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5 Best Travel Writer Jobs Benefits

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

5 Best Travel Writer Jobs Benefits

More and more people are becoming a travel writer in the age of digital content and consumption of media on the Internet. These people are getting paid to travel the world. For some, it is a desirable alternative to your nine-to-five lifestyle. The job will send on you some pretty amazing trips. Here are some quality tips on how to become a travel writer.


What to Do in Advance

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If you want to know how to be a travel writer, first you need to work out where you might want to get your work published. You will need to research the types of travel magazines and websites that suit your style of writing. Choose the ones that you feel you can provide great content for. This is an important step, your style must mesh with the content they publish.

During the research process, you should ensure that you read as many travel pieces as you can. The more you read, the better writer you will become. You will want to look at the styles and choose how you would like to evolve those into your own style of writing.

Research is important to get started in any project and especially so with writing. Generally, it’s easier if you do this before you write any content to get an idea of the scope of work. You’| ll need to know what to produce, and how much you expect to earn before you write it.

Travel Content

It may seem obvious, but if you want to know how to be a travel writer and get paid to go on amazing trips, you need to travel. While traveling write sample articles. You’ ll need to produce some travel-related content first and have a sample portfolio. The only way you can do that is to travel. You do not need to travel halfway around the world to gain this experience. You can use any past trips to produce these as well.

This content will act as a showcase to convince a company why you and your work will work for their publication. So work out where you want to travel or travel somewhere close to home. Do this even if it is on your own doorstep. As long as you can write a realistic article about a place with quality information, that’ s a good place to begin.

How You Should Write

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Be Creative

How to be a travel writer is dependent on your flair for the creative. No website wants the same overwritten content with the same stories. You’ll need to explore your creativity and come up with something that is one-of-a-kind. You want to stand out of the crowd, have your pieces chosen both today and for later assignments.

Creativity can also involve providing visual content to go with your written content. Authors that are good photographers get more assignments than ones that only produce written content. This increases your chances of getting paid for content. The company would have no need to find and pay for images. You will have the exact visual material to match the article.

Be Specific

A great tip to writing quality content is to provide as much detailed
information as you can. When it comes to being a good travel writer, the best ones are those that provide specific details. Provide the information that travelers would want to know when choosing a location. A key tip to help make this happen is to take lots of notes when you travel and keep proper records of everything. People foremost want to know prices, so make sure they are accurate.

Provide distances, difficulties, the cultural information and anything that may affect a tourist. Specific and credible information increases your chance of success. Be creative along with this and you will provide what editors love.

Write Well-Timed and Adequate Content

There’ s no point submitting, say, a piece that’ s a 1000 word account of a trip if the platform wants a 300-400 word piece. It all comes back to research, and understanding what the company is after. Write in their tone and style and follow all the guidelines they provide on how to write. In some instances, this will be as specific as what font and spacing to use, so don’t let this slip through the cracks. Further, each website will have a specific chosen target audience. Make sure you’re writing for that audience, otherwise your content won’t make the cut.

How to Land A Travel Writer Job

Start a Blog

Set up your own website to act as a platform to showcase your work or previously published works. It can be the starting point for landing a paid job. This shows potential employers that you are tech-savvy. It also gives you an opportunity to show what kind of writing you can produce for them.

Since it’ s a competitive industry to get into, this is an essential step to help further your chances of getting a job. You can also be clever and include information about you and your personality to help draw them in.

Use Social Media

Being active online shows companies that you know what you’ re doing. This shows that you have a network of like-minded individuals who already listen to what you have to say. It says there is potential through social media platforms to them in the long-term. So if you haven’t already, create yourself a Facebook page and an Instagram account. Do that today. An online account for travel photos is another big step forward. Search for any other platform that you can think of that is relevant for you and the people you’re pitching to.

Pitch The Right Way

Your pitch is likely your first or second point of contact with the company, so you want to make a good impression. Create your pitch in a manner that makes it easy for the company to read and understand. Make it jump out to them among the thousands of other submissions.

It needs to tell them what the article is going to be about and how it will be written. They can decide if they will want to publish it on their platform.

You need to convince them why you are the best person to write this particular piece of content. Sell yourself by providing more information on where you’ve had articles published. It is a good idea to supply a link to your blog and social media and photo library.

Remember, no one gets to go on amazing trips straight off the bat. These eight tips will help you learn how to be a travel writer and earn some money doing it.

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