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Travel Videography

While we have over 10,000 photos for sale representing our last 6 years of travel, Video Is Our Focus Today. We earn a nice passive income flow from those photographs but, if we had 10,000 clips online in video agencies we would be earning 100 or more times as much. For that reason, videography is our focus and as an added bonus you can pull stills from each video to add to your photo collections.

We do advise you to use a company like Stock Submitter for uploading. You can title, description and keyword every photo when you are editing in Photoshop or Lightroom. After that, all you have to do is import to Stock Submitter and submit to every agency on your list. You can submit 400 clips or photos to every agency for $9.99 a month. So if you are in 20 agencies you can submit 400 to every one of them for that price.

Here are some articles we have posted. Check back often for updates on these and other options we find as well.

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