22 Free NW Kansas Boondocking – RV Parking & Camping Spots

Discover the best of the Great Plains’ largest state while utilizing free NW Kansas boondocking, Whether you’re excited to visit the state or just seeking the greatest overnighters while you travel across the country. Kansas’ state anthem, “Home on the Range,” is possibly the most precise string of syllables for this place in the United States.

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About Free NW Kansas Boondocking Locations

Much of Kansas is made up of long, flat drives through endless cornfields where one begins to bargain with Aladdin’s genie for the following three wishes:
1) a bend in the road,
2) any type of petrol station, and
3) a second bend in the road, please!
However, Kansas, like other stereotypes, is ready and willing to shatter the pattern we’ve created in our heads.

The Top Four NW Kansas Camping Spots

You don’t have to try to drive the entire 410 miles of the Jayhawker State in one day. NW Kansas RV parking, has a plethora of five-star camping alternatives giving you lots of opportunities to get off the interstate and rest for the night. Or you could perhaps explore a back-road or two and discover something new.

1. Ellis Lakeside City Campground is the current and clear winner for favorite RV park, with cottonwood-shaded lakes perfect for fishing and easy access from I-70 bringing in travelers in droves for $20 or less.

2. Gunsmoke RV Park, just outside of Dodge City and well off the usual road, is the runner-up, where you can anticipate pleasant service and whispers of the Old West still wafting along the train tracks that have been flowing westward since Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were in charge.

3. The popular Salina KOA serves as a nice midway point for those simply wishing to put some interstate miles behind them,

4. Marysville City Park will get you into the “genuine” Kansas.

The Best State Parks in Kansas

If state parks are your thing, Kansas has a number of them, including some that are five-star campgrounds. The state park system is doing everything it can to change minds, one camper at a time, for anyone who believes Kansas has just one view to give. Don’t forget to look into their NW Kansas hiking trails.

Chase State Fishing Lake is a destination in and of itself for outdoor enthusiasts looking for some of the state’s best natural offerings. It also has prime NW Kansas boondocking locations an is close to Tallgrass Prairie, where only a sliver of what was once hundreds of millions of acres of prairie stretching across Middle America is still preserved.

Sheridan State Fishing Lake, located across the state and perfectly positioned for those traveling the quieter US Highway 24. It offers free NW Kansas camping spots with beachfront camping and some minimal amenities — picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets — to satisfy those campers who crave wide-open spaces and low, low pricing.

Wilson State Park, located less than a carton of egg’s worth of minutes north of I-70 in the heart of the state, has some 30′ sandstone pillars that look more at home in Utah than here in the Great Plains. If you just want to see one of the sweetest sites that were nearly wiped off the face of the United States, Prairie Dog State Park is home to hundreds of the little buggers that have set up prairie dog cities galore after wandering in after the state park was given its name.

State fishing lakes are managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (which was recently renamed). These are places that have NW Kansas hiking trails and spots where you can camp for free, albeit in a rudimentary manner. Many of the properties include lakes that are around 200 acres in size. Pit toilets will be provided, but no potable water will be available.

You can camp for up to 14 days at no cost. They’re a little out of the way, and you’ll have to scour the internet for references to them. Find the Locations of Kansas State Fishing Lakes.

KDWPT Offers Free NW Kansas RV Parking & Camping

Free camping in Kansas is quite plentiful and frequently surprisingly diverse for a section of the country believed to be a “fly-over state.” RVers can find a free NW Kansas boondocking spot to stay at national grasslands, city parks, private enterprises, and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism campgrounds. There are also numerous free dump facilities throughout the state.

The Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism provides the majority of free NW Kansas boondocking locations in the Sunflower State. Some of the best free camping. A dozen recreation parks strewn across the state offer approved camping places, always near a lake. It is possible to cross the Great Kansan Plains, along the highway, you’ll see a sign that says “State Fishing Lake”. It’s also likely that you’ll be able to find a free camping place there.

