Easy TexMex Chicken Foil Packets Campfire Recipe

The best reason for using campfire foil packets is that the less you use the oven and stove when cooking in an RV during the summer, the better.

Both can quickly increase the temperature of your area, making it uncomfortable and placing strain on your air conditioner to keep up. That is why I adore this Tex Mex chicken foil packets campfire recipe.

Less cleanup is required and your RV will stay cooler when you cook meals from campfire chicken foil packets on the grill or campfire. Pans or plates, for that matter, need not be soiled.

Simply open your campfire chicken foil packets and start eating on top of your plate or you can even place foil packets right on a picnic table. This TexMex chicken foil packets campfire recipe taste fantastic and comes together so quickly.

Campfire Chicken Foil Packets Are Ideal for Various Diets

For those of us who have to make meals for both meat eaters and vegetarians, foil package dinners are among the simplest to prepare. Each family member has their own personalized packet and is prepared to depart. Everyone is fed and satisfied. The foil packets are excellent for an easy vegetarian meal.

Learn How To Create/Fold A Foil Packet Correctly

A great camping dish depends on knowing how to fold the aluminum foil package. Following this simple step-by-step guide will guarantee quick and simple campfire or grilling meals!

We always have recipes for heavy duty aluminum foil on hand. These meals are always appreciated, regardless of whether we are camping, barbecuing, or baking them at home. The key to keeping the mixture together while cooking is actually folding the components into a strong package.

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How to Fold Your Food Into The Perfect Packet For Campfire Cooking


✪ Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
✪ Nonstick Cooking Spray
✪ A Good All-In-One Recipe


1. To begin, cut a piece of sturdy aluminum foil large enough to accommodate your dinner. 12 to 18 inches length is ideal.

2. Spray nonstick cooking spray all over.

3. Arrange your meal in layers in the foil’s center. In order to expose them to the heat directly, place the foods that take longer to cook on the outside of the pile.

4. Right above the food, bring the two longer edges together. The top seal is made by twice folding the edges together toward the food. Remember to leave room for steam and swelling.

5. To make a tight bundle, press the shorter side edges together and fold. Cook in the oven, on the grill, or over hot coals in accordance with your recipe.

Actually, you’ll only need two things to get rolling. The remainder is included in the recipe! If you don’t have heavy-duty aluminum foil, you can use normal foil instead. Make sure to increase or triple the layers of foil. AND Cooking spray: We enjoy using Pam. Anything works, just make sure to spray the foil thoroughly before you begin to assemble your dinner.

Then, there is the good recipe. That’s where this TexMex chicken foil packets campfire recipe comes in. However, did you know that you can make other things in foil besides dinners? A breakfast, a snack, a dessert, side dishes, these may all be prepared in a aluminum foil packet!

Steps and Prepping for Creating Campfire Chicken Foil Packets for Your Camping Meals

You’ll observe that there are many phases and a lot of preparation (about 20 minutes). It pays well to prepare all the vegetables and other ingredients in advance at this point, just like any recipe. Before you are ready to start preparing the entire dish, I usually advise everyone to read everything through completely at least once.

• Heat the grill to a medium-high heat.

• Put five foil pieces measuring 9 by 14 inches on a counter. Then open after folding. Create a small foil pocket by curving the edges in.

• Put the chicken in the foil after pounding it and cutting it into equal pieces. Olive oil and 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning should be added. Mix thoroughly until the chicken is covered on both sides. In the middle of the foil, put a piece of chicken. Continue until all the chicken is distributed.

• Next, open your ziplock bag of pre-chopped veggies and divide the rest of your ingredients and start placing them on the chicken pieces until each packet is full. Go crazy with the toppings; they truly make this recipe pop! Avocado is one of our favorites, and fresh cilantro. The topping options are infinite, and we’ve tried it with southwest ranch, green onions, and more. Make it your way. This is YOUR TexMex chicken foil packets campfire recipe. Your results will always be delicious!

