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21 Best Items to Pack For Bali Vacations

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

21 Best Items to Pack For Bali Vacations

What to pack for Bali is the first thing that you should consider. You have found some cheap flights but no checked bags. These items will do it all and you can still use that cheap airfare.

To most people, when Bali comes up in conversation, they think of a paradise. Also known as the Island of Gods, Bali is a beautiful place, rich in culture and nature. It is an island province in Indonesia.

TripAdvisor made it the world’s top tourist destination in March 2017. Tourism contributes to 80% of the island’s economy. This article addresses an important step in preparing your trip to Bali. Which is what to add to the packing list. Bali packing lists vary depending on gender and the specific needs of a tourist. Do make sure you pack the following things:


What to Pack for Bali List – Clothing

1. Swimsuit: Bali is an island with very beautiful beaches. You will definitely have a swim, be it at the beach or a hotel swimming pool.

2. Lightweight cotton tops and bottoms: Cotton is the most preferred fabric in the hot climate. It will not stick on your skin and will dry fast. A few colored t-shirts (or tank tops for women), and beach shorts or denim shorts will be enough.

3. Sarong: Women should carry a sarong. It is multipurpose and can see duty as a towel, blanket, or beach wrap. Also, it may come in handy if you visit places that need you to cover up, like a temple.

4. A long skirt or maxi dress: Bali is rich in culture and religion. The dominant religion is Hinduism, followed by Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. When visiting religious places, your dressing should be modest. For that, you will need a maxi dress or a long skirt.

5. Dinner dress: Bali is not all about the beach. There are nice hotels where you can go for dinner dates. You should carry 1 or 2 dresses for when you need to dress up.

6. Hat: To avoid sunburns, pack a hat, one that completely covers your forehead is best. The hat will also protect your hair from the humidity.

7. Raincoat: The tropical climate of Bali dictates that the months between April and October be wet. A raincoat will keep you dry in case of a downpour.

Pack For Bali

Shoes You Should Pack for Bali

Those presentable shoes you wear to the airport are not convenient for the beach. Not good for the rough roads in Bali either. But you will still need them if you plan to go for dinner dates and parties at night.

1. Flip flops: On the sandy beaches, you need flip flops or some other kind of light sandals.

2. Trainers: If you plan to indulge in activities such as hiking, or you plan to walk a lot, pack a pair of joggers. These shoes are comfortable to walk in and allow your feet to breath.

Bags That Will Hold It All and Save Airfare Costs

Aside from the suitcase you are packing you may need:

1. One small bag: When you are out and about you will need a small bag. They are perfect to carry money, your camera, phone, and other essentials. Most prefer a backpack or a crossbody bag.

2. Ziplock plastic bags: Carry a few zip-lock plastic bags to separate wet swimsuits or underwear.

3. Duffel bag: Do you plan to bring your family and friends gifts from Bali? Then fold a duffel bag and pack it in your suitcase.

What to Pack for Bali List – Electronics

1. Camera: The island has breathtaking sceneries in abundance. Carry a nice camera to capture the beauty and other memorable moments.

2. Unlocked Smart-phone: You still need to communicate while on the island, right? Pack an unlocked smart-phone and buy a SIM card at the airport. If it is late you can get one from a local telecommunications company once you settle into your hotel.

3. Universal plug adapter: In Bali, they use X type sockets. Carry a universal plug adapter. Your chargers might not be compatible with these sockets.

Pack For Bali

Health Items That You Should Consider to Pack for Bali

For your health, carry the following, and do not forget to pack any prescription drugs you take.

1. First aid kit: Pack a small kit with plasters and antiseptic to cater to small accidents.

2. Mosquito repellent: Bali has a tropical climate so mosquitoes are prevalent.

3. Travelan is a drug you take before meals. It protects against illnesses caused by a common bug in Bali called Bali Belly.

4. Indigestion medication: A change in diet can cause indigestion. Don’t let it make you spend the first few days of your holiday in the toilet.

Miscellaneous Items to Pack for Bali

1. Sunscreen: Sunburns are not pretty, are they? Carry sunscreen as they can be very expensive on the island.

2. Sunglasses: You will not only look cool in a pair of sunglasses, but they also protect your eyes

These are the 21 things you need to pack for Bali. Packing for Bali ensures that you have all the things you need. You may not find your preferred brands on the island.

So, why are you not already on a plane headed for Bali?

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