Jaipur India: 4 Best Things to See and What to Do

Jaipur India: What to See and What to Do. There are so many wonderful sights to take in and so many activities available. You need to take part so that you can get the full experience of this wonderful city. Get the most out of your trip by reading these tips and tricks on visiting India.

Private guided tours of the city are perfect for large groups of people. Tour companies plan according to the interests of the group attending. The friendly, trained tour guide will help you experience the wonders of the Pink City.

Jaipur India Destination #1 Shopping in the Bazaars

In Jaipur India always try bargaining at the local bazaars and learning to barter like a local. Experience the Rajasthani cuisine at the local restaurants. Witness breathtaking sunsets from the top of Amber Fort. Your tour guide will know every the place to take you.

Another way to experience life in Jaipur, India from a local’s perspective is to hop on a bus. Tour the city, climbing on and off at whatever interests you. Nobody knows Jaipur better than the locals and they will be more than happy to point out the “must-see” places.

Johari Bazaar is one of these “must-see” places. The Hindi word Johari translates to “jeweler”. Johari Bazaar is one of the most well-known bazaars in Jaipur. It is bursting at the seams with jewelry glittering and colorful. You need to take part so that you can get the full experience of this wonderful city.

Jaipur India Destination #2 Buy Silver and Emeralds in the Johari Bazaar

Johari Bazaar is home to hundreds of vendors. Some trade in silver and gold items, others precious gemstones and semi-precious gems. Tourists are always overwhelmed by the huge amounts of jewels. Please take heed you should still make sure you buy your pieces from a reputable vendor. as there are many who would try to trick the unknowing tourist by selling fake jewels. Jaipur is often referred to as the Emerald City as it is well-known for the manufacture of Emeralds.

Johari Bazaar is a treasure chest of handcrafted saris. Many of which have used the method of tie-dye giving them a mixture of color.

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Jaipur India Destination #3  Hawa Mahal Palace

Hawa Mahal another distinctive landmark in Jaipur. A beautiful sandstone palace straight out of a fairy-tale story. The palace constructed many years ago and is five stories high. Its design was so that ladies of the royal household could watch life in the city. The palace now boasts a small museum. The museum houses paintings and relics so that those who visit can experience the royal past.

Gulab Maha. situated in the Tah Mahal Palace is the best restaurant in Jaipur, India. The menu is made from real Rajput traditional luxury meals. The decor transports you back to the days of the Rajput. You cannot visit Jaipur without experiencing the cuisine at Gulab Mahal. You have not experienced Jaipur until you have tantalized your taste buds the Rajput way.

Jaipur India Destination #4 Amber Fort and Rajasthan Countryside

The Amber Fort is one of the most famous forts of Rajestan in history. Amber Fort was once the capital of the state before changing to Jaipur. The architecture of the fort boasts both Hindi and Muslim architecture. Although from the outside the building shows its age, on the inside it is magnificent. The fort houses the Shila Devi temple. The gate that leads to the private palaces of the kings, Ganesh Pol, is also housed in the fort. The fort is about a 20-minute ride from Jaipur, India.

Visit the home of the world’s largest cannon on wheels, the Jaivana, You will find this cannon at the Jaigarh Fort. This fort was the center of artillery production for the Rajputs.

Depending on the time of year you visit Jaipur, India, you could be able to witness local festivals. Some like you have never seen before. Visit in March you will be able to take part in the breathtaking Holi Festival. It is the festival at which you will experience India at it’s happiest. Music, dancing and a rainbow of colorful powders.

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The Festival of Colors or Holi Festival celebration takes place each year at the beginning of Spring. Music, dancing and a rainbow of colorful powders. The Festival of Colors or Holi Festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of Spring and it coincides with and the full moon of Phagun (12th) month on the Hindi calendar. There is no possibility of missing out if you are in Jaipur at the right time.

Jaipur, India an absolute wonder, full of sounds, tastes, and landmarks. Makes you feel like jumping on an airplane right now! I know that I will be on a plane to Jaipur for the Holi Festival this year and can barely contain my excitement.

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