10 Best Budapest Travel Hot Spots to Visit


Needless to say, my first trip to Budapest travel hot spots was a very cultural experience. I would recommend a Budapest travel experience for anyone. The people, sightseeing, cuisine, and entertainment were all options available. I was able to take the trip with my wife which also turned out to be very romantic. I was able to find great traveling discounts to Budapest. As always I earned reward points for future traveling on my credit card.

There is rarely any crime in Budapest. You should however always take extra precautions on crowded trams.

First of all, I looked for other heavy tourist areas to meet new people and get recommendations on where to go. Hungary does not lack places to see like the Parliament Building and Heroes’ Square. I didn’t want to miss a thing so, I took notes from other tourists at the hotel. I could knock out the destination and activities on my bucket list with their help. We were always looking for anything that would make a memorable experience.

Budapest Budget Travel Tips

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Budapest Travel for Foodies

1. Fine Dining

If you’re prepared to spend a little money, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Hungary. I chose to eat at the Borkonyha Winehouse restaurant to explore some of their best dishes. I ate their fois gras dishes that were available in a mirror-lined dining room. Their duck rillette dish was one of my favorites. The staff was courteous and catered to my needs. I was able to create a romantic atmosphere for me and my wife. We both enjoyed the palinka, a tasty brandy that included fruit. I would recommend the Borkonyha to anyone. Plus, tourist can enjoy a collection of their signature dishes too.

2. Restaurants

You can choose from hundreds of restaurants with children’s menu food and drinks. The average meal for two will cost you under $25 in American dollars. Their food is a metaphor for the city with an onslaught of dishes to tempt your tastebuds. Their restaurants are stylish and create an ambiance that many tourists can enjoy. There were many restaurants that were around the corner from my lodging. You can enjoy plenty of meat-filled restaurants, but they also offer vegan cuisine. I particularly enjoyed their open-aired restaurants and cozy cafes.

3. Snacks

– langos
– goulash
– fisherman’s soup
– noodle-based chili dishes

Hoppacska is one of their favorite snacks. Your Budapest travel should include one of the many local dishes they have to offer. Their restaurants work hard to please any palate and cater to your taste-buds. They have plenty of meaty filled dishes, as well as their vegan cuisine.

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My Budapest Hotel

I decided to stay at the beautiful Cosmo City hotel in the heart of Budapest. They offered great room service, in-suite amenities, and a spacious room. In fact, I paid through Budapest currency and received a great deal in comparison to the US currency. I paid an average of $73 per night for two weeks and earned an extra night under my hotel booking loyalty program. Their guided walking tour was another one of my favorites.

I was also thrilled with the responsive nature of their hotel agents. They cost a little more than nearby hotels, but their 4.3-star rating out of 5 stars makes the cost worth every penny.

Popular Budapest Travel Destinations

1. Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Budapest has long been heralded for being the home of the spas. In fact, their indoor and outdoor thermal bath options set the mood for a great weekend for me and my wife. They offer stunning architecture with a neo-Renaissance atmosphere. I enjoyed the open air space that was available to their guests. Their thermal spa helped us relax, de-stress, and be social.

2. St. Stephen’s Basilica

As one of the tallest buildings in Budapest, it’s an eye-catcher. It is a standard 96 meters tall and construction finished in 1905. The interior was free to tour, but the panoramic view from the dome costs a small fee that was worth it. The skyline view from the dome is breathtaking and offer perfect photographs. This was the highest point available to see the surrounding view of Hungary. I would recommend this spot on your Budapest travel.

3. Vajahunyad Castle

The Budapest castle started as a Millennial Exhibition in 1886. It is one of the most popular Budapest destinations. Thousands of tourist visit it each year. The original creation of cardboard and wood received a renovation in the late 1960s. Today, the unique castle design features many attractions that are unique to Budapest. Enjoy many replica buildings throughout this amazing castle.

Transportation in Budapest

Budapest is a very walkable community. You can find a lot of things by sightseeing. The funicular is on the Buda side and is budget-friendly sightseeing tool. Take a ride up to the castle or see the classic Danube.

Don’t hesitate to jump right into the fun as I did. There is so much to see and do on a trip to Budapest. I paid for my purchases in Forints, but some places accept Euros. The banks in Budapest have a better foreign exchange policy than the US. You’ll be able to save money in exchanging currency by doing so in Budapest. I enjoyed every part of my Budapest travel. The weather is always moderate with variable temperatures. The best time to visit is from March to May. You can also get help from a tourist guide if you’re interested in traveling to Budapest.

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