25 Easy Australian Food Traditions to Try At Home

Australia is a melting pot of cultures, and Australian food traditions are no exception. The culinary landscape is a rich blend of Indigenous, British, and multicultural influences. In this blog post, we will take a journey through Australian food traditions, exploring the history, the people, and the dishes that have shaped this delicious cuisine.

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Indigenous Australian Cuisine

Indigenous Australians have inhabited the continent for tens of thousands of years, developing a unique and sustainable food culture. Their diet consisted of a wide variety of native plants, animals, and seafood, which they hunted, gathered and fished in accordance with the seasons.

Below are some recipes that all found their roots in the foods used by the early inhabitants.

5 Popular Indigenous Australian Recipes

1. Bush Gravlax from Good Food

1. Bush Gravlax from Goodfood

This recipe uses the classic Scandinavian salt-and-sugar cure infused with the peppery, wild, citrusy flavours of the outback. At Christmas, it would make a great alternative to the usual festive fare.

2. Parsnip Chips with Bush Pepper from SBS

2. Parsnip Chips with Bush Pepper

Bring this root vegetable to life with native Australian ingredients that pack a real flavour punch

3. Australian Native Greens With Garlic from Gourmet Traveller

3. Australian Native Greens With Garlic

“This dish is a reflection of my heritage: third generation Australian and 29th-generation Kwong,” says chef Kylie Kwong.

4. Australian Finger Lime – Scallop Ceviche (Caviar Lime) from Lins Food

4. Australian Finger Lime - Scallop Ceviche

This 10-minute Scallop Ceviche recipe, with its tingling, citrusy, and a touch boozy marinade, this Australian food tradition is simply exquisite!

5. Bush Kangaroo Stew from SBS

5. Bush Kangaroo Stew

“I had a wonderful visit to the Falzon family’s Earth Sanctuary at Alice Springs, where Joey Falzon cooked this kangaroo stew. It’s got lots of lovely sauce – perfect for mopping up with bread or damper.” – Justine Schofield, Outback Gourmet.

Bush Tucker: Nature’s Bounty

Bush tucker refers to the native foods used by Indigenous Australians. These ingredients have grown in popularity as chefs and food enthusiasts rediscover their unique flavors and health benefits. Some popular bush tucker ingredients include:

Finger limes: These citrus fruits boast a caviar-like texture and a tangy, aromatic flavor.
Macadamia nuts: Rich, buttery, and crunchy, these nuts are perfect for both sweet and savory dishes.
Wattleseed: With a nutty, coffee-like flavor, wattleseed is often used in desserts, breads, and sauces.

These Indigenous basics are the foundation of all Australian food traditions including the ones that continued later that are listed below.

5 Popular Bush Tucker Australian Recipes

1. Lemon Tucker Tart from Melbourne Bush Food

Lemon Tucker Australian food traditions Tart

What makes this Lemon Tart so perfect? It’s the lemon curd filling. It’s not too sweet but not mouth-puckeringly sour either, we’ve added a bit of Lemon Myrtle to give it more elegance. So custardy, it just melts in the mouth. This is a classic French tart that’s elegant and pretty as a picture, yet the filling is as simple as can be: just eggs, sugar, butter and fresh lemon!

2. Bush Tucker Roasted Tomatoes from Taste

Bush Tucker Roasted Tomatoes Australian food traditions

Celebrate Christmas Day in true Aussie style with this roasted tomatoes side inspired by the bush. This is a tasty dish that you and the whole family will enjoy and one of the many Australian food traditions we serve on holidays.

3. Bush Tucker Damper from Good Food

Bush Tucker Damper Australian food traditions

Australia has a traditional bread called damper, also known as bush bread, a delicious unleavened bread baked on hot coals or in the oven and that can be ready in no time. Native wattleseeds add a nutty edge, while the herby taste of saltbush replaces plain old salt.

