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Travel Video Success in 4 Simple Steps

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am


Travel Video Success in 4 Simple Steps

Travel Video Success in 4 Simple Steps is an easy to follow guide for you to increase your video success rate. Create a professional travel video to document your vacation experiences.

You can share your travel with your family and friends or make more money. Many tourists are creating video footage on every trip they make and with a few small changes can be making video that insures travel video success. They have no idea about how they can make a professional travel video that can sell.

Producing a high-quality video requires time and creativity. Creating for travel video success is a multi-step process. There are a lot of steps one needs to master for travel video Success in 4 Simple Steps. Capture videos and photos of your traveling to preserve your travel memories. Here are 4 video tips for better videos and how you can make more money out of them.

1. Organize Your Story for Travel Video Success

Plan what you intend to shoot before departure to your travel destination. Find out when the sun rises and sets in that location. These are two hours per day when you will get the best results. It is important to do some background research about the place first. Especially if it is your first time to tour the place, this will help you prepare yourself in advance. Look for locations in the most unusual places or off the beaten path. Look for unique features in each destination.

Find shots you have seen in popular tourist photos for a higher travel video success rate. Decide on what you would want to include in your travel video. Religious or cultural festivals, people working, food or animals are good choices. Writing a script is one way of helping you organize your story. The script will describe every shot in detail including the duration and the type of shot to take.

2. Getting The Best Travel Video Shots

This is one of the most important phases of creating a video hence you need to get the best shots. Ensure that you have a tripod or something that can help you take steady shots. You can rest your hand on a steady object to avoid unnecessary movements. Every shot should last for at least five seconds without moving the camera. Action shots should last for a longer time, at least ten seconds. Begin with 2 or 3 wide establishing shots that will help establish the shooting location. Take several closeup shots to show your subjects in detail. If someone is cooking, for instance, capture the hands as well as the ingredients.

Avoid zooming in while the camera is recording. For better and steady shots, get your camera as close as possible to the subject or action. When you are in a situation that demands that you shoot from a distance, zoom and focus before recording.

The most important rule in creating professional videos is to vary shooting angles. This will increase your travel video success rate and you will get many more marketable videos. Vary your shots from high to low as well. Try worm’s eye view shots where you place your camera on the ground to capture any movement on the ground.

Interview the local people who can help your audience understand their culture. Learning first about your travel destination is key to creating a good video. This helps keep your audience interested. First-hand dialogue helps break the monotony of video narration or voice over.

3. Recording a Piece-to-Camera

Record a video introduction where you stand in front of the camera and introduce your content. Talk about what you intend to show in your travel video. You can record it as an introduction, a bridge (in the middle of your footage) or as the closer to at the end. Tell your audience what they are about to see and how you feel about it, the way you would talk to your best friend

4. Recording Your Travel Video Narration

This is your opportunity to tell the travel story. The lead-in has to be interesting and captivating to capture the attention of the audience. Do this off camera where you have plenty of time to record a good narration. Edit these sound bites to make a full package.

Explain to your audience what they are seeing, do not tell them what they are seeing. You can make a script or write down short notes that you can use to practice reading and timing. While editing your work, ensure your narration matches with the corresponding video. These 4 video tips for better videos should help you create better videos.

Make money by distributing your travel videos across several platforms. Some are good travel websites and blogs. Travel sites such as TripFilms.com offer video jobs to creative travel producers.
Sell stock footage on some of the most popular stock video sales websites. Shutterstock and Pond5 Stock Footage sell your stock videos to other editors and producers.

Follow the 4 tips for better videos, upload your travel documentary and a better chance of travel video success to earn more money. Place them on as many sites as possible and watch as the sales roll in.

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