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5 Tips for Travel Videos To Earn Huge Profits

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am

5 Tips for Travel Videos To Earn Huge Profits

Profiting from well-made travel videos is not a new concept. In the changing age of modern media. It can be a difficult and confusing goal to achieve. In this article, we’ll go over the most helpful tips to help you sell your travel video. Learn to find interested parties, extend your reach and grow future business contacts.

The First Step to Sell Travel Videos

Before you can even consider selling a video it is important to consider the other end of the equation. Large files or uncommon file types may be a simple issue to solve on your end. On the other side, these factors can spell the difference between a watch or a pass.

Whenever possible, it is best to separate your video into samples. Showcase them in segments of what the buyer wants. Check exactly what they ask for. Ensure the video you send conforms to their desired resolution and encoding. Consider creating sample travel videos which show off exactly what your entire video concept is. When necessary, encode this so it won’t rely on high computer requirements on the buyer’s end.

Is your intent to sell ultra-high-definition footage? If so, then consider cutting the best sample portions into an introductory travel video. It is much easier than sending or uploading a single enormous file. Make sure it contains some of the best content which you have to offer.

Gaining Visibility Online With Your Travel Videos

One of the best places to begin is a free online video service. The largest and most popular is YouTube. Services like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe should also be a part of the marketing solution.

You can earn money from travel videos uploaded onto these services through views alone. This is only possible for those who already have a significant following. the ones who can expect hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Instead, the idea here is to use these services to gain visibility for your videos.

If a video uploaded to one of these services gains a lot of hits it can be a good portfolio piece. It can show potential buyers that there is a market out there for your footage. This will improve the chances of them picking it up. Even the comments section can give an enormous sign of public interest. Close attention will have to be made to these areas. Watch them for the risk of trolling or other less than appropriate responses.

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Is Your Travel Video Charity Worthy?

Travel videos aren’t always about the beautiful scenery and beautiful environments. They are also used to draw attention to areas of tragedy or need. If this is the case you should consider contacting charities or government organizations. They are often used by these agencies who concern themselves with your topic. Many times these organizations are in need of new or up-to-date footage. They have an ongoing interest in relevant videos, especially if they are of high quality.

When it comes to charity, there are also more modern avenues which the seller might take. Use platforms such as Patreon or GoFundMe as means to monetize your travel videos. While non-traditional, these platforms have exploded in popularity in recent years. Interested groups and individuals may want to use your video in their efforts. This can be an easy way to help you sell your travel video.

Consider Selling Travel Videos As Stock Footage

There is always a need for stock footage, and often this comes with pay which is worthy of time and attention. Sites like Shutterstock or Pond5 are always interested in new and unique footage. Footage from these websites is always in demand. They also have very specific instructions on what they will take. They also show you in advance on how to submit this footage. This might mean a little extra effort on your part to customize your travel videos. The payoff can help your future efforts in selling larger quantities. Buyers using these sites return to the same provider for more content. Their influence should not be disregarded.

Including Branded Content In Your Travel Videos

Branded content is not always appropriate, but when it is, it can be very profitable. When needed it is a great way to help sell your travel video. This can be a useful tool in different ways and can appear quite natural when done right.

Keep in mind what equipment you used in the making of your travel videos. What you used to support yourself along the way. If you stand by the products and technology you use then contact the manufactures. Small advertisements of these products within, before, or after videos are non-intrusive. They can be very helpful to large groups of people and brands pay well for the exposure. If the video is something which the world needs to see then it can be worth accepting a less liked brand. You consider if this is worthwhile and is something up to your personal taste.

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Try Local and National Television to Sell Travel Videos

Old media is still a reliable way to sell footage, especially if you can offer something new or unique. Check around to see if your local or national television stations want your footage. Their websites often list exactly what they want and will buy. That quality footage can be rare, so their offers are often much higher than the seller expects.

Travel shows are the most obvious target here. News and current events broadcasters also have a constant need for fresh footage. With the widespread use of the internet, you can pitch to foreign television channels. This can open the door to far more opportunities that would otherwise be available.

The Unexpected Travel Video Sales

It is not always possible to predict exactly what buyers and marketplaces will want. They may or may not want the type of footage which you can offer. Try simple internet searches to find individuals and groups who might be on the lookout. Niche interest groups cover a wide range of interests. Many of which are always searching for new media and new videographers.

Remember that diversification can have a cumulative effect on boosting popularity and visibility. This is for both for the footage you are selling now and for the footage you might be selling in the future. Don’t settle for only one of the avenues discussed here. Apply for as many as you can and your ability to sell your travel video will improve based on the work.

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