4. Native Spiced Beef, Mushroom & Haloumi Skewers from Herbies

Native Spiced Beef, Mushroom & Haloumi Skewers Australian food traditions

Our Australian food traditions Bush Tucker Rub has a deep, distinct flavor of Australian native wattleseed, along with saltbush, pepper leaf and lemon myrtle. These unique flavors complement the beef, mushrooms and haloumi perfectly. Add any selection of vegetables to the skewers, the possibilities for this Australian food tradition are endless.

5. Bushfood Sausage Rolls from Eat Drnk and Be Kerry

Bushfood Sausage Rolls Australian food traditions

Bursting with flavor boosting Australian bushfood flavors, these Sausage Rolls are budget-friendly and filling and the sausage roll recipe is so easy.

I’ve been making the same sausage roll recipe since my children were in kindy. It is such an easy recipe, and everyone loves them. The mixture makes plenty of sausage rolls but if they don’t all get eaten straight away, they freeze really well.


_25 Aussie Food Traditions

The British Influence

British settlers brought their culinary history that added to Australian food traditions, significantly influencing the country’s food culture. Classic British dishes like meat pies, fish and chips, and Sunday roasts are still popular today.

Meat Pies: A Savory Staple

Meat pies hold a special place in Australia’s culinary landscape. This iconic dish, with its flaky pastry and rich, savory filling, is enjoyed by Australians of all ages. Popular fillings include minced beef, chicken, and vegetables, often seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and tomato sauce for extra flavor.

Fish and Chips: A Seaside Treat

As an island nation, Australia has access to an abundance of fresh seafood. Fish and chips, a British classic, is a popular choice for a quick, satisfying meal. Typically, white fish such as flake (shark) or barramundi is battered and deep-fried until golden brown, served with a generous helping of crispy chips.

5 Popular British Influenced Australian Recipes

1. Meat Pies from Wander Cooks

Australia Food Traditions Meat Pies

Move over bakeries, Australian Beef Party Pies are the simple homemade answers to crunchy bliss. Crispy flaky pastry meets beef gravy perfection in these tiny bites. Freeze them for make-ahead party food or a quick snack when you need them most.

2. Fish and Chips from Best Recipes

2. Fish and Chips

With a versatile batter recipe you can try this Brit favorite that is fast becoming a Australian food tradition. One that you commit to memory – one that can be used across the board on anything you choose to deep fry? Well, this is the one. We all know that a good batter is one that sticks well to the food and stays crunchy after leaving the hot oil. This batter recipe has that quality. The secret ingredient is milk! Like egg, the proteins in milk act as an adherent, allowing it to bind to the meat, fish or vegetables.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala from The Cooking Collective

3. Chicken Tikka Masala

This tasty chicken tikka masala with vegetables is perfect for when you are craving comfort food or need a quick weeknight meal. Tender, golden pieces of marinated chicken and vegetables come together in a luxuriously creamy curry sauce that is mild enough for the whole family to enjoy. And everything comes together in around 30 minutes, or can be prepped ahead for an even faster meal!

4. Sourdough Bread from Australian Made

4. Sourdough Bread

Baking the most of the extra time at home? Why not try whipping up a loaf of tasty sourdough bread with Australian Made, Australian Grown ingredients while you’re at it make it a family Australian food tradition! This timeless recipe can be a bit of a challenge but the result is a delicious staple for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Beer – Stone & Wood Pacific Ale from Aussie Brewer

5. Beer - Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

Mediterranean Flavors

Australia’s diverse population has led to a wealth of multicultural food traditions. Migrants from countries like Italy, Greece, and Asia have introduced a variety of flavors and ingredients, significantly enriching Australian food traditions and its culinary identity.

Italian and Greek Influences

Italian and Greek migrants brought their Mediterranean culinary traditions, which emphasize fresh ingredients, olive oil, and aromatic herbs. Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and gelato are now staples in Australian households, while Greek favorites like souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava are equally popular.

5 Popular Mediterranean Influenced Australian Recipes

1. Pizza – Egg and Bacon Aussie Pizza from Steves Kitchen

1. Pizza - Egg and Bacon Aussie Pizza

Here is the fabulous Aussie Pizza that I promised I’d make in my Pizza Base Video. This is a great Pizza and a little different from traditional pizzas as we use a BBQ Sauce rather than a Tomato Sauce.

