7 Traditional Costa Rican Foods With Easy Recipes

Belizean corn pancakes, a sweet and comforting treat made with fresh corn, served warm with butter or sour cream.

1. Chorreadas


A unique, sweet twist on traditional tamales with cornstarch, butter, and a delicate texture.

2. Tamal de Maicena


A gluten-free delight made with yuca flour, cheese, eggs, and butter, offering a unique taste and texture. 

3. Pan de Yuca


Classic dish with blending rice, black beans, spices, and flavorful ingredients for a hearty meal.

4. Gallo Pinto


A sweet, traditional Costa Rican beverage made with cane sugar syrup, water, and flavorings. Refreshing and popular.

5. Agua Dulce


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Green beans sauteed with beef, spices. Ideal for tacos, empanadas, or rice dishes. Savory comfort food.

6. Picadillo de Vainica


Costa Rican one-pot delight, combining chicken, rice, and rich flavors. A taste of Costa Rican cuisine. 

7. Arroz con Pollo


Rolled sponge cake with sweet cream filling, dusted with sugar, a delightful dessert for every bite.

8. Piononos






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