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Ben Thanh is the largest market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


vietnamese recieps include fresh seafood like these crabs

Vietnamese Recipes We Found On Our Trip

Vietnamese recipes are distinctive and memorable. Their cuisine relies on the balance of sweetness, flavor, saltiness, and sourness. They achieve this through the use of nuoc mam, cane sugar, tamarind and the juice of kalmansi citrus fruits. Vietnam dishes use plenty of fresh herbs but are not that spicy as the chili sauce comes separately. We have assembled a group...

halong bay tour boat kayaks

Halong Bay Tour Price Money Saving Tips

Halong Bay Tour choices will take you to one of the most beautiful places known for its 1000 limestone cliff islands. Picking the right travel trip can be a nightmare. There are as many travel agents in Hanoi as the islands in Halong. The best price is usually found at your hotel and never online. If you are planning to visit Halong Bay and you have been hit with an...

Ben Thanh is the largest market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City 10 Place to Visit

The most common mode of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City is the motorcycle. Lots and lots of motorcycles: 7.4 Million and counting. Introduction to Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city in Vietnam with a population of 7,123,340. Its location is in the south-east area of Vietnam. The best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City is during the dry season. This is...

4 wheeler at the white sand dunes in mui ne vietnam

Mui Ne Is Our Top Pick – Relaxing in Vietnam

With its origins as a fishing village, Mui Ne has stayed true to its laid-back roots. Yes, there are resorts to cater to every budget here. The real charm of Mui Ne lies in the fact that you don't feel like you're in a sanitized part of the country. This is usually the case in the overly-developed cities. Vietnam has been back on the map of Asian travel itineraries...

Hanoi Food

Hanoi Food You Have to Taste On Your Visit

We decided to visit Hanoi, Vietnam over the last summer. This spot was a two-year wait for me to schedule my visit to try real Hanoi food. I have a few weeks in August every year and that was the time to book my tickets. I have met many people through my blog, Instagram and Facebook accounts. We had visits lined up several of them to help us see a more personal...

sapa trek and rice fields

Sapa Trek and Homestays Are Perefect For Any Budget

How we found the perfect budget Sapa trek. Like any person on this Planet, we love traveling too. Especially the choosing part, that is the most fun of all. Where have I been, where have I not been? By imagining the world map I get all confused but in a good way. We can all agree that there is nothing better than piling up the essentials and clothes in a traveling...

Hoi An Old Town Two Day Visit

Hoi An Old Town A Must Two Day Visit

.”Where to next?” Today the answer is Hoi An Old Town. I ask myself every time that the stress is taking over my life. When this takes hold of me and lowers my quality of life that is the question that I ask Laurel. We all need a dose of peace in our lives and a great way to get it is going to Hoi An, Vietnam. Actually, “Hoi An” translates to...

Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather Goods near An Bang Beach

Hoi An Tailors Designer Clothing and Leather Goods

If you are a fashionista the Hoi An Tailors in Vietnam are the stores for you to visit. It is one of the very few places in the world where people from across the globe make a trip for shopping there. Buying Clothing in Hoi An If you are a fashion freak then you are also most likely spending your extra money to buy clothes. That is the story of every fashion lover...

Ho Chi Minh City Food Stops to Visit Lotus Flower In the Water

Ho Chi Minh City Food Stops to Visit

Ho Chi Minh City food stops that make your trip even more exciting. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City was one of my best trips so far. I can't recommend it enough if you haven't tried it yet. I entered the city with no expectations and ready for any kind of surprise. It's the largest city in Vietnam. It is full of cultural sites, beautiful streets, and delicious food. The...

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha National Park #1 On Our Bucket List

If you have never been to Vietnam, the Phong Nha Caves are the best invitation for you to hop on that plane and go. Of all the many tourist spots to see in Vietnam, the Phong Nha caves should be on the top of your list. It is not difficult to tell you why. Phong Nha translates to “wind and teeth.” The cave got its name because the rock formations on its...