The 10 Best Offroading Adventures in North America

North America’s offroading trips are fun during the summertime, and most people with good-condition cars love to go out for some offroad driving adventures. When you want a new challenge, it is better to choose an offroading trail instead of driving on the normal highways because they offer more challenge for  you and your vehicle. There are many different types of off road expeditions so let’s see what the best among them are.

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1. Mojave Road Offroading Expedition

Mojave Road, Arizona, and California Offroading

Mojave Road, Arizona, off road driving options are among the best backcountry roads in North America that give you a chance to test your skills as well as your car’s ability. It offers beautiful views but can be very dangerous at times when there is snow or rain. The Mojave Desert has some fantastic scenery, including mountains, deserts, lakes, etc.

If you take this offroading route from east to west, you will find yourself near Death Valley National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the USA. In southern California, you have great places like Joshua Tree National Monument, where you can also climb up the rocks and enjoy breathtaking views on your extreme offroading adventure. You will get to experience real desert life here since humans do not populate these areas.

If you decide to take the “highway less traveled” path, you should try the Great Basin Highway, which connects Nevada and Utah through the heart of Idaho. This offroading highway goes along the Snake River Canyon, offering spectacular views such as cliffs, waterfalls, wildlife but it will take your very best off road driving skills. Some canyon parts require drivers to use their four-wheelers, while others allow only two-wheeled vehicles. On top of all those features, you will also travel across other exciting destinations like Shoshone Lake State Recreation Area, Ruby Mountain Wilderness, Horse Thief Creek Trailhead, and several others.

2. Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

This place is ideal for backcountry offroading because it has many different routes connecting cities, towns, recreation centers, wilderness areas, and even military bases. There are both paved roads and forest paths so you can choose whichever suits your needs best. Washington’s backcountry off road adventures discovery route begins with Seattle, located just 30 minutes away from Puget Sound.

Then, you need to follow Interstate 90 East until arriving in Olympia. After that, you turn left onto U.S. Route 101 West towards Tacoma. Continue driving along SR 522 South and eventually turn right into Mt Baker Scenic Byway. Keep following that road until you reach Stevens Pass.

Here, you can stop off at Skykomish Campground and check out some activities around Mount Rainier National Park. Next, keep driving on Highways 12 and 14 until you reach Leavenworth. You can visit Fort Lewis Army Base during this part of the drive.

It seems that most of these places aren’t too far apart so you shouldn’t worry about finding parking spaces. The last destination of this touristic offroading trail is in Bellingham, where you need to park near the downtown area. Once you get there, you can walk around town and enjoy various attractions, including museums, restaurants, theaters, and parks. In terms of length, the Washington backcountry discovery route covers 3,000 miles.

3. Alpine Loop Trail

Alpine Loop Trail Off Road Driving

Alpine Loop trail is another extreme off road adventures trek that offers fantastic opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing, you will find something enjoyable for yourself offroading here. And, among all possible activities, the easiest way to explore this beautiful region is by using Backcountry Roads. These pathways connect remote locations and offer access to stunning scenery. When planning your next vacation, you should put Colorado alpine loop trail on your bucket list. It starts right after Denver International Airport and ends up in Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

On this off road expedition you will see mountains covered with snow, lakes surrounded by pine trees, and rivers flowing alongside dirt tracks during the entire ride. At times, you will come across small villages with colorful houses built close to each other. Take note that the exact number of miles varies according to your starting position. Depending on whether you begin your offroading journey from DIA or CO-80, you will end up covering anywhere between 13 and 18 miles. But, what matters most is that you will experience incredible sights and sounds of nature. Plus, you will learn new things about history, geography, geology, and climate.

4. Arizona Backcountry Route

Arizona Backcountry Route Off Road Expedition

Arizona offroading is best for Backcountry Roads due to its vast amount of natural resources. You won’t have any problems finding a place suitable for enjoying adventures such as horseback riding, mountain biking, or rock climbing from deserts to mountains. Moreover, the Arizona backcountry route includes numerous historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, and monuments. With over 19 million acres of land under management, Arizona State Parks alone provide plenty of space for visitors to spend their time exploring.

