The 14 Best Authentic Bosnian Breakfast Recipes

Bosnian breakfast food and the authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes we love are the focus of this article. The culinary expression of the nation’s multiethnic makeup and the long-lasting cultural influences of the Ottoman Empire, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe are basis for all Bosnian breakfast food.

At first glance, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s food appears to be relatively similar to that of its neighbors, but it actually contains some wonderful surprises, making Bosnian breakfast foods one of the most diversified and delectable cuisines in the Balkans.

Eggy bread piled high with generous amounts of creamy cheese and ayvar, doughy bread fritters with sweet jam, and — my personal favorite — oozy, rich cicvara (pronounced seets-vuh-ruh)…

Bosnian breakfast food is designed to be eaten with an empty stomach and a desire to be filled. Authentic bosnian breakfast recipes are, like their full English equivalents, the perfect remedy for a hangover or an upcoming day of arduous labor.

The best Bosnian breakfast foods come from homemade, authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Fresh ingredients are important in Bosnian breakfast foods and home cooking, especially when it comes to herbs and vegetables. The flavors of Bosnian breakfast foods originate from cooking the meat and vegetables in their own juices rather than using a lot of seasonings.

I hope this guide to my favorite authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes will help you know what to look for so that as a traveler you won’t exclusively consume grilled meats. Of course, Sarajevo is one of the best cities to consume Bosnian breakfast food.

Traditional Bosnian breakfast food is available in several places in Sarajevo. However, I also enjoyed some of my best meals in unnamed, remote eateries. Bosnia is a terrific place to eat, with affordable restaurants spread out around the nation.

The trick is to keep an eye out for an ascinica. These little canteen-style restaurants sell homemade versions that area all created from authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes to create their classic Bosnian breakfast food.

There is frequently no menu and little to no English spoken, but they are inexpensive and there is a good possibility they serve some of the Bosnian breakfast food items listed below that might be difficult to locate in the more upscale eateries.

 Bosnian Zeljanica Recipe

The 14 Best Authentic Bosnian Breakfast Recipes

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1. Bosnian Pura S Lucinicom Recipe

authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes - Bosnian Pura S Lucinicom Recipe

Pura s lucinicom is a authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe for a Herzegovina dish made with ground corn flour. The ground flour is then mixed with water and cooked with a combination of fermented milk, butter, and garlic. This Bosnian breakfast food is light and has a very good aroma. Pura s lucinicom can be consumed throughout the day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Bosnian Kifle Recipe

authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes - Bosnian Kifle Recipe

Authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe for Bosnian Kifli (also called kifla in Serbia and Croatia or kipferl in Austria and Germany) are an icon of Central and Eastern European pastries. Its name means “twist” or “crescent” in Hungarian and rightly alludes to the shape of this yeast-raised bread roll commonly served at breakfast.

In Bosnia as well as in northern Macedonia, these little Bosnian breakfast food buns are traditionally prepared with sesame and cheese. The whole wheat bread variety known as rohlk or houska, which has replaced even the fabled rye bread as the nation’s most popular bread, is popular in the Czech Republic. This dish might be considered a croissant fusion.

3. Kljukuša Recipe

Authentic Bosnian Breakfast Recipe - Kljukuša Recipe

Traditional Bosnian breakfast food evokes feelings of youth and carefreeness. A typical authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe for a Balkan dish that is prepared slightly differently in practically every village is klukusa. We taste succulent chicken meat and crunchy, soft dough in this straightforward dish, and the sour cream ensures freshness. You may make a great and inexpensive lunch by adding a seasonal salad.

There is just so much to adore about the personality and adaptability in this Bosnian breakfast food, from the basics of chips and creamy mash, pastries and pies all the way to fritule (potato doughnuts).

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 4. Manti Borek Recipe

Authentic Bosnian Breakfast Recipe - Manti Borek Recipe

The ten or so distinct dumpling recipes that I have previously provided are being supplemented with a new authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe today: boşnak mants (Bosnian dumplings). Boşnak mants are not the stuffed and boiled ravioli that come to mind when you hear the word “mant.” Actually, this Bosnian breakfast food is more of a pastry than a mant. served with garlic-infused yogurt (similar to mant) and paprika cooked in oil on top.

5. Sirnica Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Recipes - Sirnica Recipe

Do you wish to treat your loved ones to a authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe while also introducing them to a new Bosnian breakfast? Then you should try this recipe.

This Bosnian breakfast food is excellent, simple to prepare, and breezy. And I’m referring about the Bosnian Cheese Pita (also known as Sirnica), which is simply a cheese pie made with phyllo pastry. Sirnica has a variety of traditional names. Everything is based on the filling.

There are also other filling options for these Bosnian breakfast foods, including cherries, pork, herbs, potatoes, and pumpkin. The single ingredient in the classic Sirnica is cottage cheese. I would suggest trying this recipe with more mozzarella if you’re a cheese fiend (like me). Additionally, you can include additional cheeses that you enjoy. The Feta cheese will fit nicely.

6. Bosnian Coffee Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Recipes - Bosnian Coffee Recipe

Don’t anticipate leaving anytime soon if a Balkan person gives you coffee by happenstance. Culture is based on coffee and that is especially true with this Bosnian breakfast food like Turkish Coffee. You do it to maintain your sanity. Additionally, it’s a means of expressing your feelings about someone. One is investing time in it, and if they’ve invited you, it implies they value your opinion as in this authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe.

It’s deep and rich, and a wee bit weaker than regular Turkish coffee, if you’ve never had it before. It is made in the “dezva” coffee maker, which you can easily find on Amazon, C&B, or Sur La Table (look for a Turkish coffee pot). It is provided in miniature espresso cups.

