and over again if you try it just once, I promise.

4. Madagascar Vanilla Coconut Balls Recipe

Malagasy recipes - Madagascar Vanilla Coconut Balls Recipe

The Malagasy recipe for Vanilla Coconut Balls that are like bite-sized balls of coconut fudge that are simply sweet and delicious, as adorable as buttons, and ideal for celebrations all year long.

This authentic Madagascar recipe dessert is excellent for making ahead of time. I like that you can prepare the dough the night before and roll the balls the next morning. If you’re a parent, you can even enlist the assistance of your children to roll and decorate the balls. It’s really enjoyable!

5. Madagascar Ranon’ampango Recipe

Malagasy recipe - Madagascar Ranon’ampango Recipe

I am aware that the authentic Madagascar recipe and name of this beverage and its ingredients don’t exactly scream “inviting,” but I was happily surprised by how much I actually like this tea. As I type, I’m actually drinking my second cup.

I like it when folks make the most of the ingredients they use, and they certainly did that with this cocktail. In essence, the Malagasy people intentionally burn the rice, a practice I wholeheartedly support (although it’s not quite as toasted in the Caribbean). They then boil the scorched rice in fresh water.

I’m on my third cup now of this Malagasy recipe, so let’s change that. It’s intriguing since it tastes so earthy, yet not quite like eating a raw mushroom. It’s very distinctive. One of my rules is to never criticize something before giving it a shot.

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6. Madagascar Akoho Rony Recipe

Malagasy recipe - Madagascar Akoho Rony Recipe

In Madagascar, the authentic Madagascar recipe for Ron’akoho is always made with complete chicken meat. It is essentially chicken broth made with fresh, regional ingredients. People typically favor those produced from Akoho gasy, a local species, or Gasy chicken. In addition to tasting better and being healthier than (God knows what) genetically altered and hormone-fed meat,

Every local market in Madagascar sells gassy chickens while they are still alive which is perfect for this Malagasy recipe. There is never going to be a problem with the meat’s freshness! Having said that, here are the components and instructions for making this much favored dish.

7. Madagascar Hen’omby Ritra Recipe

Malagasy recipe - Madagascar Hen’omby Ritra Recipe

This authentic Madagascar recipe for “Hen’omby ritra” (pron. Hénoumbi ritcha) is a local favorite in my hometown. But zebu is the type of meat we utilize. It appears that the latter is a distant ancestor of the ox (with horns). Additionally, as “Omby” means zebu (beef) and “Hena” means flesh, this is where the name of the recipe originates in Malagasy. Thus, “Hen’omby” (using the contraction) equals zebu meat (or beef).

The word “ritra” also implies “dry or fatigued.” Because the meat in this recipe is extremely dry and all the water has evaporated, it has certain unique characteristics. Additionally, the sauce, which is created once a small amount of tomato is added, has been decreased to the point where it is likewise quite dry. This is crucial because if it weren’t, the dish may be referred to as “meat in tomato sauce,” for example.

8. Aloho misy Sakamalao Recipe

Malagasy recipe - Aloho misy Sakamalao Recipe

Making authentic Madagascar recipe for the delicious chicken thighs is really easy. If you have the forethought, marinate the chicken thighs in the garlic, ginger, and salt in the fridge for at least one night. You’ll taste the difference. No worries if you don’t have time to let the thighs marinade; they’re still delicious.

They taste incredibly flavorful when cooked in coconut oil. Serve them along with cooked rice and a vegetable, such as roasted tomatoes or sautéed greens. Don’t forget to ladle the chicken juices over your rice.

9. Madagascar Vary amin Anana Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipe - Madagascar Vary amin Anana Recipe

I don’t know much about Madagascar or Malagasy recipes. I won’t be writing about any trip experiences today because neither I nor anyone I know has ever visited this nation. I won’t give you some corny friendship tales like the ones I’ll tell you about later because I don’t have any Malagasy friends. The topic of today’s post is the amusing and occasionally humiliating things that can happen when you don’t know a lot about a place.

The authentic Madagascar recipe of the day, Vary Amin’anana, is a rice stew with ground beef and green leaves. Rice is a necessary component in Malagasy cuisine. You can use spinach, watercress, or green cabbage for these (I found several versions of the recipe adapted to different countries, so come on, put whatever green leaves you have on hand).

10. Madagascar Akoho sy Voanio Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipe - Madagascar Akoho sy Voanio Recipe

In addition to being the subject of a cartoon, Madagascar is Africa’s largest island. Despite being only 450 kilometers from the mainland, Indonesians were the island’s earliest immigrants, which is why Malagasy recipes have Polynesian traits.

