6 Top Off-grid Travel Location Bonanzas

Are you searching for a top free off-grid travel location? Some of the best vacations are the ones when you’re completely unplugged. Such as taking a break from the madness of the world where you can relax, reset your mind and give your soul a break from the hectic rush of modern life.

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To create the most successful journey, it is always best to set a goal at the beginning so that you do not go blind. That means choosing a place to visit without special recreational activities, being close to others, and yes, often not having access to the outside world.

In addition, the trick to taking a great free off-grid travel vacation is to find somewhere to go where you can be immersed in nature to relax, enjoy new adventures and forget the stresses of your home life. This type of travel experience enhances your sense of presence and globalization. I use this to my advantage by reaping the benefits of the wilderness, finding that close connection with nature, and simplifying all aspects of daily life.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places left for people to visit to go on a free off the grid travel vacation holiday. Fortunately, we have been able to find a few places that no longer have the latest technology for those who want to have an amazing free off the grid travel vacation. Here are some of the places to consider on your next trip.

6 Favorite Off-grid (2)

Off-grid Travel Location #1 –  Bear Ears National Monument

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Our next off-grid travel is the Bears Ears National Monument was founded by former United States President Barack Obama just before he left office. It is one of the world’s largest archaeological sites and a top free off the grid travel location to consider.

To visit multiple regions throughout the monument, you will need a 4WD high-powered vehicle. Many roads are impassable for cars that cannot move slowly, especially if the road is wet; off the road is not allowed on every monument. With 1.35 million hectares of diverse and beautiful canyon land, the Bears Ears National Monument has something for everyone. Hiking, Parking, Canyoneering, camping, rock climbing, scenic driving, Cycling, rowing events, and horseback riding are some of the activities most tourists do while at the Bear Ears National Monument.

The Bears Ears National Monument is a long way off the beaten path and has few services and a true off-grid travel bonanza. Plan and get a few things like gas, water, and groceries in border towns. Inside the monument, there are pit latrines found at Kane Gulch Ranger Station, Butler Wash Ruins Overlook, Mule Canyon Ruins, and Indian Creek. Bears Ears is an important tunnel for wildlife and cultural background.

Scattered among the cliffs, caves, and ravines are more than 100,000 archaeological sites – traces of human history that help us understand the past. The area around the Bears Ears is one of the dense clusters of such sites known anywhere in the Southwest. Native Americans have lived here for thousands of years, and their stories cannot be understood without important clues like the ruins, rock art, and artefacts found here.

Bear Ears - off-grid travel location

Many members of the tribes still enjoy the traditional uses of the land, such as hunting, fishing, gathering wood, collecting medicinal plants, and visiting heritage sites. The main purpose of appointing the National Bears Ears Memorial is to preserve these processes by ensuring the protection of natural and cultural resources for all eternity in the future. Spring and autumn are the best times to explore the Bears Ears National Memorial. Beware of heavy summer rains that may cause rapid flooding and make it difficult to walk on dusty roads. Many roads are closed and inaccessible during late autumn, winter and early spring.

Off-grid Travel Location #2 –  Gold Butte National Monument

Gold Butte 2

The National Monument is located approximately ten miles southeast of the Nevada community of Mesquite. Beyond the Mesquite city limits, there is no service at the Gold Butte National Monument. When you try to access this wonderland of sandstone you will know what we mean when we call it the ultimate off-grid travel in the Southwest.

This means there are no toilets, and camping is extremely primitive with no designated campsite. Trailheads are minimally marked, and cell service, if available, is extremely limited. Finally, the road to Gold Butte was built decades ago and is extremely rough. Although it sounds dramatic, it is not uncommon to get one or two flat tires while exploring a national monument. High clearance, four-wheel drive rigs are important, as well as two full-size parts. Also, be sure to carry a sufficient amount of food and water to adequately prepare for an emergency.

Visiting Gold Butte National Monument should be a free off-grid travel location spot for anyone exploring the area’s concentration of national parks. As one of America’s newest dedicated National Monuments, Gold Butte comprises striking and rugged landscapes of red rock in an extremely remote section of southeastern Nevada. Here, visitors can expect to find lonely nature experiences amidst dramatic red sandstone, ancient rock art, and appreciate unparalleled views of the nearby Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Valley of Fire State Park.