You only need one or two cups, and you drink them carefully, I assure you.

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7. Bosnian Popara Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Recipe - Bosnian Popara Recipe

This simple kajmak authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe serves as a suitable replacement for the traditional product detailed below, which is rarely made these days because it calls for unpasteurized milk, which is getting harder and harder to come by.

The traditional kajmak is a Bosnian breakfast food created by boiling unpasteurized, unhomogenized (raw) cow’s or sheep’s milk and then pouring it into large, shallow bowls known as karlice. This process results in a “fresh” (unaged) cheese.

As the milk cools, the cream rises to the surface and condenses into a thin layer. This layer is skimmed off and layered with salt in a cabrica, a tiny wooden container. Until the tub is filled, the boiling and skimming process is repeatedly carried out.

8. Bosnian Burek Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Recipe - Bosnian Burek Recipe

The pies often have a variety of delicious contents and are offered by street vendors. My personal favorite was sirnica, an authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe, for a dish made with cheese and spinach. This dish is remarkably similar to Greek spanakopita.

The coiling of the phyllo dough is what distinguishes it as typically Bosnian. It produces layers with a soft, dough-like interior that contrast with crispy, outside layers for a wonderful texture.

I’ve grown very proficient at preparing my own burek when the craving strikes because there aren’t many Bosnian eateries here in Nashville. I make a large quantity and consume about half of it immediately after it comes out of the oven. The remainder I reheat for breakfast the days after.

9. Phyllo Dough Bosnian Breakfast Food

Bosnian Breakfast Food - Phyllo Dough Bosnian Breakfast Food

Nothing beats a pie baked from scratch with handmade phyllo dough! The dough that is wrapped around savory and sweet pies is known as phyllo or filo pastry, which is a Greek word that means leaf or sheet.

Only the most accomplished cooks attempt to prepare their own filo pastry (phyllo dough), while the majority simply purchase a ready-made version. Well, no longer with this authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe!

But since you already know that nothing beats handmade, I’ve compiled my go-to Greek rustic filo recipe, my best tips and methods, and recipe recommendations to help you create the ideal savory pie.

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 10. Bosnian Krompiruša Recipe



My mother’s hometown is where she got the authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe for these pitas. specifically from the Serbian region of what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. There, the Bosnian breakfast food, is frequently referred to as “Pita Savijaa” (the rolled-up pita) or “Pita Krompirua” (the potato-filled pita). For us, pita resembles a substantial strudel that comes with a variety of fillings. He is also commonly referred to as “Burek,” which is simply packed with minced beef.

11. Bosnian Zeljanica Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Food - Bosnian Zeljanica Recipe

Most of the Zeljanica authentic Bosnian breakfast recipes come from Turkey. The same is true of this savory spinach pie, which has Turkish roots like all burek variants. Without a doubt, people in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia prefer pita (or burek, as you want to call it).

Because my grandma used to prepare this Bosnian breakfast food. It was the tastiest pita in the entire world, “Pita zeljanica” immediately transports me back to my younger years.

12. Bosnian Ustipci Recipe

Bosnian Breakfast Foods - Bosnian Ustipci Recipe

I had the privilege of eating freshly baked bread every day before I arrived in the United States. My mother would prepare the dough in the early morning hours using this authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe, proof it several times, and then shape it into lovely huge rolls that she would bake in a wood-burning oven.

She occasionally made mekike, which is another Bosnian breakfast food type of fried bread dough, when she had the time. But when she didn’t have time, she would make Utipci instead, which are equally as good.

You won’t need to proof the dough several times, as you would with bread, because utipci are a streamlined version of mekike. In fact, you can make this Bosnian breakfast food in less an hour from beginning to end. Although they are typically eaten for breakfast or lunch, this should not prevent you from making them at any other time of the day.

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13. Bosnian Bosnian Placinke Recipe

13. Bosnian Bosnian Placinke Recipe

The Bosnian breakfast food, palainke, is a popular and delectable dish. This authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe createsitems that are sort of like crepes but also kind of like pancakes, with different similar versions throughout all of Eastern and Central Europe. With sweet or savory fillings, a flour and egg batter that is thicker than that used to make crepes but runnier than that used to make regular pancakes is fried in butter or oil.

Palainke doesn’t require a leavening agent, unlike pancakes. To make a batter that is light and airy, we utilize club soda.

These pancake-like discs, which have their origins in the Roman Empire and are similar to crepes, are the ideal vessel for any sweet or savory filling. Most homes have a preferred recipe and filling that is frequently seen in the kiosks of street sellers. The tasty cooked crepe can be enhanced with a squeeze of lemon juice and some sugar, but more complex ingredients can transform the dish into a whole meal rather than just a snack.

14. Bosnian Peksimeti Recipe

14. Bosnian Peksimeti Recipe

You’ll fall in love with Fried Dough Balls (Utipci, Mekike, Lokumi) with only one bite make with this authentic Bosnian breakfast recipe. They’re fantastic by themselves or as a side to a larger dinner because they’re tasty, simple, and quick. You’ll keep producing these!

Utipci are everyone’s favorite Bosnian breakfast food in a bite-sized carb, being soft and airy on the inside and somewhat crunchy on the outside. (When the steam pours out as you pull one apart, that’s when I adore fried dough balls the most.)

This Bosnian breakfast food is so simple to make and go well with the neighborhood charcuterie board meza or with jams and preserves on top. They are also delicious served alongside moussaka or with a dab of ajvar, a Balkan pepper spread.

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