25 Super Easy Self Rising Flour Recipes

To the person who is looking for self rising flour recipes to use up supplies in the cupboard but no idea where to look, this post is for you! Self-rising flour can be used in place of regular flour in a wide variety of baked goods.

Brushing melted butter over biscuits made with self-rising flour with a green silicone brush.
Quite recently, my mother called to tell me that she had attempted to make my self-rising biscuits, but that they had not turned out well. And so I began the process of elimination with my mom, trying to figure out what might have gone wrong.

Is the dough too mixed? To what extent did she eyeball the flour? Did you get cold butter? Is that buttermilk or regular milk that she used? To help fluff biscuits figure out where she went wrong, I spilled all my tricks.

After that, I inquired as to the most crucial aspects of self rising flour recipes: what kind of flour did she use? That’s when I realized her error. She merely used regular flour and questioned why that was the case. I broke it to her gently that regular flour wouldn’t work and that self-rising flour was essential.

And that’s when it dawned on me that she might not be the only baker who has no clue what self-rising flour is or how to use it. If you’ve ever wandered the baking section of your local supermarket and noticed a bag of flour labeled “self rising” and wondered what the heck it was and how to use it, then this baking guide and collection of recipes is for you!

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FAQs About Self Rising Flour Recipes

What are self rising flour recipes?

For easier self rising flour recipes baking, self-rising flour already has baking powder and salt mixed in. It’s a great all-purpose flour because you won’t need to buy or measure any additional ingredients to use it in a recipe.

Mixes like Jiffy and Bisquick can trace their ancestry back to this 1800s invention by Henry Jones. It’s common practice in the South to use it for self rising flour recipes, also known as all-purpose flour.

Since self rising flour recipes are made from softer, lower-protein flour than all-purpose flour, baked goods made with it tend to be more tender. Some of my favorite brands are White Lily and King Arthur.

Why are self rising flour and all purpose flour different?

All purpose flour and self-rising flour are two different products and should not be used interchangeably. Unlike all-purpose flour, which consists solely of flour, self-rising flour includes baking powder, a leavening agent that gives our baked goods their characteristic rise, and a pinch of salt for added flavor.

White flour can’t be substituted for self rising flour recipes for the same result because both types of flour already contain leavening agents.

Since self-rising flour has a lower protein content than all-purpose flour, self rising flour recipes made with it tend to be softer and more tender. The protein content of self-rising flour is 8.5%, while that of all-purpose flour is around 11.7%.

Can I substitute self rising flour for all purpose flour?

If you have a bag of self-rising flour but aren’t sure how to use it, you can simply substitute it for all-purpose flour in any recipe that calls for all-purpose flour.

King Arthur Flour says that self-rising flour can be substituted for all-purpose flour in any recipe, as long as 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking powder is added for every cup of flour.

There’s no harm in using more baking powder than the recipe calls for. Then, you won’t need the extra baking powder or salt.

Your self rising flour recipes outcome will be slightly different due to the lower protein content, but they will still do the job!

Is it easy to make homemade self rising flour?

Because, let’s be honest, when you’re out of something crucial to a baking project, sometimes the only option is to improvise. This baking bind occurs frequently for me.

I’ve learned to improvise and make things from scratch, whether it’s buttermilk, brown sugar, or pumpkin pie spice.

Make your own self-rising flour at home with regular flour and use it in any dish that calls for it. The results of using homemade self-rising flour instead of store-bought self-rising flour will be different, but the flour will still work wonderfully.

How long can I store self rising flour?

When stored in a pantry or a similar cool, dry place, an unopened bag of flour will keep for about three months, just like a regular bag of flour. It may last as long as six months in a slightly cooler home.

Your bag of self-rising flour will keep fresher for longer if stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a year, and for two years if frozen.

11. Zucchini Bread With Self-Rising Flour {No Eggs, No Nuts} - easy self rising flour recipes

25 Super Easy Self Rising Flour Recipes

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1. Easy Blueberry Cobbler from Loaves and Dishes

1. Easy Blueberry Flour - self rising flour recipes

Fresh, EASY and mixes up in literally a few minutes resulting in an self rising flour recipes choice for blueberry cobbler that is soft, tasty, fluffy and DELICIOUS! You probably already have everything you need!

Why This Recipe Works – So EASY!
You Probably Have Everything You Need Already
Tasty with Old Fashioned Sensibility!

2. Classic Red Velvet Cake from Recipes Worth Repeating

2. Classic Red Velvet Cake- self rising flour recipes

This classic red velvet cake recipe is incredibly moist with hints of chocolate paired with a rich vanilla flavor. This is the best homemade red velvet cake recipe you’ll ever make! Topped with an easy cream cheese frosting, you’ll love every bite of this bright red velvety cake.