I love these Pizzas and I hope you do too.

2. Mortadella Sandwich from Gourmet Traveller

2. Mortadella Sandwich

If you have very fresh focaccia there’s no need to toast the bread. Make it more of a meal by serving the sandwiches with a simple tomato salad.

3. Souvlaki from Australian Lamb

Mini Lamb Souvlaki 1

Souvlaki, marinated meat grilled on a skewer, is a Greek fast food. Pork is traditionally used to make the dish, but chicken, lamb, and beef are also common. You can enjoy souvlaki straight off the skewer as a kebab, in a warm pita with your favorite toppings, or over a bed of fresh veggies

4. Prawns Saganaki from Womens Weekly Food

4. Prawns Saganaki

Named for the small dish that its traditionally cooked in. It’s super easy, quick and makes a scrumptious summer meal.

Saganaki, despite sounding vaguely Japanese, is a popular Greek dish, named after a sagani, the two-handled frying pan in which it is cooked and served. Traditionally made with grilled or fried cheese, sprinkled with lemon juice and eaten with bread. Prawns Saganaki is a particularly popular version.

5. Moussaka from Best Recipes

5. Moussaka

Greek moussaka is a classic comfort-food dish, with layers of mince, eggplant and potato, all topped with a golden bechamel sauce. Layer-up this super-easy version, pop it in the oven and you’re all set for a winning dinner.

Asian Fusion

Australia’s proximity to Asia has led to a delicious fusion of flavors. Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian cuisines have been embraced by Australians, with dishes like dim sum, pad Thai, and laksa becoming household favorites. In recent years, Japanese sushi, Korean barbecue, and Indian curries have also gained popularity. They are so ingrained in the Australian food traditions that they have almost become a separate one all their own.

5 Popular Asian Fusion Australian Recipes

1. Pho from Delicious

Australian food tradition Pho

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup, where thin strips of beef are ‘cooked’ in a hot, aromatic broth in the serving bowl – this keeps the meat meltingly tender.

2. Salt and Pepper Squid from Taste

Australian food tradition Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt and pepper calamari can simply be referred to as salt and pepper squid. It is made of sliced squid mantle or common squid. The slices are coated with flour, then with a mixture of egg and milk, and finally with fine breadcrumbs.

They are then fried in an oil bath. The coating becomes crispy while preserving the tenderness of the squid, whose consistency sometimes becomes firm when cooked too long.

3. Laksa Lemak from Gourmet Traveller

Australian food tradition Laksa Lemak

Today’s Siamese Laksa, also known as Laksa Lemak is found on the island of Penang. It is like the creamy version of asam laksa with basically the same ingredients. The two are often mixed in one bowl by the locals. Asam Laksa is a kind of Asam Pedas (spicy tangy soup) which does not require its spice paste to be fried

4. Sushi from Best Recipes

Australian food tradition Sushi

Perfect the art of making sushi rice, and you can soon be whipping up your own sushi creations. With this simple formula and a couple of cupboard ingredients, you too can perfect this delicious sticky rice.

5. Pad Thai from Recipe Tin Eats

Australian food tradition Pad Thai

This is a Pad Thai recipe that truly stacks up to great Thai restaurants yet is totally doable for every home cook with just a trip to your every day grocery store. With the slippery noodles, signature sweet-savory flavor, sprinkle of peanuts and tang from lime, this is a Thai food favorite for good reason!

Modern Australian Cuisine

Australian food traditions have evolved into a food that is an exciting culinary experience that reflects the country’s rich history, multicultural influences, and abundant natural resources. This contemporary cuisine is characterized by its creativity, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, showcasing the very best of Australia’s diverse ingredients and flavors.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

A focus on local, sustainable ingredients is at the heart of modern Australian cuisine. Chefs are working closely with farmers, fishermen, and foragers to source the freshest seasonal produce, showcasing the country’s diverse bounty.