Between Topeka and Kansas City, there’s Leavenworth State Fishing Lake, and near Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, there’s Chase State Fishing Lake. While they tend to cluster in the eastern side of the state, these camping places can be found all across the state.

Kansas County and City Parks offer free NW Kansas Camping Spots

Aside from the state-run campgrounds, many small towns have been gracious enough to provide campers a place to stay for a night or two using their NW Kansas camping spots. Some of them, such as Davis Park Campground in Greensburg, Kansas, and Medicine Lodge’s city park, even have electricity.

However, most of these locations are nothing more than a parking lot with a restroom, some picnic tables, and sometimes a boat ramp or a playground. One of the attractions is Antelope Lake County Park, which offers shoreline camping and one of the state’s most unique amenities … ample shade!

Cimarron National Grassland Offers Free Dispersed Camping.

If national forests are your thing, Kansas has you covered with national grasslands. Just beyond the park, Cimarron offers bare-bones boondocking. Expect nothing in the way of landscape, as this isn’t your standard national forest. The location isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good alternative for campers who want to see what a national grassland is like or just need a fast, free overnight stop while traveling Kansas State Route 51.

More Free NW Kansas RV Parking For Overnight Camping

In addition to the public areas mentioned previously, several companies provide free parking. Not quite campsites, these are usually just a parking spot at the back of a Walmart parking lot, and while it’s not needed, the intention is that you’ll shop there while you’re there. Be respectful of other customers and attempt to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

In general, etiquette dictates that you do not set out your chairs or awning, and that you otherwise remain unobtrusive. These are, nevertheless, totally legal places to stay the night. Walmart and Cabella’s with this policy are mostly located along I-70 and US 50, making them ideal for getting some rest on the lengthy journey across Kansas. Before settling in for the night, make sure to check with management or security.

Also worth noting is that the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, nicknamed Strataca, offers free camping in their parking area to those who are in the mood for some NW Kansas hiking so they can tour the mines.

Best Boondocking and Hiking Trails in Kansas

22 Free NW Kansas Boondocking – RV Parking & Camping Spots

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1. Free NW Kansas Boondocking – Camp Pawnee

Unnamed Rd, Larned, KS 67550
Larned, Kansas
GPS: 38.177454, -99.168021
Elevation: 2029′

Management: Public – County Park (Official)

The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. Camp Pawnee is open April through October. There are 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited.Flat field next to the (small) Pawnee River.

2. NW Kansas Boondocking Locations – Larned City Park

559 W 1st St, Larned, KS 67550
Larned, Kansas
GPS: 38.174297, -99.106064
Elevation: 2004′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

You may stay 3 days at Larned City Park.May only be for bicyclists and/or tenters; not sure. Get permit at police station (419 Broadway) in advance, open 24/7. Park is adjacent to municipal pool (free showers). Set up your tent in any of several grassy areas around pool area — if in doubt, ask at pool.

3. NW Kansas Camping Spots – Sterling City Park

474 S. 3rd St.
Sterling, Kansas
GPS: 38.204924, -98.202929
Elevation: 1639′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. There are 16-29 campsites at this location. You may stay 14 days at Sterling City Park. Free for tenters, $20 for RVs. Pretty park. Next to RR tracks. Train comes through approx. once daily. Tenters in summer should ignore posted rules and camp back by tracks to avoid late-night fumigation truck and noise from passing cars & pedestrians at all hours. Showers ($3) in bathhouse.

4. NW Kansas RV Parking – Lyons City Park

711 W Taylor St
Lyons, Kansas
GPS: 38.34003, -98.21036
Elevation: 1693′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. There are 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited. You may stay 5 days at Lyons City Park. Restrooms, showers, electrical, shade. Nice place.