• Start sealing the campfire chicken foil packets. Fold in half, then pull each side upward and scrunch it shut until it is completely sealed. You don’t want any liquid or air (steam while cooking) to escape.

• Now that you made your own packet or packets, put them on a baking sheet or platter before moving them to the grill. Turn down the grill’s medium-high heat to a lower temperature and cook the food for 40 minutes. Flip the campfire chicken foil packets two to three times during process to cook evenly on both sides.

• Open the pockets slowly after the cook time of 40 minutes have passed. Your chicken breast’s temperature should be checked. If it reaches 160, add the cheese, 1 tablespoon of fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Put back on the fire for five minutes to melt.

• Take off the grill, then serve these foil pack meals of juicy chicken right away.

Texmex chicken foil packets campfire recipe

Easy TexMex Chicken Foil Packets Campfire Recipe


• 1 cup chopped veggies (red onion, bell pepper, diced tomatoes)
• can of mini corn
• Freshly squeezed lime juice from 1 small lime
• 1 tablespoon Mexican Spice Blend or more to taste!
• 1 6-7 ounce boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1⁄2 inch thick
• 1⁄2 cup mild salsa
• 1⁄2 cup shredded taco cheese
• sour cream, optional
• guacamole, optional
• chopped green onion to top


1. Pound chicken breast to 1⁄2 inch thickness

2. Evenly spread veggies onto the foil

3. Lay chicken breast on top of veggies

4. Top chicken breast with salsa and cheese

5. Seal the campfire chicken foil packets tightly, allowing for some expansion

6. Place foil packet on grill rack over the campfire

7. Cook for 35-50 minutes, turning over halfway through

8. Chicken is finished when it reaches 165 degrees F

9. Top with chopped green onion or cilantro and other optional toppings.

Ways To Cook The TexMex Chicken Foil Packets Campfire Recipe

On a campfire: The key here is to set the main dish meals on hot embers rather than right on the flames. Additionally, make sure the coals are fully hot. I advise use mature white coals rather than bright red coals. Make sure there are enough hot coals for the bottom of the packet to be completely covered.

Grill: Set your grill’s temperature to around 400 degrees. The campfire chicken foil packets should be grilled on the grill grates until the meat is thoroughly cooked and the vegetables are tender.

In an Oven: Use only one layer of foil when cooking the meal in tin foil in the oven. Cook the foil meal for 30 to 45 minutes, or until the meat is thoroughly cooked, and the veggies are mushy. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Helpful Hints: Cooking In Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

1. Spray on cooking oil! The last thing you want is for your food to adhere to the foil.

2. Make sure the piece of foil you use is big enough.

3. Make thin veggie slices. particularly vegetables that require a little more time to cook. This shortens the cooking process. You do not have to use fresh vegetables, frozen or canned will also work.

4. Start with the things that need to cook the longest. They should be placed closest to the heat source.

5. Use thin meat when cooking to save time. We prefer to thinly distribute hamburger or cut chicken into strips and not thicker than half an inch.

6. Before including the meat in the package, season it. Salt and pepper are added to the chicken, and seasoning is mixed right into the ground beef. This is where you can spice your meal up with a little extra flavor by using chili powder and jalapenos.

7. Except when using quick rice, prepare the pasta , white rice or brown rice in advance.

8. Place your packet meat side down to begin. Additionally, you should rotate the campfire chicken foil packets at least two or three times.

9. You can customize it to your tastes if you want to make this more fun for the family. Create an assembly line and let everyone build their own meals, adding anything their heart desires to their packets!

10. Even while this recipe is really excellent as is, why not spice it up? Here are a couple of our list of extras for this dish: Guacamole, sour cream, diced peppers, rice, cilantro, and/or tortilla chips to be served on the side.

Tex Mex

Final Thoughts: Easy TexMex Chicken Foil Packets Campfire Recipe

Once you know how to make the aluminum foil packet, you can cook an unlimited amount of meals while boondocking. If you pre-prep your vegetables at home, you are giving yourself more time to enjoy the whole camping experience.

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