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Last updated on October 21st, 2019 at 03:54 pm

We have been travel bloggers for over 6 years. We actually started our blog before we got on our first flight to Barcelona in 2014. We began as if we were writing a diary and soon found that is not what readers wanted. They are hungry for information and that is what you must provide to be successful. They love personal stories that add to the information but your writing must have the former to succeed.

People ask every day, “How Can You Afford to Travel So Much”? The answer is hard to answer because we earn from a lot of different income streams but the blog is the source for every one of them. Here are some posts to help you start. Always begin with the first one on ‘How to Start Your Travel Blog’. Then our post on ‘Travel Journaling’ and a couple on ‘Writing’. The journaling is the best way you can record information for later articles. Keeping written notes is also a great way to look back on your past travels. Download our free printable Journal and information to get yours started.

Backlinks will be a crucial part of your blogging success and we offer you a way to get free backlinks from a high DA blog with our guest posting program.

Here are some articles we have posted. Check back often for updates on these and other options we find as well.

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