About John John’s story is a testament to the enduring call of nature and adventure. Raised on a rice farm in Southeast Arkansas, he spent his formative years immersed in the outdoors, finding solace and joy in the simplicity of farm life and the companionship of his childhood friend, Nevada. Life by the small stream and rice canals was idyllic, shaping his profound connection with nature.

John - Adventurer, Nature Lover, Storyteller
John – Adventurer, Nature Lover, Storyteller

A twist of fate led him to Houston, Texas, at the age of 40, marking a significant shift from his rural roots to urban life. Yet, the echoes of his farm life never faded, leaving a longing that would eventually guide his future choices.

Retirement opened a new chapter for John, filled with extraordinary adventures with his partner, Laurel. Their journeys have been nothing short of remarkable, spanning from walking the Great Wall of China to experiencing the nomadic lifestyle in Mongolia, and marveling at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Their travels showcase a relentless pursuit of experiencing the world’s wonders.

The global pandemic brought unexpected changes, including a year-long lockdown in the Georgian Republic. Returning home, they adapted once again, embracing a nomadic lifestyle across the U.S. in their rooftop tent. John and Laurel continue to share their experiences, tips on boondocking, and hidden gems of America, inspiring others to explore and appreciate the world’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

John’s Writing John’s writing is a vibrant mix of adventure narratives, nature appreciation, and practical travel insights. His stories at “Our Big Escape” are not just about places but about the spirit of exploration and the beauty of embracing change. His words invite readers to journey alongside him, exploring both the outer world and the inner landscapes shaped by a lifetime of adventures.

Connect with John Explore the world through John’s eyes at “Our Big Escape“. Join him on his continuous journey of discovery, adventure, and storytelling.

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