13 Easy Going Off Grid Vacation Tips

Have you ever consider taking a vacation going off grid. Get off grid on a trip that is just simply out of the ordinary and completely extraordinary? Do you love nature and really want to get back in touch with mother Earth and would like to take an offgrid trek or two? Do you want to get far away from the buzz and business of life? Perhaps you have even thought about offgrid living full time.

You’re probably not sure about the entire offgrid living lifestyle. Do you need a vacation but don’t want all the expense or fuss of a fancy in town location? Or all of the people? Do you wish it could be no hotels or motels, no tourists or crowds? That it could be just you and your loved ones enjoying the peace nature provides? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then you should try to get off grid on a camping trip. That may be just what you need.

This article will show you how to plan an epic going off grid vacation.

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1. Where To Planning an Epic Vacation Going Off grid?

Well, I have to say that the first step to going off grid to start is to decide it’s what you want to do. Talk to those you’d bring with you if you’d be bringing company. Make it a goal. Once it’s a goal make it a plan. Choose the plan an epic off grid vacation. The first step is always deciding it’s what you really want to do. Know that it takes survival skills, and instincts to live off grid, even if for just a couple of weeks.
Plan your focus for your vacation. Do you want to take an offgrid trek, just go camping, mountains, or grasslands, the choices are endless and you need a good plan to make things work perfectly.

2. What Is Off Grid Living/Vacationing?

To live or vacation off the grid means to go without power, and other modern conveniences such as public toilets. It’s good old fashioned camping basically. You can choose whether you rent a cabin in the woods somewhere, or if you really wanna go all natural and use a tent. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars.

It’s an amazing experience. My family and I vacation off grid every single year. It’s our epic off grid vacation as I like to call it. It brings us so much peace and sanity. It puts us back in touch with nature and mother Earth and brings us so much closer to each other as a family.

3. Can You Take Kids On an 0ff Grid Vacation?

Absolutely yes you can take your children. In fact older children should help and really be involved. You can make your own epic off grid vacation a learning experience for your children, boys and girls alike. Young children will of course need constant supervision but teens can help you get firewood, water, ECT. When camping off grid you learn to survive off of the land. As you are planning your epic off grid vacation be sure to research edible plants and herbs.

Know the poisonous ones too. Never eat anything if you don’t know what it is. Husbands love off grid vacations especially when there is a place to hunt and go fishing. An off grid vacation gives your man the chance to be a man. Let him show his masculine side and be that provider. Many women find it does wonders for their marriages.

Men take on different roles when out in nature. It’s instinct. Women do as well, especially mothers. Your epic off grid vacation will benefit your relationships in so many ways where as a typical Disney land vacation never could bring people so close together in such raw ways.

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4. Finding A Place for Your Plan to Get Off Grid

You can rent a cabin, borrow a friend or family members RV, use a tent, or what have you. Where you go is completely up to you but it’s obviously the most important part of planning your epic off grid trek or other choice now that you know it’s what you really want to do. Once you’ve found your location it’s time to take the next step.

5. Set The Date You Plan To Get Off Grid

Then look forward to it. Make sure that you choose a date carefully that will not interfere with school or work schedules. You don’t want to have to rush or hurry home to meet deadlines or attend meetings, etc. While you’re on your vacation you’ll want to be able to leave all of your cares and worries from the real world back in the real world. Going off grid means you are leaving that world and entering a whole different world.

One where there is tranquility, peace, birds, trees, fires, all things natural, pure and refreshing. It’s a great escape from the business of life so be sure that the business of life won’t be calling you back too quickly. This is not the type of vacation to rush. It’s the type of vacation where you relax and turn off your cell phone. You don’t bring the computer, you bring a camera.

6. Planning Tips For Your Epic Off Grid Vacation

The next step after the date has been decided and put on the calendar is the know what to pack. Going off grid vacationing is meant to be simple. To Get off grid you leave behind most material things and really only bring the things you absolutely need to survive. For young children of course you make sure all of their needs are fully met material and food wise. Older kids should be encouraged to rough it.

Video games and other mobile and electronic devices should be left at home for the best off grid vacation experience. Remember when choosing clothes that nights may be chilly and days could get warm. You may not have the modern convince of heat so be sure to bring a sweater or sweatshirt or coat for every one who will be going on your epic off grid trek. Be sure to choose clothes that will be comfortable and that you will be able to work in.

Fancy dresses and accessories just are not the way to go. Wear something you can gather wood in. The shoes you select for an offgrid trek are also very important. You will definitely want to choose a type of foot wear that will protect your feet. It is likely you will do some walking through the woods so a hiking book is really just a great idea. Remember to bring along all of your personal care products.

You may not have access to a shower but you’ll likely be able to bathe in a flowing majestic creek, or a clear swimming pond. A tooth brush and tooth paste should be brought along as well because you’re gonna still want to practice good hygiene. Same goes for your deodorant, hair brush, etc. Always pack items you need to take care of yourself and family.

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7. What Will I Need For An Epic Offgrid Trek?

Well, unless you plan on trying offgrid living completely and totally off of the land then yes you will need to bring food. Although many love to support themselves and their families through hunting and fishing always be sure to bring staple foods for the kids, and yourself if that doesn’t quite go as planned.