This triple-layer cake is soft and velvety, as well as moist with a hint of chocolate, butter, and vanilla. A red velvet cake should have a subtle tang from the buttermilk with a deep, rich layered flavor in every bite. It should have layer upon layer of cream cheese frosting on top and throughout. The perfect self rising flour recipes pick.

3. Two Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe from The Gunny Sack

3. Two Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe- self rising flour recipes

This Two Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe is the easiest way to make homemade pizza dough. There’s no yeast and no waiting for the dough to rise! Just mix together these two ingredients and roll out the crust.

My family would eat pizza every day if possible especially since there are so many ways to make it. This two ingredient self rising flour recipe pizza dough is such an easy way to make pizza crust. Just mix it up, roll it out, add your favorite toppings, and bake!

4. Banana Bread Recipe with Self Rising Flour from Julias Simply Southern

4. Banana Bread Recipe with Self Rising Flour- self rising flour recipes

In this post I’ll be sharing an easy self rising flour recipes pick of mine for Banana Bread. Y’all, this is hands down the BEST banana bread ever!

I have an easy banana nut bread recipe here on the blog, so you can check that out too, if you want. My original banana bread recipe is pretty much your average loaf of banana good made with all purpose flour. It’s a good recipe but there’s nothing special about it.

Can I use self rising flour in my banana bread? Yes! So, I got to thinking that I’m gonna simplify my recipe to a self rising flour recipes option and the type of flour is not the only thing I switched up.

5. Condensed Milk Pumpkin Bread (4 Ingredients) from Country Hill Cottage

5. Condensed Milk Pumpkin Bread (4 Ingredients)- self rising flour recipes

Inspired by autumn, this condensed milk pumpkin bread makes a soft loaf and is super easy to whip up. The 4-ingredient pumpkin bread is tender, moist, and subtly flavored with cozy spices. Your new go-to fall baking self rising flour recipes favorite!

If you like cozy and warm fall recipes, then you’ll love this condensed milk pumpkin bread! Homemade pumpkin bread is one of the best bakes to enjoy in autumn. You can eat it for breakfast or a snack, and I’d even classify it as dessert.

6. Three Ingredient Beer Bread from Simple Joy

6. Three Ingredient Beer Bread - self rising flour recipe

This Three Ingredient Beer Bread could not be more simple to make, or delicious! This self rising flour recipe for beer bread recipe is the easiest way to make it homemade.

Three Ingredient Beer Bread is so much better than what you get using a mix, and it is just as easy to make! It doesn’t require you to proof yeast and it’s only 3 ingredients! Plus it’s so easy to add in other mix ins, like honey or cheese! As an added bonus, you don’t even need a bread machine.

7. Blueberry Scone Recipe – Tender and Fluffy! from Goodie Godmother

7. Blueberry Scone Recipe – Tender and Fluffy! - self rising flour recipe

When you want fluffy, tender blueberry scones, this is self rising flour recipes pick to try! This delicious blueberry scone recipe tastes just like your favorite corner bakery and stays moist for days. These scones are a great make-ahead breakfast option or afternoon snack.

A good blueberry scone recipe is one to be cherished. If baked goods were items of clothing, I think a scone would be jeans. Scones come in many varieties, one to suit just about any occasion, and they’re comfortable. Who doesn’t love a good scone!?

Just warm and paired with a cup of hot coffee or tea, and possibly a good book, we should bake some scones now!

8. Waffles With Self Rising Flour from Treat Dreams

8. Waffles With Self Rising Flour - self rising flour recipe

One of my simple self rising flour recipes for waffles! These waffles have a wonderful flavor and texture and are perfect for your favorite toppings.

My family loves homemade waffles, and this recipe is one of their favorites. The flavor and texture is perfect (IMO) and they are perfect for topping with syrup, fruit, whipped cream, or even ice cream.

Prep time is super quick so odds are good this will be one of your favorite waffle recipes too! Prep time for these waffles is less than five minutes and cook time depends on your particular waffles maker, but is right about ten minutes for me.

9. 1 Cup Peach Cobbler from Call Me PMC

9. 1 Cup Peach Cobbler - self rising flour recipe

1 Cup Peach Cobbler (Canned Peaches & Self rising Flour Recipes) has a crispy crust, juicy peaches, and a thick sauce. It is easy and super quick to mix together in less time than it’ll take your oven to preheat!

That means in about 40 minutes you can be enjoying one of the South’s most popular dessert recipes. Ooh yeah, don’t forget a big spoonful of vanilla ice cream on top of your warm peach cobbler! The beauty of this peach cobbler is it’s so easy to remember and it’s so easy to make! It’s easy to remember because it has

10. Easy Self Rising Flour Recipes for Flatbread Recipe from Crunchy Creamy Sweet

10. Easy 2-Ingredient Flatbread Recipe - self rising flour recipe

Easy 2-Ingredient Flatbread Recipe – easy soft flatbread made with self-rising flour, natural sour cream and no yeast. Perfect for wraps, in place of pizza dough or dipped in curry.

