10 Easy San Marino Recipes To Expand Your Collection

Are you looking for a new twist on traditional San Marino recipes? Look no further than the tiny microstate nestled between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche in North-Central Italy. With a rich cultural heritage and culinary history passed down from generations, San Marino boasts some of Italy’s most mouth-watering San Marino foods.

In this article, you’ll get a taste of some of San Marino’s most delectable San Marino recipes, from succulent roasted kid goat served with quail egg, to crispy Parmesan and walnut biscotti. Plus, you’ll learn about the secret ingredients, cooking methods and traditional customs associated with each San Marino recipe – it’s an Italian feast you won’t want to miss!


The small and historic country of San Marino has an illustrious past. This tiny nation, the world’s oldest existing republic, has been an independent state for more than 1,700 years and continues to offer a link to its fascinating past.

Despite its relatively small area of just over 61 km2, the history of San Marino is incredibly rich. With its strategic location in the heart of Italy, it has seen a great deal of political and cultural change over the centuries.

In this article, readers will learn all about the country’s intriguing history, from its formation in the early 4th century to its international recognition as an independent nation in the present day. From its founding fathers to its tumultuous and triumphant moments, readers will gain a greater understanding of the foundations of this remarkable country and the part it has played in Italian and world history.

San Marino Food Culture

Experience a taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of Europe with San Marino’s local food culture. Boasting a variety of regional San Marino recipes made with classic Italian flavors and regional ingredients, San Marino’s food culture is one to savor.

From the mountain-grown wild asparagus to the mouthwatering cheese made with milk from the herd of local cows, this small European country has a lot to offer when it comes to San Marino food.

In this article, you’ll learn why San Marino food culture has remained unchanged for generations, discover traditional San Marino recipes and mouth-watering San Marino foods, and find out why San Marino is the ideal destination for a taste of the Mediterranean. Let’s get exploring!

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10 San Marino Recipes - Goat Cheese and Herb Cappelletti

San Marino Recipes To Expand Your Collection

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1. Cacciatello by Delicious Italy

1. Cacciatello - San Marino Recipes

This traditional dessert is also called casatello and versions can be found around Romagna, but the San Marino recipe below is genuinely from San Marino, to be precise from a Sammarinese by the name of Rachele.

2. Torta tre Monti by International Cuisine

2. Torta tre Monti - San Marino Recipes

Torta tre monti is a lovely dessert that is considered to be the national dessert of San Marino. It is named for one of its peaks that the tiny county is famous for. It is thin layers of waffled wafers that has a hazelnut and chocolate aka nutella and cream filling. It is glazed with chocolate icing and we served it with a topping of dark chocolate gelato with a cherry on top.

The traditional Sammarinese cake is called torta tre monti, and it is made of wafers sandwiched together with hazelnut cream and/or chocolate. For an extra touch of decadence, the cake’s rim is covered in chocolate fondant. San Marino’s three towers are the inspiration for this three-tiered cake.

3. Goat Cheese and Herb Cappelletti by GustoTV

3. Goat Cheese and Herb Cappelletti

Cappelletti are a fresh pasta that is typically stuffed with meat or cheese and has its roots in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, specifically in the areas around the cities of Modena and Bologna. Aristocrats have been enjoying them as a delicacy since at least the Middle Ages. Their name, cappelletti, comes from the Italian for “little hats” because of their rounded appearance.

4. Cappelletti by The Spruce Eats

4. Cappelletti - San Marino Recipes

True to its Sammarinese roots, cappelletti is a San Marino recipe that won’t break the bank. The dish is a staple of the San Marino lunch scene and can be found on the menus of any of the country’s restaurants. Only flour and meat are used in its preparation. Cappelletti is a special occasion San Marino food that has been prepared for generations.

Cappelletti are a type of stuffed fresh pasta originating from the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, particularly around the towns of Modena and Bologna. They date back at least to the Middle Ages when they were a luxury food for aristocrats’ tables. The name cappelletti means “little hats,” which is what their rounded shape resembles.