One site you should check out before hitting the road is Devil’s Throat, otherwise known as the 110-foot-deep sinkhole, on the outskirts of Gold Butte National Monument. Covered with sagebrush and yucca plants, this humble sinkhole is almost hidden in plain sight. While you’re there, be sure to pay attention to the chain-link fence surrounding this heavy fall.

Although you may be tempted to jump the fence to get a closer look, don’t. The fence is there for a reason: The area leading up to the sinkhole is extremely unstable and unsafe to walk on. But, this unusual national monument feature is equally stunning from afar and provides some incredible photos, especially at dawn or sunset.

Gold Butte

The brightly colored sandstone provides a spectacular canvas for the area’s famously beautiful rock art, and the desert provides important habitat. The area is popular for outdoor recreation, and visitors to the monument can visit rock art sites, take the Gold Butte Backcountry Byway to the area’s namesake mining ghost town, hunt desert wild sheep, or ride a horse. On the back one can tour the peaks and valleys of the region. Gold Butte National Monument offers more than 500 miles of motorized recreational trails but most only for 4 wheelers and quads.

Off-grid Travel Location #3 –  Chiricahua National Monument Off-Grid Travel Wonderland

Chiricahua National Monument 1

Chiricahua National Monument is located 120 miles southeast of Tucson. Chiricahua National Monument is truly one of the hidden gems of the National Park Service. If you’re willing to drive 37 miles from the interstate to the park, you’ll be surprised to discover a mountainous wonderland of trees, charismatic wildlife, and the wonderfully balanced cliffs and towering summits that make this place so awe-inspiring. Explore, whether on miles of hiking trails or by a vehicle along with scenic drives.

A visit to Chiricahua National Monument offers a wide variety of activities and attractions. There’s something for everyone. The park’s mild climate is suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities during most of the year: day hiking, camping, picnics, Historic District tours, wildlife viewing, bird watching, nature photography, star gazing, and horseback riding. Chiricahua National Monument is one of the best off the grid travel location.

It occupies a relatively small area and a winding scenic drive climbs steeply from the visitors centre, campgrounds and several roadside views to Massai Point, where several trails branch down into ravines and main rock formations, which are not visible from the road. Along the way, the scenic drive follows the course of the stream through Bonita Canyon for most of the route, most notably organ Pipe formations within sites of various geological features; a sloping rock face divided into several rock pillars. The cliffs behind the campground are fairly easy to climb and offer nice views of the Organ Pipes as well as a distant view of the flat desert to the west.

The most striking volcanic summits are in the heart of the cliffs, which are reached by several moderately strenuous climbs that begin at the end of the scenic drive. A trail runs along the rim and later passes through the floor of Echo Canyon, which has many towering boulders and eroded structures, including the Grotto and Wall Street (a straight, narrow passage), but also lots of shady trees.

A continuation path descends into the adjacent rhyolite valley where the route splits; a branch follows the west side (downstream) of the canyon for 1.5 miles, connecting with the main road at the visitor center, close to the campground. A daily shuttle bus runs between the center and Massai Point and therefore allows pedestrians to return by walking downhill along this route. The site is also accessible via a slightly shorter route from Massai Point/Echo Canyon, all of which can be seen along the 9.5 mile Big Loop.

The formations at Chiricahua are similar in size and shape to the sandstones of Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks in Utah, though without much color; the rocks are grey or brown, but often with a cover of bright green lichens. They were formed by the erosion of condensed pumice and ash, which resulted in a massive eruption about millions of years ago. The Heart of Rocks loop route winds through some of the most impressive clusters including many examples of balanced rocks ; boulders perched precariously on top of very slender supporting columns. There are also good opportunities for climbing and scuffles in this area.

Due to its relatively high altitude, the climate of the Chiricahua Mountains is quite different from that of the surrounding deserts. This means that unusual species of plants and animals exist, many of them native to Mexico and not found anywhere else in the United States.

In particular, rare species of birds such as the elegant trogon and the Mexican chickadee can be seen, mountain lions, javelinas and ocelots too, although, of course, it is unlikely that the casual visitor will visit this unusual site during their top free off the grid travel location. Some will encounter – grid travel space.