Innovative Fusion

One of the defining features of modern Australian food is its willingness to embrace fusion. Chefs experiment with combining the flavors and techniques of various culinary traditions, resulting in unique and exciting dishes. For example, you might encounter Asian-inspired flavors in classic British dishes or Indigenous ingredients incorporated into Mediterranean recipes. This fusion approach allows modern Australian cuisine to continually evolve and surprise the palate.

Emphasis on Local and Seasonal Ingredients

Modern Australian food traditions are  built on a foundation of fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients. Chefs and restaurateurs prioritize working closely with local producers, farmers, and fishermen to ensure the highest quality of produce and seafood. This farm-to-table philosophy showcases the distinct flavors of each region and highlights the diversity of Australian food traditions and the countries ecosystems.

Native Australian ingredients, or bush tucker, are increasingly featured in modern Australian cuisine. From lemon myrtle and finger limes to kangaroo and emu, these indigenous ingredients add a unique and authentic touch to dishes.

Sustainability and Conscious Consumption

Sustainability is a core principle in modern Australian food culture. Chefs and consumers alike are focused on reducing waste, promoting ethical farming practices, and protecting the environment. This commitment to sustainability is evident in the popularity of nose-to-tail and root-to-leaf cooking, which aims to utilize every part of an animal or plant to minimize waste.

Seafood is an integral part of Australian food tradition, and the country’s seafood industry is committed to sustainable fishing practices. By choosing to serve and consume responsibly sourced seafood, modern Australian food culture supports the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Casual Dining and Shared Plates

Modern Australian dining embraces a relaxed, casual atmosphere where the focus is on enjoying delicious food and good company. Shared plates and communal dining are popular trends, encouraging conversation and fostering a sense of community. This relaxed approach to dining is often accompanied by a laid-back, yet sophisticated presentation of dishes, showcasing the natural beauty of the ingredients.

Diverse Flavors and Techniques

As a reflection of Australia’s multicultural population, modern Australian food traditions draw from a wide range of culinary traditions. Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and many other cuisines have influenced the techniques and flavors of modern Australian dishes. This diversity of influences allows for a rich and varied dining experience, where diners can explore the world’s flavors without leaving their table.


Modern Australian food traditions are a dynamic and ever-evolving cuisine that represents the diverse influences and rich history of the nation. With its focus on local, seasonal ingredients, innovative fusion, and a commitment to sustainability, this contemporary cuisine offers a unique and delicious culinary adventure. Whether enjoying a casual meal with friends or indulging in a fine dining experience, modern Australian food provides a true taste of the country’s abundant flavors and multicultural heritage.

Today’s Australian food traditions celebration of the country’s diverse culinary history. Chefs are combining Indigenous ingredients, British classics, and multicultural flavors to create innovative dishes that represent Australia’s unique food identity.

5 Popular Modern Australian Recipes

1. Blue Swimmer Crab from Delicious

1. Blue Swimmer Crab

Mike Eggert shows us how it’s done when it comes to easy Sunday entertaining. This black pepper blue swimmer crab recipe will have you transported to the streets of Asia in no time.

2. Cured Scallop w Finger Lime from AGFG

2. Cured Scallop w Finger Lime

The scallops must be cured the day purchased and are best eaten that day. They’ll still be good the next day (not as good though). I wouldn’t eat them any later than that.

3. Five Spiced Kangaroo w Cabbage from SBS

3. Five Spiced Kangaroo w Cabbage

A steak to topple any prime beef cut, this native meat is rubbed with a invigorating variety of Australian herbs and spices, sat atop a bed of buttery red cabbage.

4. Toffee and Parsnip Pudding from BBC Good Food

4. Toffee and Parsnip Pudding

The parsnip makes the pudding extra light and soft – much like a carrot cake. Its earthy sweetness works wonderfully with the glossy caramel sauce

5. Pan Roasted Tasmanian White Fish from AGFG

5. Pan Roasted Tasmanian White Fish

The island of Tasmania, located off the southern coast of Australia is a place known for its appreciation of local foods and a culture dedicated to sustainability. The population is diverse and the mix translates into a unique perspective when it comes to cooking.

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