Cappelletti can be made either out of circles or squares of dough, which changes their shape slightly, but the folding process is the same. They are most traditionally served in a meat broth, but can also be served in a meat sauce, in gently heated heavy cream, with a simple walnut sauce, or tossed in browned butter with fresh sage.

5. Strozzapreti by The Travel Bite

5. Strozzapreti - San Marino Recipes

Strozzapreti is a typical pasta you’ll find throughout most of Central Italy. But the name quite literally means, “priest choker.” And this translation got a few giggles out of the students in the pasta class. There are a few theories as to how this pasta got such a name.

One theory is quite benevolent, simply that families used to cook extra San Marino recipes and pasta to bring to the poor priests. And, because they gave them so much (Italians do show their love with San Marino food), this rustic easy-to-make pasta was jokingly referred to as “choking the priest.”

San Marino residents tend to have high praise for this standard pasta dish. It’s modified by local chefs who put in things like meat sauce, cheese, etc. Vegetables are a flavorful addition to these Strozzapreti. Besides these, you’ll need flour, water, salt, and meat to make these Strozzapreti.

6. Nidi di Rondine by Global Table Adventure

6. Nidi di Rondine

I’ve finally learned that I can have the best of two worlds: lasagna and cinnamon rolls. The San Marino recipe is called Nidi di Rondine, or Swallow’s Nests. Think fresh sheets of pasta spiraled like a cinnamon bun, but layered with bechamel sauce, cheese, and ham (and a pinch of nutmeg). Then the whole shebang is baked on a bed of more bechamel sauce, under a sprinkling of Parmesan, for an ultra creamy casserole.

The beauty of Nidi di Rondine is how each portion spirals in on itself like a rose or bird’s nest or… or… a giant San Marino food hug. The casserole makes a particularly stunning contribution to a dinner party potluck and is a great conversation starter.

7. Piadina Romagnola by Food and Journeys

7. Piadina - San Marino Recipes

A classic Italian bread from the North-Central region, Piadina Romagnola is a delicious, no-yeast flatbread that is perfect for making sandwiches or as an appetizer! You don’t even need any special ingredient or equipment to make piadina at home — just a rolling pin!

Even though it looks and smells like bread, this is actually a cake. Piadina is made with a variety of ingredients like meat, vegetables, cheese, water, flour, etc. Typically eaten as a light snack in San Marino. However, this healthy meal can be eaten at any time of day.

8. Tuscan Bean Soup by Just Flavor

8. Bean Soup - San Marino Recipes

Check out our Tuscan Bean Soup – San Marino recipe. ⁠We blitzed half the soup to achieve that naturally creamy texture from the cannellini beans. Added some potatoes to help thicken the soup as well. Seasoned with Just Flavor’s Italian to bring those hearty flavors together in one San Marino food you’ll be done in 30 minutes!

This bean soup is a staple in every part of San Marino. The San Marino recipe is fairly ordinary, but it is both nutritious and delicious. In some variations, pork rinds are also included. It goes well with pasta and can be eaten at any time. Bean soup, however, is typically served in the evening.

9. San Marino Chicken Fideo Soup by The Recipe Cookbook

9. San Marino Chicken Fideo Soup

Chicken fideo, also know as chicken sopita, is a delicious Mexican soup perfect to serve as a main meal. The San Marino recipe features fideo pasta simmered with chicken in a light tomato sauce and vegetables. This is an easy prep meal, budget-friendly, nutritious, and can feed a large family.

This soup is a delicious and more complete version of the traditional sopa de fideo (fideo soup) with the addition of chicken and vegetables to the mix that makes it more complete, nutritious and of course, delicious.

10. Steak San Marino by Slurrp

10. Steak San Marino

I’m a busy pastor’s wife and mother of three, and this delicious, inexpensive and easy main San Marino food helps my day run smoother! The steak is so tender and flavorful, my kids gobble it up and my husband asks for seconds.

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