To ensure you don’t miss anything important while traveling through Arizona, use the Google Maps app to plan your trip. One thing you must do before leaving, though, checks the weather forecast. Because Arizona is situated in the Southwest United States, it gets hot during the summer months, which means temperatures can rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it can have flash snow stoms late into spring and early in the fall.

On average, the hottest month is July, while January is considered to be the coldest. That being said, expect rain showers year-round except June and September. However, if you decide to travel during the winter season, please prepare for extreme conditions. Snowstorms are shared here, so be prepared for blizzard conditions and heavy winds. Nevertheless, you still have another option: pack light clothing and take advantage of air conditioning!

This tool allows you to create a customized offroading itinerary based on your preferences. So, if you like visiting hot springs, go ahead and set them as one of your stops. Also, when choosing lodgings, try booking a room near Lake Havasu City since they often feature free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, or spas. As for food, you could eat at local eateries but maybe consider ordering pizza delivery instead. Or else, if you feel adventurous enough, you might want to try cooking meals at home.

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5. Dalton Highway, Alaska

Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway, a ultimate extreme offroading adventures definition for backcountry driving because it features endless landscapes, including glaciers, volcanoes, and coastal areas. The highway connects Fairbanks, Denali National Park, and Mt McKinley, making it an ideal destination for hikers interested in experiencing the Alaskan wilderness. In addition, there are many scenic towns along the way where you can stop and enjoy coffee shops, museums, and galleries. You can even stay overnight in some places offering lodging services. If you visit Anchorage first, then head southward towards Valdez.

After crossing Prince William Sound, continue driving until your destination reaches the Seward Peninsula. There, keep going westwards until you get to St. Marys Glacier, a popular spot amongst travelers who love taking pictures of ice fields. Once done exploring the area, return to Anchorage via Glennallen and Dead horse Junction. Note that the total distance covers approximately 3200 kilometers. Be aware that the road isn’t paved from Nome to Kotzebue, meaning that it for off-road vehicles.

It has been listed among the top 10 most beautiful roads globally that you can trail ride by yourself but it is a tough off road expedition. It starts in San Francisco Bay Area and ends in Sonoma Valley. This 765-mile long route passes through various cities, including Napa, Vallejo, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Windsor, Petaluma, Glen Ellen, Sonoma, Fairfax, Occidental, Los Olivos, Bodega Bay, Sebastopol, Guerneville, Cloverdale, Duncans Mills, Calistoga, and finally ending in Sonoma Valley. Although this trail was designed primarily for motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes can still traverse it without difficulty.

Even if you are using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you should know that parts of the trail may require additional preparation. For example, you need to carry chains with you since sections of this path aren’t covered and can be challenging. And remember to bring extra fuel for your motorbike/ATV since stations can only sell gas cans up to 25 gallons. Another thing worth noting is that the entire off road expedition takes about two weeks. Don’t worry, though; it will give you ample opportunity to explore different regions in Northern California.

6. Rubicon Trail, California

Rubicon Trail

To complete your extreme off road adventures experience, make sure to visit the nearby Twin Falls State Recreation Site located just 8 miles away. Here, you won’t regret paying a $4 entry fee since the park contains many exciting attractions, including hiking trails, fishing spots, camping sites, restrooms, and picnic tables. A few other things worth mentioning include a visitors center, playgrounds, a museum, and a fish hatchery. Overall, this road trail spans around 20 miles from Exit No. 35 onto U.S. 93 East and ends at Exit No. 42 onto I-84 West.