Chiricahua National Monument 2

Plants range from the Sonoran Desert to the west, the Chihuahuan Desert to the east, and the mountains of northern Mexico; there are about 16 species of cactus, three species of yucca and two species of agave.

The Chiricahua Mountains provided a refuge for the Apache tribe, who carried out the last major series of attacks on white settlers before they were eventually defeated, although their descendants still inhabit the surrounding lands. A well-preserved fort from this era is the Cochise Citadel in the Dragoon Mountains 40 miles west of the Chiricahua Monument.

Off-grid Travel Location #4 –  Big Sur, California, United States

Big Sur 1 - off-grid travel locations

Jagged cliffs pummeled by surf line the Pacific Coast Highway along Big Sur, creating some of California’s most memorable ocean vistas between Carmel and the northern tip of San Luis Obispo County. Gray whales migrate past twice a year, and elephant seals bask on the sandy shores. Luxury hotels, restaurants and art galleries cluster in a six-mile strip, giving way to redwood-filled state parks on either side.

The Big Sur is an attitude rather than a point on the map, and when the sun sets, the moon and stars are the natural lights of the local area. That is when the summer fog has not extinguished them. The immature beauty and great power of the sea reflect this horned country between the Santa Lucia Range and the Pacific Ocean, and the first glimpse of the rocky, undisturbed coastline for a special occasion.

Big Sur 2 - off-grid travel locations

You can escape from crowds and daily pressures without getting into the sun and the tropics. Older forests are waiting in the north near Big Sur, California. Watch the fog climb the mountains and walk to the great temple with three rows a few hours from some of the busiest cities in California. Redwoods and the sea view are the most spectacular here and the peace you can find in a comfortable place like Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. New Camaldoli Hermitage is a functional Benedictine castle which is a great place to get away for an off-grid travel vacation.

Off-grid Travel Location #5 –  Florida Keys, Florida United States

florida keys

Located closer to Cuba than Miami, Key West is a respectable southern paradise of Florida, a unique combination of history, climate, natural beauty, cultural diversity, architecture and an unmistakable attraction of love. You do not need to go to Africa to find peace and solitude. Instead, consider going down to the tropics of the Florida Keys for a real escape. You can take a boat trip to faraway places like Little Palm Island where there are no televisions or telephones, or enjoy a quiet place like Pelican Cove Resort and Marina.

florida keys

Here you will find amazing prices for fresh seafood and amazing places, such as blue water, open sky and amazing places you can see under the soft waves. Indeed, you will find many luxuries at the end of the day when you run away to restaurants, a lake or a terrace. The current schedule includes less conventional traditional events and new offerings to impress dream fans. The Florida Keys are regarded as one of the ideal off the grid travel location vacation.

Off-grid Travel Location #6 –  Jenner, California

jenner 1

Our last off-grid travel location is Jenner, a small coastal town about two hours north of San Francisco, is home to the River’s End Restaurant and  Inn. Ideal for romantic getaways and a free off the grid travel location, our waterfront accommodations give you the chance to reconnect in a place where you can truly unplug from everyday life. Morning greets you with the sounds of nature and crashing wave’s only steps from one of our ocean view rooms or cabins. Need a digital detox? River’s End is the perfect setting to recharge from the stress of daily life with no television, Wi-Fi or cell service. Your entertainment can be found on your private deck or in front of your fireplace.

Just steps away, you can enjoy watching seal pups, as the mouth of the river is a home and birthing location for seals. The intersection where the river and coast ecosystems meet is also ideal for paddling around in a kayak, and during seal pupping season, the seals might just swim along next to you. Enjoy picnics with the dunes and pounding surf at Goat Rock beach, or take a short drive south to sip pinot noir at the Fort Ross Vineyard Tasting Room.

Passion for the food and great service creates a magnificent fine dining experience not to be missed. The food is unique and internationally influenced and utilizes local purveyors and the highest quality ingredients. Most importantly, the Chef designs the seasonal menu to delight hearts, as well as taste buds.

Depending on where you want to go, or how long you will have to travel to get there, then choosing an off the grid travel location destination that may be the key to proper reloading and some relaxation. If you have recently visited, any of these places are exactly what the doctor advised you to rest a bit and recover while enjoying the outdoors. By going we find our hiding places and expand our view of the world.

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