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2 Huge Death Valley Drone Video Flight Tips

2 Huge Death Valley Drone Video Flight Tips

We were lucky enough to take some good Death Valley drone video at a time when it was not banned. While you cannot take those videos today, there are plenty of other sites like BLM land and National forests to name a few. Most of the Western United States is BLM land. It is some of the most beautiful flying areas around.

You should never have a problem finding a good place to shoot drone footage. Taking perfect smooth footage with your drone can take time and practice, but with the advancements in cameras, drones and the editing process, success is only a short time away.

2 Tips For Death Valley Drone Video

Wait For the Best Light

Shooting during the golden hour will produce the best cinematic drone footage. This time just before or after sunset eliminates many of the harsh overexposed areas you get when the sun is up above the horizon. The colors are more vibrant and gives viewers a much better video experience.

Eliminate ‘Jello’ Caused By Blade Imbalance

This is the bane of all drone pilots, unbalanced props that vibrate and ruin the video. Another problem many experience is banking to much and having the blades as part of the footage.

To avoid these two issues always balance the props before every flight. Fly the drone to the point you want your video to end and fly toward your target. Reverse the video in the post edit process.

I know you will find the Death Valley video we created enjoyable and I hope you watch the entire 4 part series of Death Valley videos. We are in hopes that some of the new changes in drone law may give us the chance to create more Death Valley drone video footage at a later time.

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