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5 Great Myanmar Destinations You Never Heard About

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 09:31 am


5 Great Myanmar Destinations You Never Heard AboutMyanmar Destinations or formerly Burma, is widely known as ‘the Golden Land’ or ‘the Land of Golden Pagodas’. This mysterious Southeast Asian country is a land of golden ancient pagodas, remarkable colonial architecture, unspoiled nature, tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, diverse society of 135 ethnic groups, exotic cultures, and above all, hospitable and open-hearted people.

Myanmar Destinations You May Have Never Heard About

Little Known Myanmar Destinations #1: Explore The Natural Beauty Of Pindaya

Without a doubt, Pindaya is one of the best little known tourist places in Myanmar destinations. There will be only a few people since it is not a big tourist spot YET. It is most famous among the few tourists due to its limestone cave, temples, pagodas and Danu Village. Getting to Pindaya can be very breathtaking. There are so many beautiful landscapes along the 45km 2-hour journey from Kalaw.

Explore the 490 feet cave and view carvings, paintings, and sculptures of Lord Buddha. The cave itself is over 200 million years old. Enjoy the experience of what it feels like to be at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

With a good number of hotels, the cost is around $32 per night. Many of these are of colonial-era designs, You can visit the town of Pindaya itself with an entry fee of $5. The town is set on a beautiful lakeside with very lovely countryside views. You can explore it by taking to the skies in a charter hot air balloon. The usual cost around $300/person.

Also visit ] the Singaung monastery (entry fee of $3), located at the base of the Pindaya hill. Then there’s the popular Ponetaloke Lake. You can also visit the Green Tea restaurant and its new Green Tea night market. Get body massages, and souvenirs like wooden sculptures, hand-woven articles, and poetry.

5 Great Myanmar Destinations You Never Heard About


A. The Beautiful Beaches Of Ngwe Saung the Top Myanmar Destinations Secret Beach

Access by road to Ngwe Saung used to be a real challenge. With the roads much better now, you can get to Ngwe Saung from Yangon in about 5 hours via a VIP bus ride. What makes it one of the best alternate tourist places in Myanmar is that there’s not much to do. That’s the idea if you want to get away and relax. To get around, you could rent a bicycle or scooter, motor or taxis usually cost of 1500 kyat or $1.

B. What To Do In Ngwe Saung

Connect with the local fishing populationof nearby villages. Enjoy fresh seafood at seaside restaurants. Visit the so-called elephant camp to enjoy interacting with the elephants.

Stay away from snorkeling on birds island without a life jacket. There are reports of strong currents and help would not be quick in coming.

With its 9-mile beach, Asia, Ngwe Saung is one of the best alternate tourist places in Myanmar. It is becoming more popular among tourists due to the quality of the water and sand. There’s also the recently opened beach in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta. You can also relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunset view over the Bay of Bengal.

C. Food And Accommodation

There are several hotels for different budgets, ranging from $13 a night to upwards of $240 a night. These include the Seo Koko Beachhouse and restaurant, to the Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Marina.

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Little Known Myanmar Destinations #1: Ngapali Beach

This alternate tourist spot list will never be complete without the mention of this beach. In fact, you can call it Myanmar’s prime beach destination. This beach named after Naples in Italy lies on the Bay of Bengal. Lined with palm trees along its coast with white sands it is a great location to visit. If you’ve never been to Myanmar, you might be a bit unhappy by certain factors. The main one is the challenge of getting to Nagapali Beach.

A. Getting To Ngapali Beach

First because, it will take you an estimated 18-hours, over the mountain range bus ride to get to there. There are no VIP bus rides, though there are a few available flights that could cost you up to $150 for a one-way ticket. The stress leaves you quickly at the site of this lovely beach. with several resorts in its beautiful, natural, undefiled, pristine condition. Hotels though are a bit pricey, generally starting at $60 a night on the average. If you’re in the mood to get away from all the noise, then this is the place for you. This alternate tourist place in Myanmar has a relatively quiet atmosphere. I do not foresee it remaining forgotten for long once better travel alternatives begin. Yet, it is worth exploring before tourists start flooding into Ngapali beach.

B. Exploring Ngapali Beach

There are a variety of activities to enjoy in this alternate tourist place(s) in Myanmar. They include relaxing in the sun, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, cycling and motorbiking. You also have the options of surfing during the monsoon season. , You can play golf on the Ngapali 18-hole golf course.

There are fishing villages nearby if you want to have a feel of what rural life is all about. Take part in fishing boat tours – your hotel may arrange this. During the ballooning season at $275/person, you can explore the coastline in hot an air balloon. You can arrange for either a half-day or a full-day rafting tour.

C. Hotels And Restaurants

Most of the major hotels are booked during the off-peak season of May to October. You will still find several budgets to mid-budget hotels all year round. You may find bargain hotel prices at $25 a night. There is an assortment of seafood which is no surprise because we’re talking about a beach. Options like fried squid, lobster, king prawns are available year-round.

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Little Known Myanmar Destinations #3: Mrauk U

If you love historical and archeological landmarks then Mrauk U is the spot for you. Definitely, one alternative tourist place in Myanmar destinations you should visit. This city that was the capital of Arakanese kingdom as long ago as 1431. You can only get there by bus or boat, and in Myanmar, that is always a good thing!

Because it is a bit difficult to access, it can be classified as an authentic Myanmar destination. It retains most of its authenticity, unspoiled by a large influx of tourists. They usually only look for access to cities with or near airports.

Once you arrive in this lovely place you can explore the beautiful sites. Some include the beautiful Stupas and temples with incredible tunnels. The Stupas can stand side by side with the more famous Bagan. The largest temple has about 80,000 Buddha statues. One of the most refreshing part to visiting Mrauk U is that you have to either walk or rent a bike to soak it all in.

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