The magical 2-ingredient dough is not at all new, however recently it’s gaining popularity. It’s easy, does not require any raising time since there is no yeast involved as in many self rising flour recipes, it’s versatile and the final result is soft and delicious!

You can use it to make bagels, pizza, pretzels, dinner rolls, flatbread, and pita bread. It is a mix of self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. I don’t usually have self-rising flour on hand so I made my own mix. I also know that natural sour cream has a similar texture and consistency as Greek yogurt and it is perfect for this recipe.

11. 3 Ingredient Zucchini Bread With Self-Rising Flour {No Eggs, No Nuts} from Country Hill Cottage

11. Zucchini Bread With Self-Rising Flour {No Eggs, No Nuts} - easy self rising flour recipes

This easy, one-bowl easy self rising flour recipes choice for 3 Ingredient zucchini bread makes a quick grab-and-go breakfast and delicious snack. Shredded zucchini, condensed milk, and self-rising flour combine to create a tender and moist zucchini loaf bread. Made without eggs and no nuts.

Baking zucchini bread is a summer tradition for many growing their own zucchini. Our mom would also grow her own zucchini, and we watched in fascination how tiny seedlings turned into 3-foot vines bursting with fruit.

12. 4 Ingredient Chocolate Cake (No Eggs, Butter or Oil) from Kirbie Cravings

12. 4 Ingredient Chocolate Cake (No Eggs, Butter or Oil) - easy self rising flour recipes

This chocolate cake comes out moist and fluffy and is easy to make. The batter can be easily mixed in one bowl with a whisk, no mixer is needed. This cake is just four ingredients and doesn’t require eggs, butter or oil.

This is such an easy self rising flour recipes cake to whip up when you’re in need of a cake made from scratch but you are short on time or ingredients. It takes about five minutes to make the batter and thirty minutes to bake.

13. Easy Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes – 5 Ingredients from Boulder Locavore

13. Easy Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes - 5 Ingredients - easy self rising flour recipes

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes are a delicious, homey start to any day! With only 5 ingredients, these easy self rising flour recipes for pancakes are fast enough for any day of the week too.

Feel like making pancakes is too big an effort to to start the day? This Buttermilk Pancakes recipe will get you over that with one satisfying bite!

They are SO easy to make!

14. 2 Ingredient Bagels from Recipe Girl

14. 2 Ingredient Bagels - easy self rising flour recipes

Traditional homemade bagels, while easy to make, are a bit time consuming. The yeasted dough requires plenty of resting time (usually overnight). It is then poached in boiling water before being baked in the oven.

The easy self rising flour recipes for these 2 ingredient bagels skips the yeast and the poaching liquid. The bagel dough is simply made from two ingredients- self rising flour and nonfat Greek yogurt), shaped into rolls, topped with egg wash and any desired seasonings, and then baked.

These 2 Ingredient Bagels are simply made with self rising flour and non-fat Greek yogurt!

15. Sensational Old-Fashioned Pound Cake With Self-Rising Flour from Cake Decorist

15. Sensational Old-Fashioned Pound Cake With Self-Rising Flour - easy self rising flour recipes

If you are a cake lover, then you will love this sensational old-fashioned pound cake with a self-rising flour recipe. It is a classic dessert with a delicious vanilla flavor and an incredible texture that will have you coming back for more. It is the perfect cake for bringing to dinner parties and potlucks, as it is guaranteed to be something everyone will love.

This recipe is relatively simple to make, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any prior baking experience. It is amazing to eat on its own, but you can also add your favorite toppings as well to make it even tastier. The classic pound cake is certainly something your friends and family will enjoy.

16. Elephant Ears Recipe from The Gunny Sack

Deep fried, crispy Elephant Ears topped with cinnamon sugar give you a taste of the fair at home and the no yeast fry bread recipe is super easy to make. Let the kids get involved by allowing them to shape the dough into elephant ears and giving them a choice to toppings to add after the dough is fried!

16. Elephant Ears Recipe - easy self rising flour recipes

Elephant ears are crispy circles of fried dough, also known as fry bread, coated with cinnamon and sugar. They are sold with this name in America at fairs, carnivals, food trucks, and theme parks. The uneven wrinkled somewhat round shape of the piece of fried dough is reminiscent of an elephant’s ear.

17. Carrot Cake Recipe from Grandbaby-Cakes

17. Carrot Cake Recipe

The easy self rising flour recipe for Amazing Carrot Cake is perfect for Easter or year round!! Made incredibly delicious and moist with fresh carrots, pineapple, a blend of warm spices and a homemade brown butter cream cheese frosting, this Carrot Cake Recipe is truly the BEST dessert EVER!