5. NW Kansas Hiking – Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area

125-139 NE 60 Rd, Great Bend, KS 67530
Great Bend, Kansas
GPS: 38.448805, -98.751191
Elevation: 1812′

Management: Public – State Wildlife Area (Official)

This is a side lane parallel to the main gravel road, a half-mile west of the Wildlife Refuge main office. There is no room for RVs — just pull your vehicle off to the side of the lane so others can go around. Picnic tables. No toilets or other services.

6. Free NW Kansas Boondocking – Marquette City Park

310 N Washington St., Marquette, KS
Marquette, Kansas
GPS: 38.555852, -97.83435
Elevation: 1393′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. Tent camping only — no place for an RV. A town elder says police may stop by to verify but won’t evict. Restrooms are 24/7 in the park and also at the motorcycle museum down Main Street. (There is also a hostel on Main at the Art Lounge building, next to the bar and City Hall.) People at the bar are helpful and will answer questions, but won’t necessarily know about camping.

7. NW Kansas Boondocking Locations – Larsen City

93-95 Freedom Street
Courtland, Kansas
GPS: 39.781455, -97.892889
Elevation: 1499′

Management: Public – City Park

Was here Sunday Oct 13, 2019. There was 1 rig here when we were here. It seems that you pull next to the pavilion to get power. There is only 110 and no 30 amp service. The bathrooms were locked and the water was cut off at the outside spigot. There is a small playground here, dumpster, pavilion, 2 grills, bathrooms, and a ball field. The city water tower is in the middle of the park.

8. NW Kansas Camping Spots – Jamestown SWA

Marsh Trail
Jamestown, Kansas
GPS: 39.66217, -97.90479
Elevation: 1394′

Management: Public – State Park

Jamestown SWA is open Sep-Apr. This is a free dispersed campsite. Reservations are not accepted at this campsite. Beautiful place to park lots of wildlife. Would have stayed overnight but flash flood warning.

9. NW Kansas RV Parking – Randall City

103 Main Street
Randall, Kansas
GPS: 39.639643, -98.043957
Elevation: 1447′

Management: Public – City Park

ust a basic city park in a dying town. There is a pavilion with a 110 receptacle, and water spigot. There is 1 fire ring. Bathroom pit toilets with no roof. Could hold any size rig. Next to feed and seed mills so it was noisy at this time of year.

10. NW Kansas Hiking – Chautauqua Park

Beloit, Kansas
GPS: 39.455099, -98.113645
Elevation: 1365′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. Chautauqua Park is open Jan 16 to Oct 24. There are 6-15 campsites at this location.This city park, at a bend in the Solomon Rover, has lots of trees and offers electric hookups. Beloit is the gateway to Waconda Lake, also known as Glen Elder Reservoir with many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast including fishing, boating and hunting.

11. Free NW Kansas Boondocking – Jewell City Park

Main Street
Jewell, Kansas
GPS: 39.670399, -98.155289
Elevation: 1557′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. Jewell City Park is open year round. Free overnight camping and electrical hookup for $5.oo a night. Also has a dump station.

12. NW Kansas Boondocking Locations – Mankato City Park

Mankato, Kansas
GPS: 39.786049, -98.214981
Elevation: 1724′

Management: Public – City Park (Unofficial)

Mankato City Park is open year-round . There are 1-5 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited area. You may stay 3 nights at Mankato City Park. Mankato is located on Highway 36 in north central Kansas. Huge Elm and Cottonwood trees shade the park. The spacious area has access to several 20 amp electric plugs and water is available. New restrooms are open 24 hours.

13. NW Kansas Camping Spots – Jewell County State Park

Jewell, Kansas
GPS: 39.698024, -98.28215
Elevation: 1683′

Management: Public – State Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. There are 6-15 campsites at this location. Surrounded by grassland hills, Jewell State Lake was constructed primarily as a fishing area. This normally heavily used lake is between Glen Elder and Lovewell Reservoirs and provides a sheltered retreat not found on the bigger waters.

