7 Great Haitian Foods and Easy Haitian Recipes

Haitian cuisine combines Latin Caribbean and creole influences, setting it apart from regional counterparts in distinct ways.

Iconic Haitian dish, chicken with rich spices and caramelized sugar, served with rice, beans, and plantains, bursting with flavor.

1. Poulet ak nwa


Joumou, a Haitian New Year's soup, signifies freedom and unity. Made with butternut squash, meat, and spices, it's a cherished dish.

2. Joumou (Squash Soup)


A beloved Haitian dish made with cornmeal, milk, sugar, and spices. Sweet and comforting, a Haitian cuisine staple 

3. Mayi Moulen


Tasso, or Haitian steak bites, features marinated, tender beef with garlic, lime, soy sauce, and spices. Enjoy as appetizer or main dish in Haitian cuisine.

4. Tasso (Steak Bites)


Shredded veggies steeped in a zesty mix of vinegar, lime, and spices. It's a tangy, spicy relish elevating local dishes with its vibrant flavor and crunch.

5. Pikliz (Pickeled Vegetable Relish)


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Savory beef stew with tender meat, aromatic spices, often served with rice for a comforting, flavorful traditional meal.

6. Bouyon Bef (Beef Stew)


Plantains + scrambled eggs with savory flavors, great for breakfast or brunch. Serve with bread or avocado.

7. Eggs and Plantains






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