11 Deliciously Authentic Equatorial Guinea Recipe Choices

These dishes provide a delicious, easy way to enjoy the flavors of Equatorial Guinea recipes without having to travel to the region. It makes international cuisine accessible to anyone and can add a unique twist to everyday meals.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting gastronomic journey? Equatorial Guinea, located off the western coast of Africa, is home to some of the richest and most flavorful dishes in the world. From stews and soups steeped in history to mouth-watering desserts, the cuisine of Equatorial Guinea food is a must for any food lover.

This article will delve into the distinctive, complex flavors of Equatorial Guinea recipes of traditional meals, revealing ingredients and dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and have you wanting more. Discover the unique flavors of this African nation, exploring all the delicious dishes Equatorial Guinea has to offer.

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Equatorial Guinea Recipe Choices - Spinach Sauce

11 Deliciously Authentic Equatorial Guinea Recipe Choices

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1. Sopa de Pescado by Dominican Cooking

1. Sopa de Pescado - Equatorial Guinea recipe

This Equatorial Guinea recipe of fish soup makes a flavorful homemade sopa de pescado, one of those Equatorial Guinea food recipes that we can eat any month of the year, regardless of the weather. Comforting, filling and surprisingly healthful, this is one of my favorite soups.

A steaming bowl of sopa de pescado (fish head soup) is supposed to “raise the dead”, in the word of Dominican grandmas, and -according to old wives- it improved the “animos” (energy), helps in the quick recovery of lost strength, and restores the proper functioning of the female organs; and who knows what many other things.

2. Equatorial Guinea Spinach Sauce by International Cuisine

2. Equatorial Guinea Spinach Sauce

This Equatorial Guinea recipe for spinach sauce is very tasty. It could be made with a variety of greens aside from spinach. I was happy to make it as I just happen to have an abundance of spinach in my garden. The taste was great on the marinated and grilled swai. It would be great on any type of fish or even chicken.

3. Nkate Cake by 196 Flavors

3. Nkate Cake - Equatorial Guinea recipe

Nkate cake is a delicious sweet that is a popular Equatorial Guinea food and in Ghana. It is also known as kongodo in some regions. There are few treats or desserts in Equatorial Guinea. However, kongodo (or nkate cake) is the most popular traditional dessert of the country.

Known as peanut brittle in the United States, nkate cake is relatively fast in execution. Like this Equatorial Guinea recipe it only requires a few ingredients, you have to follow a few rules to make a perfect one as cooking caramel is the key to success.

4. Baked Caramelized Banana (Akwadu) by Polka Dot Passport

4. Baked Caramelized Banana - Equatorial Guinea recipe

This easy technique for caramelizing bananas involves sprinkling banana halves with coconut oil, coconut sugar, spices and lemon juice and baking them in the oven until golden, then topping with toasted coconut flakes. This akwadu Equatorial Guinea recipe makes for a quick, easy and delish sweet treat!

Admittedly, we were rather limited on vegetarian Equatorial Guinea food we could make for our Equatorial Guinea food recipes, which is why we ended up going for this baked banana Equatorial Guinea recipe, or Akwadu, as it is known in Equatorial Guinea. This won’t be the first time we have made a banana recipe for an African country.

In fact, we actually made these baked bananas as an accompaniment to our banana fritters from Djibouti.

5. Equatorial Guinea Pescado con Tres Salsas by International Cuisine

5. Equatorial Guinea Pescado con Tres Salsas

A super delicious fish Equatorial Guinea recipe with a choice of three sauces. All three sauces are also very common in Gabon as well. The fish can be any kind you like that will hold up to marinating and a grill. I used Swai and it was outstanding!

This Equatorial Guinea food called fish with three sauces is really delicious. The truth is the marinated fish was so wonderful, it really didn’t need any sauce at all. Here is the Equatorial Guinea recipe for just the fish and the sauce Equatorial Guinea recipes are listed separately.