7. Magruder Road Corridor

Magruder Road Corridor

Magruder is another off road driving trail in North America that offers excellent views of mountains, lakes, and valleys. Located just east of Boise, this 150-mile long road leads northward into the Sawtooth Mountains. While traveling here, take time out to see Ketchum, which serves as its gateway city. Travel further toward the end of the road passing through Salmon River Canyon before reaching Sunburst Reservoir. Besides being fun to ride, this road provides excellent opportunities for nature lovers: you can view wildlife such as elk, deer, and wild turkeys. Plus, don’t forget to bring binoculars so you can capture more details of these animals.36

8. El Camino Del Diablo

El Camino Del Diablo Arizona

One of those off road driving routes that offer breathtaking vistas of desert scenery while riding on asphalt or gravel surfaces. Start this offroading drive in Phoenix, AZ, this 300+ kilometer-long adventure begins with Route 87 heading northwestward. Then, after leaving Interstate 17 near Sahuarita, turn right onto La Posada Rd., left onto Pima Mine Rd. and eventually cross over to Cienega Blvd. Before arriving at Tucson International Airport, you must follow signs indicating “El Camino del Diablo.” Keep in mind that this trip requires a minimum amount of skill and knowledge regarding mountain biking.

You might want to ask locals for directions when necessary since this route can be a bit confusing. Note that during the winter months, snowfall could cause significant traffic jams. However, once the weather warms up, this place becomes much less crowded. So, get ready to pass through a unique landscape featuring saguaro cacti, Joshua trees, ocotillo bushes, creosote bush, and mesquite trees.

Along the way, you’ll come across several small settlements like Seligman, Benson, Casas Adobes, and Gila Bend. Make sure to stop at each location so you can hike down to local swimming pools, go shopping at outlet malls, and eat delicious Mexican food! Of course, the best part would be seeing Barrio de la Fuente, a sculpture garden created by renowned artist David Hockney.

9. British Columbia Whipsaw Trail

Whipsaw Trail British Columbia

Whipsaw trail is an off-road expedition on a paved route that starts in Hope Valley Provincial Park and meets Highway 99. After crossing the river towards New Denver via the Bridge of Lions, continue along Whistler Creek until you reach the parking lot. The following offroading  section takes you past some beautiful waterfalls and along scenic forest roads. Be careful not to fall off your bike because you will likely crash into tree trunks if you do. If you are lucky enough to find yourself next to a waterfall, grab your camera and snap photos of the scene. This particular area features numerous cascades and fountains, creating natural splashing sounds. Also, keep an eye open for bears and cougars since they often frequent this region.

Finally, finish the offroading journey back to the highway using the same path used to enter the park. In the end, head southbound on Highway 99 back home. What’s even better about this road trail? It only costs $10 per vehicle whether you drive alone or share with friends and family members. In addition to all the activities mentioned above, guests also receive free admission tickets to many parks. For instance, if you choose to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lost Lagoon, and Lumberton Falls Regional Parks, you wouldn’t need to pay anything extra. Furthermore, remember to pack plenty of snacks and drinks since you may spend hours in the car. And lastly, please consider bringing cash so you can purchase souvenirs and gifts for others.

10. White Rim Trail

White Rim Trail1 Best Off Road Trips

Finally, the White Rim trail, Utah in North America, offers spectacular views of red rock formations such as Monumental cliffs, Castle Rock, Navajo Mountain, and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments. Located just east of Zion Canyon, this popular attraction attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Take a 15-minute off road driving ride from Hurricane, Utah to Kolab Utah Trailhead located within Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. From there, proceed northward along State Route 12 for approximately 4 miles before turning westward onto County Route J5A.About 18 kilometers later, look out for the sign to “Kolab Uta,” which indicates the beginning of the trail network.

Once you arrive, prepare for a full day of hiking and exploring. You should expect to encounter some steep climbs, including sections that require you to climb rocks, steps, and boulders.


In conclusion, North America has the best trails for offroading and offers many extreme offroad adventures. The U.S. is home to some of the most challenging courses, while Canada offers a wide variety of different types of terrain that are perfect for driving on two wheels. If you’re looking for more information about these fantastic roads or want to know where they can be found around your area, then check out this list below!

For those who love nothing better than being able to explore new places with their vehicle, then there isn’t anything better than an adventure. However, if you’ve ever been stuck inside all day, waiting for your ride to return from its journey, it’s time to get outside! There are so many beautiful places in our country that will allow you to enjoy nature without having to leave the comfort of your backyard. Get out and find one of the best road trips for you and your family to enjoy.  An off road expedition is something that both you and the kids will never forget.

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