14. NW Kansas RV Parking – Town of Burr Oak

Burr Oak, Kansas
GPS: 39.87025, -98.306
Elevation: 1663′

Management: Public – City Land (Official)

Two full hookup sites – $7.00 a night. Unlimited parking (no hookups) FREE The City has an abandoned ball field which is mowed where anybody can park for FREE. There are also some private lots where you can park for free. Town is very small and these sites are very easy to find or just talk to a local.

15. NW Kansas Hiking – Downs City Park

Downs, Kansas
GPS: 39.509127, -98.541135
Elevation: 1493′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

Three free RV sites with electrical access. No water. Public bathrooms open to public. Very clean, quiet and well-maintained. Located on Hwy. 24.

16. Free NW Kansas Boondocking – Goodman State Fishing Lake

Unnamed Road
Ness City, Kansas
GPS: 38.387305, -99.853801
Elevation: 2205′

Management: Public – State Park

This is a free dispersed campsite. Reservations are not accepted at this campsite. The road in was dirt in good condition. My campsite had a shelter, fire ring, and picnic table on mowed grass next to the lake. No charge or registration required. Vault toilet and trash dumpster were nearby. Nice lake view in the evening. Peaceful, quite, and relaxing. Three bars of Verizon LTE.

17. NW Kansas Boondocking Locations – Cedar Bluffs Resevoir

Ransom, Kansas
GPS: 38.79181, -99.7989
Elevation: 2139′

Management: Public – Fish and Wildlife Service (Official)

Cedar Bluffs Resevoir is open year round. There are 6-15 campsites at this location. Beautiful Reservoir in the middle of farm land. State Park at other end of reservoir but 4-6 sites along shorline of north western side. One pit toilet nearby. Completely empty on a Saturday in July.

18. NW Kansas Camping Spots – Logan Wildlife Area

Winona, Kansas
GPS: 38.93244, -101.235888
Elevation: 3004′

Management: Public (Official)

The road in is Paved. There are 1-5 campsites at this location. Trees such as cottonwood, elm, and willow can be found along the lake shoreline and the associated drainage into the lake. The majority of the area is rangeland with a mixture of short grass and mid grass prairie. Buffalo grass, little bluestem, side oats grama, western wheat grass, and Indian grass are some of the native grasses found on the area.

19. NW Kansas RV Parking – Antelope Lake

Morland, Kansas
GPS: 39.374964, -100.114911
Elevation: 2375′

Management: Public (Official)

Antelope Lake is a community lake located about two miles northwest of Morland, Kansas. It is an 80-acre lake built on on Antelope Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of the Solomon River. It was built in the 1930s as a WPA project. Antelope Lake provides free primitive tent camping, with two shelter houses, 3 outhouses, and picnic tables, but no water or other amenities are available.

20. NW Kansas Hiking – Sheridan State Fishing Lake

Hoxie, Kansas
GPS: 39.360462, -100.231534
Elevation: 2490′

Management: Public – Fish and Wildlife Service (Official)

Fishing Lake with free overnight tent camping. Not sure of day limit. Clean campground and clean lake. Vault toilets kept clean.

21. Free NW Kansas Boondocking – Jennings In Town

Jennings, Kansas
GPS: 39.681126, -100.297403
Elevation: 2493′

Management: Public – Probably town park (Official)

In town on Highway 383. Large parking area next to tree covered green area with sheltered-covered picnic tables and one working water spigot. No other facilities. Large trucks passing by on highway and pulling in for the night add noise to an otherwise quiet setting. Next to railroad track but no trains the night I was there.

22. NW Kansas Boondocking Locations – St. Francis City Park

St. Francis, Kansas
GPS: 39.765848, -101.802216
Elevation: 3373′

Management: Public – City Park (Official)

The road in is Paved. There are 1-5 campsites at this location. You may stay 3 days at St. Francis City Park. Free camping in the Roadside park on the south side of Highway 36, behind the new firehouse. There is a dump site and showers. There are no other hookups (dry camping).

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