6. Curried Okra by 196 Flavors

6. Curried Okra - Equatorial Guinea recipe

India meets Africa in this lightly spiced curried okra Equatorial Guinea food called hot curried okra hailing all the way from Equatorial Guinea.

Indians traded with Africans from the east coast and their curried spices blended with African okra to produce some very delightful Equatorial Guinea foods. African cuisine is a generalized term collectively referring to the cuisines of Africa. The continent of Africa is the second largest landmass on Earth, and is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups.

This diversity is also reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of ingredients, style of preparation and cooking techniques.

7. Kansiyé Stew by Worlds Fare

7. Kansiyé Stew - Equatorial Guinea recipe

Kansiyé is a stew which is serve with rice. This is a very traditional Equatorial Guinea food and is easy to make.

When I changed careers several years ago, I had the jarring experience of going from excellent income to virtually no income, and was forced to learn how to be rampantly frugal. It occurred to me early on that a major portion of the world has no money and yet continues to eat.

So I put away my haute cuisine cookbooks and pursued the bon marché, concentrating on the cuisine of the Third World. It was fun, it was delicious, it was cheap, and most of it was actually good for you.

8. Chicken and Butternut Squash Tagine by Life Of the Party Always

8. Chicken and Butternut Squash Tagine

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. There are 47 countries, 53 if you count the islands off the coast of Africa and is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups. On our International Cooking Tour we will divide Africa into 5 regions.

After all this travel, a person works up quite an appetite! We’re going to dive into a North African favorite, Tagine and Couscous! This is African comfort food!

9. National Dish of Equatorial Guinea – Succotash by Foreign Fork

9. National Dish of Equatorial Guinea – Succotash by

Lima Beans and Corn Succotash Equatorial Guinea recipe is a simple but filling stew of corn, lima beans and other vegetables that can be served as a Equatorial Guinea food side dish or the main course.

Succotash is a simple vegetable side dish Equatorial Guinea food with many variations. It’s easy to switch it up as the basis is corn and lima beans–which pair well with so many other vegetables including onions, squash, sweet bell peppers and tomatoes.

10. Boiled Yams by International Cuisine

10. Boiled Yams - Equatorial Guinea recipe

The Equatorial Guinea food recipe from boiled yams is super simple and delicious. The yams found in that region are probably a bit different than you would find in your local supermarket. A white yam if you can find a real one would be the closest. I was able to find them in my local Asian market and really enjoyed them with the sauces that were part of the fish with three sauces main dish.

11. Peanut Sauce by International Cuisine

11. Peanut Sauce - Equatorial Guinea recipe

This Equatorial Guinea peanut sauce was served as part of the fish with three sauces and it was my husbands favorite. Peanut butter or ground nut sauces are loved throughout Africa and for good reason they are yummy! Sometimes it is not served with a protein like fish but simply enjoyed with some fufu or boiled yams. Enjoy and adjust the heat to your liking.

Summing Up: Equatorial Guinea Recipes and Equatorial Guinea Food

Authentic Equatorial Guinea recipes are an eclectic mix of comfort foods, savory spices and rich flavors. Not only is it a delightful treat for the taste buds, but it is also a unique window into the country’s culture, heritage and history. By exploring the traditional ingredients, techniques, and recipes of Equatorial Guinea, you are taking part in a centuries-old culinary tradition that can provide a lovely bridge between cultures and nations.

Whether you prefer the savory tostones, refreshing agua de coco, or the tangy tamarind salad, there are countless mouth-watering Equatorial Guinea recipes to explore. “Taste is not only a physical sensation, but a way to connect us to memories, customs, and stories,” said celebrity chef José Andres.

No matter what you choose, the tastes, aromas, and flavors of Equatorial Guinea recipes, they will leave a lasting impression on your palette. So, go ahead—experience Equatorial Guinea food for yourself and discover the amazing flavors of authentic Equatorial Guinea recipes.

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