Having a better understanding of your ingredients and their purpose in all self rising flour recipes creates a better outcome. Take a moment to learn about these ingredients, you’ll thank me later.

18. Self Rising Flour Cinnamon Rolls from Build Your Bite

18. Self Rising Flour Cinnamon Rolls

These easy cinnamon rolls are made with simple and easy self rising flour recipes along with homemade cream cheese icing. No yeast needed, and these delicious cinnamon rolls only take an hour or less to make!

By using the popular 2 ingredient dough and self rising flour, we are able to make homemade from scratch super easy cinnamon rolls from start to finish in just one hour.

Top these with homemade sweet cream cheese icing and you have an easy and yummy breakfast treat for Saturday mornings, the holidays, or any special occasion. The self rising flour recipes are perfect for when you are short on time but still want to something special.

19. Fluffy Snowflake Cupcakes from Gimme Delicious

19. Fluffy Snowflake Cupcakes

My daughter is obsessed with sprinkles! she dreams of them day and night and would eat them on anything.. of course I don’t let her.. but once in a while I make these cupcakes with snowflake sprinkles and she adores them.

The sprinkles are from cake-mate “sequins snowflakes”. You can find them in your local supermarket. I make all of these using self rising flour recipes I found on Pinterest.

20. Traditional French Yogurt Cake from Spice and Glitter

20. Traditional French Yogurt Cake (1)

A Traditional French Yogurt Cake Kids Can Make, this simple yogurt cake recipe is one that French grandmothers have taught to their grandchildren for generations – and now you can share it with your littles, too! I just adore self rising flour recipes like this one.

The yogurt pot is such a brilliant “hack” – it reduces the likelihood that an ingredient will be measured wrong, and it also introduces the concept of measuring (and non-standard units of measure) to kids. Young kids have a harder time understanding fractions and the difference between “half a cup” or a “quarter cup” but they understand “1 cup” and “2 cups” perfectly well!

21. No-Yeast Buttermilk Doughnuts from Analli Event

21. No-Yeast Buttermilk Doughnuts

No-Yeast Buttermilk Doughnuts are light and airy. These delicious, old-fashioned doughnuts are rolled in a cinnamon-sugar mixture and served warm. I love these self rising flour recipes because I can put the dough together the night before and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. Plus, you don’t need a deep fryer to fry these doughnuts.

You don’t need yeast to make these doughnuts. The best part about these homemade doughnuts is that you can mix up the ingredients the night before and store the dough in the fridge overnight since the dough needs to chill before frying.

22. Self Rising Flour Cinnamon Muffins from A Big Greenhouse

22. Self Rising Flour Cinnamon Muffins

Self Rising Flour Cinnamon Muffins- – Just a few simple ingredients for these self rising flour recipes to create soft muffins! They are delicious and sure to check out the substitution options.

OK. Now, muffins!

These muffins are commonly referred to as French Breakfast Muffins. They are soft, fully of sugary cinnamon and tastes amazing.

23. Easy Homemade Chocolate Brownies from Charlottes Lively Kitchen

23. Easy Homemade Chocolate Brownies

My self rising flour recipes for easy homemade chocolate brownies that taste absolutely amazing are fast and easy. I’ve recently been looking back through my recipe index and I realized that there are quite a few basic baking recipes missing that really should be there. To rectify this I’ve decided to go on a bit of a mission to fill the gaps.

Today’s recipe is a classic chocolate brownie recipe which is easy to make. It gives you delicious brownies that are crisp on top and gooey on the inside. They’re a family favorite and Daniel (my 7 year old) told me if they sold these in coffee shops then it would be all he’d ever order

24. Chicken and Dumpling Casserole from 100K Recipes

24. Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

This is one more delicious self rising flour recipe for dumpling lovers. The chicken and dumpling casserole is creamy, flavorful, and tender. I really like this casserole because it is always a simple and quick dish, but, at the same time, it always turns out unusual and very tasty.

The combination of shredded chicken, cream of chicken soup, milk, butter, bouillon cubes, and seasonings gives this chicken and dumpling casserole a special unforgettable taste.

25. Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Baker Bettie

25. Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These easy chocolate chip cookies only require 6 ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, egg, salt, and chocolate chips! These are the easiest chocolate chip cookies and can be in the oven in less than 10 minutes with very few ingredients.

While I love a fancy and over-the-top cookie, like my favorite recipe for ultimate chocolate chip cookies, sometimes I just don’t have the energy and time. These self rising flour recipes will appease your cookie craving with the least effort!

While you will find many recipes that include a lot more ingredients than this one. This simple chocolate chip cookie recipe only requires the basic ingredients that are necessary.

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