20 Great Travel Trailer Accessories (Updated 2022)

As an RV enthusiast, you probably understand that convenience is vital. This means you will have to grab a few but highly important stuff for use during your trip. However, it is never an easy task to choose the best boondocking travel trailer accessories. As a result, in this article, we shall be taking you through the 20 great best boondocking travel trailer accessories that are a must-have during your trip.


Travel Trailer Miscellaneous Accessories

Travel Trailer Accessories 1. RV GPS

Most individuals, particularly mop junkies, often claim that RV GPS isn’t an essential tool; however, you should avoid listening. It is recommended that you have an RV GPS equipped with inbuilt software specifically designed for RVs; such GPS is way superior to the traditional map.

Furthermore, various RV GPS systems are available in today’s market, each equipped with its unique feature. Therefore, you should always consider going for the one that will best suit your needs.

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Travel Trailer Accessories 2. Source of Power

When it comes to camping, having a reliable source of power is highly essential. This is highly essential, especially if you plan on boondocking in an area located relatively deep in the wilderness. The best and most reliable source of power is a solar panel compared to the traditional propane generator.

You will be able to save a significant amount of money, and in addition to that, solar panels are clean and produce no noise and fumes, making it best for camping. However, you need to ensure that your solar panels are working before heading off to the wilderness.

Travel Trailer Accessories 3. Sewer Hose Support

When boondocking, having a sewer hose is a must. In addition to that, investing in a sewer hose support aids in protecting your hose as well as make it relatively easy for everything to flow through the sewer hose. This means that there will be fewer chances for a messy situation while dumping.

Travel Trailer Accessories 4. Portable Water Hose

While boondocking, you will need clean and safe water for use and consumption. Therefore, investing in a portable water hose ensures that your water is free from chemicals, smells, or unpleasant odors. These hoses are relatively affordable and very easy to identify since they are equipped with pure white color.

Travel Trailer Accessories 5. Water Pressure Regulator

In addition to a portable water hose, you will require to invest in a water pressure regulator to regulate and offer you the right water pressure. If not, the forceful city stream may end up causing damage to the delicate plumbing system of your RV.

Fortunately, lie a portable water hose, an in-line water pressure regulator is pocket friendly and often costs less than $10. Compared to the repairing costs, investing in a water pressure regulator becomes affordable and boosts safety significantly.


Travel Trailer Accessories

Travel Trailer Accessories 6. Emergency Kit

As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry; you should always consider having an emergency kit while going into the wilderness. This is vital since boondocking always has ways of surprising even the best of prepared individuals with experience.

With an emergency kit on board, you will be able to keep you and your family safe while on the road, irrespective of the obstacles you may come across during your trip. In your emergency kit, you should consider having these vital products;

· First aid kit. Safety should always be your top priority, and with a first aid kit, you will be able to take care of minor injuries along with illnesses. You can purchase or make your own first aid kit; however, you should ensure that you have it the right way.

· Ice scraper. When boondocking, you will be very glad to have this tool with you. It always comes in handy when you camp in an area with ice or snow.

· Toolkit. This is a must-have kit; it is ideal for fixing little things in your car. It would be best if you considered investing in a well-rounded kit equipped with a nice case equipped with all vital pieces.

· A knife. You should invest in a good pocket knife. It is highly essential since it has an array of use in day-to-day life and emergencies.

· Wheel chocks. Usually, campsites are rarely perfect level. You should avoid runaway RV and invest in some wheel chock and always use them each time you park.

Most of the items discussed in this emergency kit are best for use during emergencies as well as in your everyday life. Therefore, as a newbie in boondocking, you should always consider investing in an emergency kit.

Travel Trailer Accessories 7. RV Cover

When the RV is off-road, it is highly recommended that you keep it covered in order to protect it against dirt, debris, along with another potential source of damage. To do that, you should consider keeping your RV in a covered storage facility. However, for the most boondocking enthusiast, this is never an option, and in that case, you will need to invest in an RV storage cover.

RV covers have been designed to offer maximum protection to your car against bird droppings, ultra-violet rays, along other hazards. Although it might not sound like a big deal, it will go a long way when it comes to extending your RV’s reliability.


Travel Trailer Accessories

Boondocking RV Travel Trailer Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is the heart of every home, without any doubt, and your travel trailer is no exception. By investing in these kitchen supplies, you will be able to make your meal a special treat every time. Here are some of the best boondocking RV travel trailer kitchen accessories;

Travel Trailer Accessories 8. Instant Pot

Despite being a relatively small device, an instant pot should be your top priority when it comes t RV kitchen, and it is for a good reason. With an instant pot, you will be able to gain the ability to stew, sauté, bake, roast, ferment yogurt, and make perfect rice.

Furthermore, some individuals use instant pot to make skin lotion or dog food. Investing in an instant pot is vital, and you are guaranteed that anything you throw in it will always come put magically delicious.

