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South East Asia -Dalat Temple Square in Vietnam

SE Asia

Starting in beautiful Thailand, then make your way to Laos, through Vietnam, and through the temples of Angkor Wat. Then head back into Thailand, before moving down to into Malaysia and Singapore.

Traditional Chinese Medicine performing chinese massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing

In February of this year, I received an invitation in an email from Juicertrip. I was asked to come to China for a Traditional Chinese Medicine study. Not knowing who they were I almost threw it away as spam. But I checked them out instead.   I went ahead and opened the email from a...

golden pagoda in the picture often are part of Myanmar Destinations

Myanmar Destinations You Never Heard About

Myanmar Destinations You May Have Never Heard About 1. Explore The Natural Beauty Of Pindaya Without a doubt, Pindaya is one of the best little known tourist places in Myanmar destinations. There will be only a few people since it is not a big tourist spot YET. It is most famous among the...

Young traveller enjoying a looking at sunset on Bagan Myanmar Asia. Traveling along Asia active lifestyle concept

Bagan The City of 4200 Temples

How I traveled to Old Bagan, Myanmar. A history of what I saw and what I had done. Bagan and it's over 4200 temples is a must-see for every bucket list. Our Arrival In Bagan We arrived in Bagan on schedule by bus at 5:30 am. FYI: The posts that are on the internet talking about no drivers...

bagan myanmar white stupa

Myanmar The Good, Bad and Endearing Myanmar

Our trip to Myanmar was very eye-opening for us. This was the last country for us to visit in SE Asia. I turned out to be by far the most unique countries we visited. As in all new countries we visit, there are good points and bad points, but Myanmar also had endearing points. The good...

Trekking Adventures We Loved in Hsipaw Myanmar

Trekking Adventures We Loved in Hsipaw Myanmar

A review of our trekking adventures in Myanmar. Hsipaw is a town in Myanmar which was restricted to visit without permission since 2014. The town has recently become available to visit and is a trekking dream. The and mountains and hills make it difficult for visitors to refuse to visit...

Hanoi Food

Hanoi Food You Have to Taste On Your Visit

We decided to visit Hanoi, Vietnam over the last summer. This spot was a two-year wait for me to schedule my visit to try real Hanoi food. I have a few weeks in August every year and that was the time to book my tickets. I have met many people through my blog, Instagram and Facebook...

sapa trek and rice fields

Sapa Trek and Homestays Are Perefect For Any Budget

How we found the perfect budget Sapa trek. Like any person on this Planet, we love traveling too. Especially the choosing part, that is the most fun of all. Where have I been, where have I not been? By imagining the world map I get all confused but in a good way. We can all agree that...

Hoi An Old Town Two Day Visit

Hoi An Old Town A Must Two Day Visit

.”Where to next?” Today the answer is Hoi An Old Town. I ask myself every time that the stress is taking over my life. When this takes hold of me and lowers my quality of life that is the question that I ask Laurel. We all need a dose of peace in our lives and a great way to...