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5 Important Reasons You Should Keep Travel Journals

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:30 am

5 Important Reasons You Should Keep Travel Journals

This is a great way to remember the ups and downs of your travel adventures. You have photos but everything else is part of your memory. With travel journals, you can look back at a particular trip or country to remember little details that you may have forgotten. They are also useful tools for travel bloggers to go back to, especially when they are preparing articles for others to read.

10 Tips for Writing Your Travel Journals

Travel Journals Tip #1. The Purpose Of Journals

Is this for your memories or as a tool for later writing ventures?
This will make a big impact on how detailed you want to be.
If it is to be used for a later blog article or to begin a travel blog, then this will determine the content and tone of your writing.

Travel Journals Tip #2. What to Include

When writing, think about what you will want to remember when you take this written journal off of the shelf or call it up on your computer as a digital ebook. This is critical when using the notes for later writing projects.

You Should Include At Least the Following in Your Travel Journals.

— Maps
— Contact Details
Budget and Costs
— Food
Favorite Dishes
Favorite Restaurants
— Accomodations
— Transportation
Types and Costs
Photos by Phone or Digital Camera
Memorable Moments
Memorable Places

A detailed daily log will provide you the information you will want to remember and the details to create awesome blog articles if you become a travel blogger.

Travel Journals Tip #3. Avoid the Unimportant

The list above will supply you with everything you need to remember the important details. Avoid writing the information as a diary but instead a record of the Important.

Travel Journals Tip #4. Try to Keep the Information Chronological

Set aside at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to record the important aspects listed in Step 2. You will find that most days you will not have details for many of the sections but do record the information you have on a daily basis.

Travel Journals Tip #5. Don’t Include Everything

Only include the information that is important. Small day to day occurrences will pop back into your mind when you read over the information on the more important occurrences.

5 Important Reaons You Should Keep Travel Journals

Travel Journals Tip #6. Dialogues With Interesting People Go Into Travel Journals

Keep notes about the conversations you have and the memorable people you meet. Things you discussed with fellow travelers. A conversation with a Tuk Tuk driver or information passed on to you by a tour guide. This is all useful information to be used in later articles or to bring back important memories.

Travel Journals Tip #7. Sites, Sounds, and Smells

Yes, it is important to record the sites and sounds. For example, waking up to the aroma of fresh baked goods at the hostel, the sounds of the call to prayers in the mosques, being wakened at 4:00 am in Istanbul by loud drumming and a young boy singing (Ramadan), and the people gathering and praying together in the Varanasi Ghats. All of these will bring back details that are too small to write down but have been some of the more memorable times in my travels.

Travel Journals Tip #8. Image Documentation For Travel Journals

The new phones are a great way to document your travel. Parks, people, buildings and landscapes. Become an expert with your phone or DSLR and you can make extra money to offset expenses, especially shooting video to submit to stock video sites like Pond 5. Uploading these to Youtube is another way to earn money and bring in visitors to your site with good videos of your travel.

Travel Journals Tip #9. Digital Scrapbooking

Another way to have information for your articles is to scrapbook. If you eat in a great restaurant, snap a copy of the menu. For a tour that worked out well for you — a photo of the ticket, or the front page of a local newspaper, etc. All are great information and food for both your memories and future articles.

Travel Journals Tip #10. Be Consistent

Missing a day or two in a journal means there will be information you will forget to add. Try to put aside 10 or 15 minutes a day to keep current. I tend to settle down and do this right after dinner in the evening. Things are still fresh in my mind and I can get everything I need done most days in 10 minutes.

5 Important Reaons You Should Keep Travel Journals (1)

The Conclusion to Travel Journals Tips

Make this enjoyable for yourself. Don’t look at this as a job to do but a way to be appreciative of the gifts you are given every day.

There are so many people who are unable to travel for one reason or another and sharing your days can be very rewarding for them. I have so many people tell me this and write to me telling me that reading about my travels makes them really happy.

Share your adventures through blogging, or social media to touch people worldwide.

Before traveling always check here for the latest alerts on the U.S. Consulate website.

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