There will be no refrigerators, coffee pot, microwaves, etc. when you are on this vacation. Going off grid means leaving these things behind. Bring non perishable items and know if you will have a water source for drinkable water at your chosen location. If you will not you must be sure to bring plenty of water.

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8. What Else Do I Need To Try Off Grid Living?

You’ll want to remember the fact that there will be no power when you are planning your epic off grid vacation. You will want to be sure to bring a flashlight and batteries. It’s a good ideas to bring several flashlights, and a lot of batteries. It’s an even better idea to use a propane lamp or a solar lamp. Be sure to bring tanks with you for when you run out. Candles are also a wonderful thing to bring along for a light source.

They can also put off a romantic glow that can just really set the mood for love. Kids may enjoy glow sticks. I will tell you too that when your kids are out playing in the dark with a glow stick in their hand you will be able to see exactly where they are at all times. This is a great way to let your kids live, and have fun while having a way to carefully, closely supervise and feel at ease. Always remember to take a camera to record all of those offgrid living memories.

When you vacation off grid you do not usually have access to electric. What that means is that you won’t be charging your cell phone or digital camera to take pictures. Once your devices are dead they’re dead and with the inability to recharge you’ll want to still have a way to take those amazing photos! I recommend a good old fashioned battery operated camera. Many digital cameras are battery operated and can be used without having to plug in to a charger.

Be sure to include blankets and pillows in your list of items to bring along. It’s always a good idea to have more than what you need to ensure that everyone will be comfortable regardless of weather changes.

9. Details To Consider Planning Your Try At Offgrid Living

Well, that’s a tough one actually because you just never can tell exactly what the weather will do next. I would definitely say be sure to check with the weather station that is local to where you will be choosing to go for this epic off grid living experience. If you check the local stations weather forecast a week before you go you will pretty much know what to expect. Bring raincoats, maybe even umbrellas. Be sure you have a way to stay safe and dry if it should down pour.

When planning your epic off grid vacation you need to be sure that you will have access to an acceptable and safe form of shelter. Imagine sleeping literally under the stars , on the ground, and then it starts to down pour. That just would not be good and needs to be considered when you are planning your epic off off grid vacation.

10. How Long Should My First Off Grid Trip Be

Most people who choose going off grid to live or for a vacation choose to go for an average of two weeks to give it a try. It’s an amount of time that really allows for separation from the craziness of the real world, but also a safe amount of time that ensures you’ll be back to modern conveniences soon. A kind of security if you will because you will find that there is work involved in offgrid living and by the end of two weeks you’ll likely be happy to go home back to where everything is easy.

Some people who are more nature enthusiasts and survivalists could live off grid entirely, for years, and love every second of it though. It all really depends on you, your family, and whoever else you may bring along. It also depends on what obligations and responsibilities you have going on in back in the real world. For example, kids have to go back to school.

So, if you choose to take your epic offgrid trek with children who attend school you time spent on vacation is going to be decided around that school schedule.

11. One last thing to consider when planning your epic off grid vacation

There is one last thing to really think about as you plan your epic off grid vacation and that one thing is that accidents can and do happen. You’ll be dealing with fire, fire wood, forest conditions, water sources. Think ahead to deal with any potential accidents such as burns, cuts, scrapes, etc. Bring a first aid kit that is fully equipped with bandages, gauze, tapes, sanitizer, ointment to prevent infection, etc.

You’ll want to have tweezers on hand as well for potential slivers that could be gotten while handling wood. Bring burn treatment just incase you are to get burned while managing your campfire. Definitely bring a fever reducer and thermometer especially now in the days of Rona. You can never be too safe, especially when you will be bringing along children.

12. Share the Offgrid Living Plan With Family

It is always a good idea to leave you vacation plan with a close friend or family member when you go. You just never know what could happen out in the wilderness. If you are not back by your intended date someone will know to come look for you. This is especially important if you are really going off grid. I mean deep into the wilderness. Definitely let someone know exactly where you will be going, staying, exploring.

There have been cases where people have gotten seriously hurt, or lost. If someone does not know when you plan to come back they will not know if you haven’t come back on time. Create a written statement of some sort and give it to someone that you trust. It’s just a really good idea to do so. Just in case.

13. Planning Your Offgrid Living Trip Is Half the Fun

Here I have covered several steps, tips, and pointers to help you successful plan your very own epic off grid living experience. Trust me when I say that it is an absolutely incredible experience for those who are love to be out in nature. It is so grounding and relaxing and just plain wonderful to really get away from it all. I hope that the advice that I have given you will help you plan your epic off grid vacation. The planning can be almost as much fun as the vacation itself!

Really get excited about going, and get the kids excited to. It is such a wonderful bonding experience for couples and families. Vacationing off grid alone is an exceptional experience as well. It is a great way to get to know yourself again if you’ve been feeling out of touch or out of alignment. It is an excellent way to get back in tune with your intuition, and will give you a chance to hear and listen to that inner voice.

Sometimes the best decisions are made out in the middle of the woods where there is no one to judge or interrupt your thought process. Imagine all of the memories you will make and the things you will see. There will be so many moments that really just blow your mind and take your breath away. You’ll be sure to want to go off grid on vacation again. I know I look forward to it each and every year. It’s better than Christmas to my family and I just know your family will love it just as much!

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