Travel Trailer Accessories 9. Pot and Pan Set

When it comes to pots and pans, you should consider investing in the stackable ones in order to save space. This is highly essential since not even the most prestigious luxurious Class-A trailer is equipped with significant kitchen storage. In addition to cooking gear, you will need to come up with a way in which you can fit dry food in the same cabinet. To achieve that, you will need to invest in a stackable pot and pan set to help you kill two birds with a single stone.

Travel Trailer Accessories 10. Compact Ovenware

If you invest in a motorhome equipped with a conventional oven, you might find it less spacious compared to the one you use at home. To make your favorite muffins, you will; need to invest in compact ovenware that is sized into a smaller size.

Travel Trailer Accessories 11. Collapsible Dishwasher Tub

If you are in need of more space in your kitchen, you should consider investing in a collapsible dishwasher tub. Such dishwashers are designed of food-grade silicone that is not only bendable but also relatively easy to clean. This makes it a perfect accessory for your boondocking travel trailer. Note: You can save the water to use in flushing the toilet.

Travel Trailer Accessories 12. Reusable/Stackable Containers

Investing in reusable and stackable containers is ideal for storing and meal prep. Furthermore, they are suitable for both freezers as well as fridges. Reusable containers also offer you an opportunity to purchase dry goods in bulk, making it an effective method of saving money when it comes to the food bill. When not in use, they stack inside each other saving space.

Towing Accessories

When driving a boondocking travel trailer, it is best you invest in towing accessories. Here are some essential accessories ideal for boondocking travel trailers;

Travel Trailer Accessories 13. Electric Brake Controls

If you have a heft weight of trailer connected to your SUV, you understand that stopping can be a bit challenging. To help with that, you should consider investing in electric brake controls, which will improve the breaking process. Furthermore, it can be a legal requirement depending on your boondocking travel trailer’s size along with the state you are driving in.

Travel Trailer Accessories 14. Wheel Stabilizer

Even after applying your standard leveling blocks, trailers can still be a bit wobbly compared to their motor-coach counterparts. As a result, you will need to invest in a set of suitable wheel chocks. Usually, X-chocks are among the best as well as highly reliable chocks in today’s market and are designed to work with the natural motion of the tires instead of going against them. The best part is that they are relatively easy to use.


Travel Trailer Accessories

Other Vital Boondocking Travel Trailer Accessories

Investing in boondocking travel trailer accessories, you will be able to have an enjoyable boondocking experience. However, these accessories can tax your travel budget. Likely, not all RV accessories tend to be expensive, and also, not all affordable travel trailer accessories are total junk. Here are some fun and vital boondocking travel trailer accessories you might invest in;

Travel Trailer Accessories 15. High-pressure showerhead

Traveling with a personal bathroom on board is awesome. However, you might think with all the technologies equipped in an RV for the last century would include a nice and strong shower stream. This is usually not the case in several boondocking travel trailers. As a result, you should consider replacing the shower with a high-pressure showerhead, which will improve your shower experience and save a significant amount of water.

Travel Trailer Accessories 16. Internet access

In today’s world, getting by without internet connectivity tends to be relatively challenging for an extended period. Internet access is essential for staying in touch with friends and family as well as carrying out everyday chores such as online banking. Therefore, being online while on the road is vital. However, it has been challenging for individuals to stay online while since the invention of the internet in the 1990s.

Fortunately, with the increase in demand, most campgrounds have been designed to offer high-internet speed connectivity. While boondocking, you might consider camping in an area that provides internet access if you are in need of web surfing.

Some boondocking travel trailers come equipped with Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters that aids in strengthening shaky signal. If the internet is an essential accessory, you might consider investing in such boondocking travel trailers.

Travel Trailer Accessories 17. Reminders

When on the road with your RV, you might forget doing some vital chores such as checking your satellite antenna; such errors often happen among experienced campers. These errors can be dangerous or inconvenient if you don’t rectify them as soon as possible.

To help with that, you can invest in RV minders; these are set of slap bracelets warning that can be a stick in the steering wheel each time you set-up your camp. With these reminders, you will not forget to check up on your RV before you continue with your trip.

Travel Trailer Accessories 18. Extra Fire Extinguisher for Safety

It might not be sexy, but it is worth investing in. it is recommended that you equip your RV with an extra fire extinguisher. For the additional fire extinguisher, you might consider storing it in your bathroom if a fire starts while you are in there.

Travel Trailer Accessories 19. Headlamp for Night Emergencies

A headlamp will come in handy a lot; as a result, you should consider investing in a high-quality headlamp. With a high-quality headlamp, you will be able to tackle emergencies with ease, especially in the dark. Emergencies have a nasty habit of occurring at night.

Travel Trailer Accessories 20. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Since you will be boondocking in the wilderness, investing in a tire pressure monitoring system is critical. With this tool, you will know when you are losing pressure before it becomes a significant concern. This is a crucial part of boondocking, which most individuals often ignore and regret later on.

If you are on the lookout for the best boondocking travel trailer accessories, we strongly recommend that you invest in the ones discussed in this article. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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