In terms of authentic Madagascar recipes, it draws inspiration from French, Arab, Chinese, and Indian dishes. Many of its most well-known meals frequently contain ingredients like ginger, curry, tomato, onion, and garlic. I sincerely hope you try this delectable cuisine from Madagascar and, of course, let me know your results and variations.

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 11. Madagascar Romazava Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipe - Madagascar Romazava Recipe

Malagasy Romazava is a authentic Madagascar recipe for this hearty stew made with a mix of meat and vegetables. It is the national meal of Madagascar, and I believe the fresh greens grown there make it taste even better! Malagasy Romazava is a hearty, delicious dish that will make you feel absolutely full.

Regardless of the season, a cold day is when I prefer to offer this dish. It somehow reminds me of both my youth and a winter paradise at the same time. Furthermore, there is nothing better than pairing high-quality meats with freshly prepared, nutritious greens.

Steamed rice is typically served with this dish; if you’ve never made it before, I’ll show you how to prepare it below the recipe.

12. Madagascar Salady Voankazo Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipe - Madagascar Salady Voankazo Recipe

Why do we bring authentic Madagascar recipes for salad back so frequently? Simply there are so good, to make the salad, we can pick from a variety of greens, veggies, and fruits. In this time, we elevate to the status of salad royalty. Due to the presence of fiber, this option is light but filling.

This week I provide a straight forward Malagasy recipe salad with onions, almonds, and seeds as a follow-up to make the ending the star. It can be served with a simple dressing or with a honey vinaigrette for a particular touch. It remains in your hands.

13. Crevette Madagascar Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipes - Crevette Madagascar Recipe

Shrimps with Madagascar wild pepper: a recipe for breaded shrimp with lime and Madagascar wild pepper.

Learn about this authentic Madagascar recipe: prawns cooked in coconut milk with Madagascar vanilla. This meal is served by Riana, the Tsak Tsak restaurant’s chef, together with Rougail and Archard. The Malagasy recipes for Madagascar prawns is renowned to be exceptional. This easy and incredibly quick sauce recipe is somewhat spicy. You can serve some white rice alongside the prawns.

14. Madagascar Tomato and Onion Salad Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipes - Madagascar Tomato and Onion Salad Recipe

Lasary voatabia is a authentic Madagascar recipe for a simple tomato and onion salad that resembles a Pico de Gallo or bruschetta topping. When lime and ginger are added, a unique flavor is added that works great as a side dish or spread on your preferred bread or cracker. Take advantage of this month’s Food of the World festival to savor the delicacies of Madagascar.

Making just enough for two individuals was easy. Simply chop, combine, and lay aside for about an hour to allow the flavors to mingle. As an afternoon snack, we savored our tomato and onion salad with pita chips and some feta cheese. It would go well with a nicely fried egg as a side dish, over white fish, or with a toasted bagel for breakfast.

15. Madagascar Lasopy Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipes - Madagascar Lasopy Recipe

A popular authentic Madagascar recipe for vegetable soup made from puree is called Malagasy Lasopy. Typically, it is prepared with whatever veggies are on hand and animal bones to enhance flavor. Any fresh veggies will do; however, the following are some popular options: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green onions, green beans, turnips, and leeks. Turnips and green beans appear to be common ingredients in most recipes.

Of course, if you wanted to make the Malagasy recipe entirely vegetarian, you could just use a veggie stock; the decision is yours. It must be served with the hot sauce known as Sakay and a beautiful slice of French baguette to be considered Malagasy. a straightforward dish that is delicious and healthful.

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16. Madagascar Henakisoa Sy Amalona Recipe

authentic Madagascar recipes - Madagascar Henakisoa Sy Amalona Recipe

Amalona sy Henakisoa, or the authentic Madagascar recipe for pork with eels, is a typical Malagasy dish that we will be learning about today. A Madagascar recipe that, despite being really easy to make, won’t be to everyone’s taste; sure, you already have to like eel, and the combination of meat and fish may turn off some palates that aren’t used to this kind of flavoring.

17. Madagascar Vorombe Sy Henakisoa Recipe

Madagascar Vorombe Sy Henakisoa Recipe

like most authentic Madagascar recipe, the culinary art felt in Malagasy has some influence from different parts of the world. The countries behind the culinary art felt here include Arabia, France, India, and China. A traditional dish usually comprises of rice as the base dish, with meat fish, or poultry and vegetables as a side dish.

