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15 Best Items to Pack For Morocco

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

15 Best Items to Pack For Morocco

The first question everyone asks me is what to pack for Morocco. There are many different answers and most depend on the time you are visiting as well as what you plan to do. You will not need the same items for Essaouira as you will need for the High Atlas Mountains or the Sahara. Temperature can range from 20 to 120 depending on where and when you travel.

Hugging the northern coast of Africa, Morocco is a wonderful destination for everyone. Every traveler will enjoy a rich culture filled visit with a fascinating history. Morocco offers wonderful food, gorgeous art, and architecture. Combine this with the wonderful vibes and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco offers a Mediterranean climate like that of sunny southern California. It’s not hard to see why Morocco has always been a travel dream of ours. There’s so much to do with very little time to cram it all in. Morocco is home to the markets of Marrakesh, sandy beaches on the coast, history, and culture. This is everywhere around the country and attracts visitors from all over the globe.

Morocco is a country filled with natural wonders. You will find green forests, treacherous mountains, and balmy coastlines. This means you have to plan ahead when visiting this remarkable country.

We found that traveling to a country such as Morocco is not tricky or complicated as it seems. Rather it takes a bit of strategic planning, patience, and a dash of fun, it is a vacation after all.

Start With the Fundamentals What to Pack for Morocco

We know this may seem silly, but we cannot tell you how many times our friends forget something important. Whether it’s back at the hotel or left in an airport bar you can forget something anywhere. We recommend that you keep all your important paperwork together. Just remember what to pack for Morocco will depend on what you plan to do on your trip.

Passports, boarding documents, itineraries, etc., should all always be somewhere safe and secure. There are even smartphone apps that can help you streamline all this information. You can leave the hard copies at the hotel and still keep it with you at all times.

Another pro-tip, try and keep these documents as damage-free as possible. Use plastic bags, or wrap valuables in dry towels so they don’t get damaged from accidental spills. For those venturing into more crowded destinations, consider purchasing a money belt. If you’re planning to head into the Marrakech souks, definitely purchase a money belt.

Travel Packing

Tools to Use to Pack for Morocco

No doubt airline prices are soaring, and things are only getting more expensive. Additionally, baggage fees are taking a large chunk out of the fun of traveling. But packing doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing exercise. Something that reduces you to tears on your bedroom floor.

What to pack for Morocco, first, consider the length of your trip. If you’re like us, you prefer soaking in as much of the Moroccan culture as possible and so a week stay is long enough. With the varieties in Moroccan climate and the different activities, we use compression cubes. They have become our best asset on every trip we take. They allow you to pack and cram as many items as possible into small spaces.

Clothing to Pack For Morocco

Morocco gets praise for its openness compared to other countries where that is not true. There are some considerations that travelers should take note of when they pack for Morocco. Morocco is a country with a diverse climate. We had to take that into consideration as well when picking out our outfits.

We knew that it would be smart to pack layers of clothes. We wanted to prepare for both heat and cold weather. Consider clothing that is lightweight and breathable. Clothing that can protect you in either instance of extreme weather. To blend in with the locals, loose-fitting clothing is the best choice. Anything deviating from that will make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Women should be especially aware of the clothing that they pack for Morocco. Morocco is more relaxed than other Muslim nations about women’s clothing. But, they still expect a certain level of modesty from foreigners. Some rural areas may not be as accepting of Western garb, then the more urban centers. Be aware of attracting unwanted attention, should you wear something “inappropriate.”


Pack for Morocco Appropriate Attire for Women

Shoulders should always have a covering. Spaghetti straps are not allowed unless you’re wearing a cardigan or a shawl. In fact, don’t wear something that could reveal cleavage at all. Dresses, shorts, and skirts have a knee-length rule. Full-length skirts or lightweight loose-fitting pants are the best choices.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans or leggings. If you must wear these types of bottoms, consider pairing them with a long tunic or top. Something that still covers everything.

Also, a scarf for both men and women is also a helpful tool to have. Not only will it help block the sun but also protect your face from wind and sand.

Travel Packing

Pack for Morocco Medication and Health Information

We recommend purchasing bottled water for your stay in Morocco. The high levels of minerals and bad water filtration mean you could become ill if you drink the water here. Trust us, you wouldn’t like it.

We recommend you get a Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations before you visit Morocco. They aren’t required, but we find it best to always err on the side of caution. Also, did we mention Morocco is hot? It’s a hot country so come with plenty of sunscreen and bug spray.

If your doctor does prescribe you an anti-diarrhea medication follow the instructions provided. Stay true to your health and be kind to yourself. No one wants a lovely vacation ruined by a nightmare health emergency.

Enjoy this wonderful and amazing trip to a magnificent city. The better prepared you are the more exhilarating and rewarding this trip will be.

We hop you love the Pack for Morocco list we created.

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