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4 Best Tips – Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge Growing Your Blog

How can I build up traffic to my blog quickly is one of the most asked questions I get. This is the answer, the 50K Blogging Challenge. This is my answer to the question.


Growing a new blog is tough. I know because I have been there. Do you want to find out how I got over 100,000 page views in ninety days or less with Pinterest? Then the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge is the way to start.

Pinterest is a fantastic resource, it works for any blogs in any of the popular niches.

I started blogging about travel but drifted over into a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle blog marketed towards women. My initial goal was to generate 50,000 unique visitors during a three-month time span.

I chose Pinterest to further this goal. The site works differently than any other social media platform. Pinterest levels the playing field. Pinterest does not focus on numbers (such as followers, repins, profile visits, etc.).

Algorithms at Pinterest value relevance and content valuable to its readers. They do this by measuring metrics such as reader numbers and total visits to a website. This gives your pins as much chance at engagement as the established bloggers. You are on a level with someone who has an older and more well-established blog. This is a great way to get instant traffic and the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge started right.

Blogging Challenge

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge Tip #1: The Key To This Is Group Boards.

Group boards are receiving a bad wrap on Pinterest right now. At this point, I believe that this is not only untrue but a great opportunity. While they are not ranked as high in the algorithm as they once were they still produce results. The metrics such as repins and volume of site visits count the same as from any other board. This impression has reduced the number of Group Board Pins. That is a great spot for the people using them to be in.

Group boards are an underused treasure chest of marketing now. They give you access to a much larger audience above and beyond your followers. This can allow you to bypass months or even years worth of work. A profile with a hundred followers can now post a pin that can reach a million users.

I had a goal to reach and I did not have time to establish a new Pinterest account. To get access to these group boards, I improvised. I was able to use an old account I had for an old blog that was in the same niche. This gave me instant access to these useful group boards.

I understand it is not common for people to have an extra Pinterest account lying around. My suggestion is to not be afraid to use an existing personal account. Fill that account with amazing pins and boards. Apply to group boards and then it is an easy task to launch your new blog with pins to those boards. But what kind of pins should I post? I am glad you asked!

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge Tip #2: Pin Choice and Design

This is the most important thing to understand about the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge. Without good innovative pins that stand out, it will not work. Pinterest is the place people flock to for answers rather than opinions. Think of problems that exist within your niche and provide answers and solutions. Create a simple and to-the-point title and you will be well on your way.

I also understand that this is easier said than done. So do not be afraid to do some research. See what already exists on the site and get some inspiration. Do not mistake this for plagiarism- I am not suggesting that you copy and paste. The important thing to understand is that everything is already on the internet. Any ideas you may come up with have already been done before. You need to make your content more relevant and more helpful. That alone will attract viewers and improve your blog’s SEO. As time goes by go back to each post and add helpful updates which will add to your SEO ranking.

While coming up with these ideas and writing your posts, you need to be posting on your Pinterest account. Complete your profile. Take advantage of scheduling tools. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. I am always conscious of keywords when composing my titles and descriptions. You get these by searching a term in Pinterest like fitness and it will give you the most used variations of that word.

With all the hard work you are putting into this, I would love to be able to guarantee your success. But unfortunately, there is no way to control when, or even if, a pin will go viral. Do not get discouraged. Giving up is the sure-fire way to fail. Keep working and you will improve your chances of success. Use the tools we suggest in the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge

4 Best Tips - Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge Tip #3: My Results

Now you are ready to hear my results. In the first thirty days on Pinterest, I got 109,969 page views for a topic that was not well-suited for December. This left me feeling very hopeful for the future.

The second thirty days something strange happened. I checked my blog. The site would not load and I began to worry. I checked analytics to try and figure out what was happening. My site traffic coming from Pinterest had overloaded my hosting capacity.

An older pin of mine had gone viral and almost instantly I was getting 10,000 visitors to my blog in a single day. I knew that these numbers would not last after the hype died down. Six months later I am still getting 500-1,000 visitors a day from this pin.

You may be wondering (as I was) if this was a one-off due to pure luck. But I am happy to report that I have had success with other pins.

I have not had the same off-the-chart numbers as I did with my 30 Low Carb Meal Plans pin. Face Yoga and Dash Diet Recipes have each generated 3,000 views a week. Their total of 500,000 page views over eight months is a great addition. Social Media can never leave anything good alone. The advent of the Smart Feed has made gigantic pins like this harder to get. To replace that it has made the playing field level for everyone and the traffic is as intense as before.

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge Tip #4:

From June to October, my blog got a total of 30,000 page views.
From January 1 to June 30, I got a grand total of 470,000 page views. Keep in mind that this is people who visited my site not Pinterest page views. Those stats can be very deceiving. I have had times where they actually reached over 6 million in one month.

Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge: The Difference

I now feel secure when launching a new blog because I know it will not take me a year to generate 50,000 views a month. Instead, I can do it within the first three to six months using the tools in the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge

This is the reason I chose to create the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge. The challenge gives you the tools to reach your goals.

And this leads me to my last point: the importance of niches. A big part of my success is due to the niche I operate in. I am confident in the success of my strategies and that their use will give you fast results. Those results are quite easy to replicate time and time again. I acknowledge that any discrepancies that occur will most likely be due to niche.

I want you guys to be aware of that fact because I care. That is why I wrote this post, to begin with. I want to share the wealth and see other blogs grow and become successful. So feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my Pinterest strategy- I want to help you.

There are many reasons why bloggers may find themselves stalling. It is most often due to overanalyzing the content they are producing and feeling lost on what to do next. In this time, building a blog can be a great way to ease financial burdens and stress for you and your family.

I hope the knowledge I have provided can give you the boost you need to kickstart your blog with great results. This information is coming from someone who has been successful in running different blogs. Those blogs have been in a variety of niches and all were successful using this strategy. Doing that I have gained knowledge you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Take the Pinterest 50K Blogging Challenge today. Contact us for help or questions along the way and please follow us on Pinterest.



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