One of the popular Malagasy recipes you can’t miss here is Voanjobory sy henakisoa. Though the name may sound ambiguous, it is simple pork and Bambara ground peas fried with traditional herbs and served with rice as the base dish.

18. Madagascar Koba Recipe

Madagascar Koba Recipe

This delicious authentic Madagascar recipe, also known as Kobandravina, Moforavina, or Koba Akondro, is incredibly popular and can be found all across the “Big Island.” It is pronouced kKoub ‘rav’n (from “koba,” dough, and “ravina,” leaf; literally “dough with leaves”) (the nickname of Madagascar).

The vast majority of Malagasy people eat Koba Ravina every day, primarily in the late afternoon as a snack when they return from school, but also by office employees or farmers. This Malagasy recipe can be purchased in Madagascar rolled into banana leaves as a snack at railroad and trucking stops. The Kobas, which are prepared by street vendors and are flavored with vanilla, a genuine natural resource of Madagascar, are carried on their heads in a basket to keep them hot.

“Koba… Koba… vao mafana!” they shout as they walk the streets. “Koba… Koba… hot” All Malagasy look forward to this cry every day, and Tarika, a Malagasy pop-folk group, honored it in their song “Koba.”

19. Madagascar Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

Madagascar Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

With only two items this authentic Madagascar recipe is so simple, you can easily create this homemade vanilla extract! Just keep in mind that buying your ingredients from a supplier in Madagascar through Amazon will be 100 times better.

Therefore, I’ve included my go-to Malagasy recipe for homemade vanilla and how-to video for anyone who wants to give it a try. If you want to gift-wrap your vanilla extract in adorable little bottles, I’ve also included a supply list and a free printable label PDF that you are welcome to download. The label was created by my amazing friend Kelly. I’ve also included a choice below for those of you seeking for a non-alcoholic vanilla extract.

20. Madagascar Beans or Tsaramaso Recipe

Madagascar Beans or Tsaramaso Recipe

Three ingredients are transformed into a rich authentic Madagascar recipe by Madagascar-born chef Jeanne Razanamaria with the addition of salt and a little oil. The dish has the flavor of having hidden flavors in its depths. Her straightforward method of combining sautéed red onion and tomatoes before boiling them with beans and their cooking liquid concentrates them into a tart, earthy stew.

For the cookbook “In Bibi’s Kitchen,” which she co-wrote with Julia Turshen, she gave Hawa Hassan this recipe. It is adaptable to any size dry white bean and goes well with steamed rice or on its own.

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 21. Madagascar Green Pepper Sauce Recipe

Madagascar Green Pepper Sauce Recipe

“A thick Malagasy recipe for this, tangy, flavorful, and delicious green peppercorn sauce, perfect for steak!” Finding green peppercorns in the grocery store is the secret to producing this peppercorn sauce. They are offered for sale in tiny glass jars and are typically tucked away on a shelf near the olives.

The authentic Madagascar recipe for this French-Madagascan mix of this Green Peppercorn Sauce is the ideal complement to a sizzling T-bone, venison cut, or rack of lamb. Green peppercorns have a softer, more nuanced, and fresher flavor than black peppercorns because they are somewhat less mature.

22. Madagascar Varenga Recipe

Madagascar Varenga Recipe

We’ve already prepared some intriguing authentic Madagascar recipes, including the spicy table condiment Sakay, the tomato-green onion salad known as Lasary Voatabia, and the vegetable soup Lasopy. However, the dish that really caught our attention was the Malagasy preparation of slow-cooked, tender, crispy beef: Varenga (recipe follows).

“This dish includes rice and roasted, chopped beef. It might very well be Zebu in Madagascar. It’s crucial to look for the store with the animal head hanging in front while buying meat in Madagascar. That suggests that the animal was killed today. In a country with limited refrigeration, this is a crucial idea!”

23. Madagascar Sakay Recipe

Madagascar Sakay Recipe (1)

A authentic Madagascar recipe, Sakay, a hot condiment, can be found on every table. Although it is a key component of their food, they do not use much heat when cooking. Sakay is the Malagasy word for spicy. When you add a small amount of Sakay to your cuisine, you’ll discover that it literally springs to life.

Depending on your tolerance for heat, you can add as little of this Malagasy recipe or as much as you like. You will like this spicy little condiment as much as we did. In addition to the chilies, ginger and garlic give the sauce a wonderful flavor. Enjoy!

24. Madagascar Mofo gasy Recipe

Madagascar Mofo gasy Recipe

Mofo is short for this authentic Madagascar recipe for bread, while Gasy is Malagasy. In other words, Mofo Gasy (pronounced Muf Gas) means “Malagasy bread.” All-purpose flour, cream of rice (coarsely crushed rice), and some yeast are combined in the batter. Then, the batter must rise for 4 to 8 hours in order to acquire its distinctive flavor and consistency.

A Malagasy recipe for one of Madagascar’s most well-liked street foods is Mofo Gasy. These light yeast breads have a pancake-like texture. They are usually offered for breakfast together with coffee and fruit.

These pancakes are often made by street vendors using a unique aluminum circular mold. On the side of the road, they cook them over charcoal. To achieve the round form and fluffy texture at home, however, one can use an aebliskiver pan.

25. Madagascar Potato Salad Recipe

Madagascar Potato Salad Recipe

I decided to create a authentic Madagascar recipe for this salad that I’ve been preparing since the 1980s from the wonderful book The New Carry-Out Cuisine after being inspired by an old cookbook and farm stand red potatoes. This potato salad is one of my husband’s favorites, and

Although I try not to make too many changes, I can get away with adding more fresh herbs and a little fresh lemon zest. Although I’m unsure of the original recipe’s choice of olives, I’ve always preferred Italian oil-cured olives.

I enjoy the vibrant green brined peppercorns, so I add a few more to the completed salad along with some fresh oregano. A light drizzle of good olive oil unites the various Mediterranean flavors.

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26. Madagascar Mofo Baolina Recipe

Madagascar Mofo Baolina Recipe

Young and old alike love the authentic Madagascar recipe for a donut known as Mofo Baolina, or “balloon bread.” It is readily available on the island and is delicious at any time of day. We like them best with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast or as a snack.

The classic doughnut in the shape of a ball called a Mofo Baolina is a staple Malagasy recipe. The ingredients are flour, sugar, milk, eggs, and yeast. After being prepared, the dough is allowed to rise before being formed into small balls and frying them in heated oil over a low heat until they are thoroughly cooked and tender within.

27. Madagascar Foza sy hena-kisoa Recipe

Madagascar Foza sy hena-kisoa Recipe

This authentic Madagascar recipe, which is made with a combination of stir-fried pork, crab, and lobster roast, is one of the greatest from Madagascar. These are all readily available sea foods that are widely distributed around the coastline of Madagascar.

Since eating pork is frowned upon in many local communities, this Malagasy recipe fits in well with the region’s tourists who enjoy the flavor. Arabic, Chinese, French, African, and Indian traditional cultures have all had an impact on Malagasy food. Different vegetables and fruits are served in various regions of the nation. The majority of Malagasy meals are prepared at home.

Instead of going to restaurants, making friends and acquaintances in Madagascar will allow you to learn all there is to know about their authentic Madagascar recipes. Welcome as we create Foza sy hena-kisoa, the tastiest cuisine in the nation prepared from a combination of sea foods.

28. Madagascar Lasary Recipe

Madagascar Lasary Recipe (1)

A authentic Madagascar recipe for this tomato relish from Madagascar called Lasary Legioma is comparable to Pico de Gallo in Mexican cuisine. Enjoy with cheese and grilled toast as a pre-dinner snack or as a side dish with fish at dinner.

Lasary Legioma is a delicious Malagasy recipe, vibrant, and simple-to-make fresh relish from Madagascar that combines the bright acidic tastes of tomato, ginger, cilantro, lime juice, and scallions. When summer’s favorite fruit is at its peak, during the height of tomato season, this recipe is ideal.

29. Madagascar Koba Recipe

Madagascar Koba Recipe (1)

Koba ravina, a snack that originates from Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, is what I’m cooking today. Madagascar is home to unusual flora and animals (who says lemur?)

This delicious authentic Madagascar recipe for a delicacy, also known as Kobandravina, Moforavina, or Loba Akondro, is incredibly popular and can be found all across the “Big Island.” It is pronouced koub ‘rav’n (from “koba,” dough, and “ravina,” leaf; literally “dough with leaves”) (the nickname of Madagascar).

30. Madagascar Caca-Pigeon or Poop-Pigeon Recipe

Madagascar Caca-Pigeon or Poop-Pigeon Recipe

I reach the Caca Pigeon Malagasy recipe for the day. Under this moniker, which is not particularly glamorous but makes me smile, is a dish that is incredibly easy to make: strips of dough (flour and water) that are fried and become very addicting when you’re craving a snack. I made mine really peppery, but you could also make them with curry or chili.

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